Ultraman Dies at Sunset (ウルトラマン夕陽に死す Urutoraman Yūhi ni Shisu) is the 37th episode of Return of Ultraman. This episode is the first Christmas episode, and it also features the deaths of Ken Sakata and Aki Sakata.


To conquer the Earth, an alien from Planet Nackle studies Ultraman's abilities, and tries to find a weakness of him all to defeat him for good.


Disguising himself as a staff of the Space Radio Wave Laboratory, Alien Nackle wanted to get Ultraman out of his way of Earth's invasion. First, he revived monsters Seagorath and Bemstar to analyze Ultraman's specs and powers, then he robbed MAT's newly invented gunpowder Saturn Z. Last of all, in order to disrupt Go's mind, he started a very dirty plan...


Guest Stars

  • Alien Nackle (ナックル星人 Nakkeru Seijin): Naruse Masahiko (成瀬昌彦 Masahiko Naruse)
  • Alien Nackle's Subordinates (ナックル星人の部下 Nakkuru Seijin no Kai): Hayami Hung (速水鴻 Hungu Hayami) & Sawa Mitsuru (沢美鶴 Mitsuru Sawa)
  • MAT Headquarters Operation Room Officer (MAT本部作戦室係官 Matto Honbu Sakusen Muro kakarikan): Kiyoshi Yoshida (吉田潔 Yoshida Kiyoshi) & Toyoda Norio (豊田紀雄 Toyoda Norio)
  • Doctor (医師 Isha): Tadashi Okuno (奥野匡 Okuno Tadashi)




Home Media

Return of Ultraman Volume 10 Episodes 37-40.


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