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Ultraman Dual 2 (ウルトラマンデュアル2 Urutoraman Dhuaru Tsu) is the fourth novel from the TSUBURAYA X HAYAKAWA UNIVERSE collaboration series. It serves as a sequel to Ultraman Dual, released on September 19, 2018.


Continuing the story after Ultraman Dual. Instead of Shin, the story follows Yen Kurimura and Tamaki Ichinose, two members of the Land of Light Enclave, ergo, two human women who had become Ultras. Despite wishing to fight, they are beset by shortcomings and challenges that require them to work together.


New Characters

  • Yen Kurimura/Ultrawoman Mezzanine
  • Tamaki Ichinose/Ultrawoman Tamaki
  • Ultrawoman Dual
  • Kenji Kurokawa
  • Yuta Mikami
  • Baek
  • Ultra Beast Ricco
  • Ultraman Bago
  • 'Those who watch the Horizon'.

Returning Characters

  • Ultraman Dual
  • Ultra Saint Tear
  • Bridge
  • Navigale/Ultraman Unryu
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