Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2 (ウルトラマン Fightingファイティング Evolutionエボリューション 2ツー Urutoraman Faitingu Eboryūshon Tsū) is a fighting game. It was released and published by Banpresto. It was the sequel of the original Ultraman Fighting Evolution series.

Game Modes

Arcade Mode

In this mode you will choose any Monster or Ultras as you fight against 8 characters.

Story Mode

In this mode you will choose 3 story if you defeated one of the story you will unlocked a character. Below are the listed of the story:

Versus Mode

In this mode you can select Ultramen and Monsters to fight each other with your friends.

Training Mode

In this mode, you can learn or train with the game's basics.

Replay Mode

In this mode, you can replay the battles that you had played in Arcade Mode or Versus Mode

Options Mode

You able to change settings that available in the game

Playable Characters

Returning Characters

New Characters

Unplayable/Supportive Characters

  • Astra (Appears as a supportive finisher for Ultraman Leo)
  • Yapool (Appears as a support for Ace Killer)
  • Dead Spirits (Appears as a support for Tyrant)
  • Giras Brothers (Appears as finisher for Alien Magma)

Playable Stages


  • This is the 1st time Zoffy, Jack, Ace, Leo, Bemstar and Tyrant are playable


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