Ultraman Festival 1991 is a 1991 festival and stage show, which serves as a crossover between the Ultra Brothers and Ultraman Great.


Pigmon comes on and talks to the audience along with the announcer. Suddenly Red King and Alien Zarab appear, and scare the poor monster off stage. Alien Zarab walks around explaining his and fellow aliens' plan to finally defeat the Ultra Brothers. Ultraman appeared and fought with him and Red King before defeating both. Zoffy appears and tells Ultraman somethings before Zetton appears. They fend him off before destroying him. Alien Baltan then appears and summons Bemstar, Verokron, Alien Temperor, and King Joe as the rest of the Ultra Brothers along with Ultraman Great appear. King Joe fights Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack battles Bemstar, and Ultraman Ace brawls with Verokron. With the monsters defeated, Alien Baltan and Alien Temperor fight the Ultra Brothers themselves. After a short battle, the true leader of the alien alliance reveals himself, Gudis. He summons two Alien Magma to battle Ultraman Leo and Astra while he escaped. Ultraman King then appears and helps the two brothers by shooting his rays at the Magma duo there by defeating them. Meanwhile, Ultraman 80 and Yullian catch up with Gudis who summons Degunja. They battle each other and even after Degunja is destroyed, Gudis overwhelms the couple. Ultraman Great appears to battle the living virus, but is also overwhelmed. The Ultra Brothers then all appear and fire their beams to finally destroyed Gudis, ending the alien alliance.




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