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"You're me, aren't you? Remember your burning heart for justice."
"A heart of justice? Don't make me laugh. Justice is power, which means obtaining unparalleled power will make me the "justice" itself.

―Ultraman Dyna and his Parallel Isotope self.

This version of Ultraman Dyna (ウルトラマンダイナ Urutoraman Daina) is a Parallel Isotope who was taken from his timeline by Absolute Tartarus after the events of Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light, modified and brainwashed into serving The Kingdom.



Ancient Giants of Light's first apperance.png

The Absolute Dyna costume is made by modifying a spare attraction suit (specifically one with the chipped painting on the Dyna Tector) by adding Tiga's Protector to the underside of his chest. Additionally, this also parallels the actual Flash Type suit's role as one of the many Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light from Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey.


Despite the term "Absolute" replacing his "Ultraman" title, Dyna is still an Ultraman by default, his status being comparable to fellow Parallel Isotopes Belial and Tregear. The name was given to him by Tartarus as a distinction from the original Dyna.


TDG THE LIVE: Ultraman Dyna STAGE 1. 〜A New Hero of Light〜

"(Brainwashing) the present Dyna wouldn't have been easy, but how about the Dyna from 25 years ago?"

Absolute Tartarus.

This particular Ultraman Dyna shares the same history as the original, having recollections of fighting alongside Tiga and even the Gregore as Imit-Dyna. While in the middle of fighting Moravia, Dyna was kidnapped from the events of The Power of Thinking of You by Tartarus, who brainwashes Dyna and empowers him with Cascade Rays in order to kill the present day self and preventing the fusion of Ultraman Saga. Since the day of his kidnapping took place during his active period (more specifically when Asuka was still immature), the brainwashing was deemed successful.

"I have transcended the need to change forms, old timer. I can now use the powers of all Types in this form alone."

―Absolute Dyna

He was first unleashed to fight against Ultraman Tiga and Gaia, later stopping his attacks when the present day Dyna joins in and Tartarus explaining what happened. He is later joined alongside fellow Parallel Isotopes Belial and Tregear into fighting the three, as both Dyna clash, but the past Dyna exhibits all the abilities of his Type Changes to overpower his present self. Tartarus then summons King Galactron, Giestron and an Absolutian grunt to finish the three Heisei Ultras, but the energy from Ultra Charge summons renforcements in the form of Trigger Truth and Agul SV. Absolute Dyna begins to struggle as his brainwashing slowly took its tool. Alien Lasesta summoned Gregore/Imit-Dyna to recreate their fight, this time delivering the cross-counter punch that freed Absolute Dyna from Tartarus' brainwashing. While still finding himself confused as to what happened, Absolute Dyna joins his present self and Gregore in defeating Five King. Seeing the battle becomes unfavorable to The Kingdom's side, Tartarus is forced to return Absolute Dyna to his original timeline as the latter bids farewell to his former opponents. TDG THE LIVE: Ultraman Dyna STAGE 1



  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t

Body Features

  • Dyna Crystal (ダイナクリスタル Daina Kurisutaru): The crystal on Dyna's forehead, it is like the Tiga Crystal in that it is the major requirement for Dyna to Triple Change, which is based on Tiga's Type Change. Due to Tartarus' modifications, he lost access to Triple Changes, but retains it for other attack-based abilities.
  • Eyes: Dyna can detect the presence of hidden enemies.
  • Dyna Tector (ダイナテクター Daina Tekutā): The yellow band around his chest and upper back, it is a protector like Tiga's bands, the sturdiest part of his body and almost indestructible. When modified into Absolute Dyna, his Dyna Tector then receives additions that emulate a set of false ribs
  • Arms: Dyna is an Ultra that specializes in beam attacks, for this his arms can channel several million horsepower of energy.


Flash Type

Flash Type

Flash Type (フラッシュタイプ Furasshu Taipu) is Ultraman Dyna's default form, which was briefly seen prior to his abduction by Tartarus. Given that he is the same Dyna from Asuka's active years in Super GUTS, then he is presumably retaining his set of powers, as both Flash Type and his other Triple Changes.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 8
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,000 m
  • Arm Strength: 80,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 60,000 t (human equivalent 60 kg)
  • Solgent Beam (ソルジェント光線 Sorujento Kōsen): Ultraman Dyna's primary signature attack. It is fired as a blue ray and usually used as a finisher in a plus "+" sign.

Absolute Dyna

Absolute Dyna

Absolute Dyna (アブソリュートダイナ Abusoryūto Daina) is the current result of Tartarus' brainwashing and modification from empowering Dyna with Cascade Rays. He appeared as Flash Type, but gains access to the powers of his other Triple Change and the strength of an Absolutian.

  • Absolute Particles (アブソリュート粒子 Abusoryūto Ryūshi): Energy substances that are equivalent to the Differator Rays radiated from the Plasma Spark. Due to their off-the-scale energy level, Dyna's powers increases to the standard of an Absolutian.
  • Solgent Beam (ソルジェント光線 Sorujento Kōsen): Absolute Dyna's primary signature attack. Due to his modification, he can charge the attack in a similar manner to its Empowered variant.
  • Super Strength: Absolute Dyna can muster the same arm power as the original one in Strong Type.
  • Cross Counter Punch (クロスカウンターパンチ Kurosu Kauntā Panchi): Dyna can generate large amounts of energy in his right fist and hurl it, causing great amounts of damage. Used in a failed attempt at fighting Gregore/Imit-Dyna in what appears to be their second duel.
  • Ultra Psychic (ウルトラサイキック Urutora Saikikku): After touching the stone on his forehead, Ultraman Dyna generates psychic waves that can suspend and lift foes without flinching.
  • Triple Solgent Beam (トリプルソルジェント光線 Toripuru Sorujento Kōsen): Absolute Dyna joins his present day self and the Gregore/Imit-Dyna in performing Empowered Solgent Beams.


  • As he is the Asuka from his younger years, Dyna has no recognition of Gaia and simply nicknames him the "red guy" (赤いやつ Akai yatsu). In addition, his yet to developed maturity resulted with him calling his present day self as an "old timer" (おっさん Ossan).


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