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"Transform Musashi, for the Earth!"

―Cosmos ordering Musashi to transform

Ultraman Cosmos (ウルトラマンコスモス, Urutoraman Kosumosu) is an Ultra known for his calm and gentle fighting style, and his compassion for monsters. Between his titular series and three tie-in movies, Cosmos had traveled to Planet Earth multiple times and bonded with Musashi Haruno.

Fighting Style

Cosmos generally does not destroy his enemies with any damaging abilities, as he would use certain abilities or transform into certain forms depending on what being he was fighting. For example, if Cosmos fought a simple misplaced or aggravated monster, he would use a less aggressive fighting style to not hurt the monster as much as possible. Cosmos would then calm the monster down using cleansing or purifying abilities. However, if he fought a sentient and evil being, he would be forced to destroy the aggressor with a more aggressive fighting style and more lethal abilities. His fighting style in Luna and Corona Mode has been compared to the Crane Style of Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi.


Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact

An alien being who guards the Earth, he followed Alien Baltan through space as it tried to make its way towards Earth. Meeting up with it and quickly fighting it, the giants clashed. Fighting for some time and trading blows, soon both warriors fell from the sky. While Baltan goes underground, Cosmos is wounded and out of power. At death's door, it seemed the hero was done for until a small boy discovered him. Musashi Haruno managed to revive the hero by reflecting sunlight into the beam lamp on his head.

Revived, Cosmos took the young boy for a ride over the landscape before giving him a small gem that contained the power to summon the hero. His parting words were "One who is strong is one who is brave". During Basical's raid on the city, Musashi tried desperately to call him but couldn't. He was forced to watch as the alien destroyed all in his path.

Ultraman Cosmos Luna

Promotional shot of Ultraman Cosmos & Baltan

Later on, after Basical was awoken by the Sharks' jets, Musashi found his courage and managed to call on the giant. Cosmos spoke with the Baltan guardian and demanded that he return home and depart Earth, declaring it off-limits. When he refused, the blue and silver guardian fought Basical to a standstill, until the insect-like creature morphed into his Neo Baltan form.

After being attacked by this new form, Cosmos called on the strength of his Corona mode. In this form, Ultraman Cosmos was able to thwart the invader and overpower him. Using the Blazing Wave, he dealt the final blow and put the invader down. Basical admitted defeat and shed tears before Cosmos' attack took effect. All he wanted was to give the orphaned children of his world a stable planet to live on and now that was impossible. After he fell, Cosmos used his powers to revert his body to his previous form and watched as the children of planet Baltan departed with the body of the last adult Baltan and began the journey back to their homeworld, beyond the solar system. Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact

Ultraman Cosmos

Joining Forces with Musashi

Cosmos Episode 1

Cosmos fighting Chaos Lidorias

When a new villain fell on the Earth in the form of the Chaos Organisms and infected Lidorias, Ultraman Cosmos returned to the Earth. Uniting with Musashi who is now an adult, the pair joined forces in secret. Cosmos would appear to face countless enemies, destroying some and freeing others. Facing down lines of chaos monsters and new invaders, this new wave of attackers seemed endless.

In the middle of the series, Musashi becomes obsessed with trying to become stronger in order to combat the Chaos Header even to the point where he failed to save Eligal from dying, blaming Cosmos for his weakness. Later, he suffers a dream where both of Cosmos' forms Luna and Corona were fighting each other as the two giants collided and died in an explosion. When Chaos Eligal reappears again, Musashi transforms into Ultraman Cosmos and purified the monster with all his strength via Luna Extract but in a twisted turn, the Luna Extract was absorbed, with the Eligal that was possessed eventually devoured and turned into Chaos Header Mebut, beating the Ultra with a Shockwave Ball. Cosmos was left powerless, defeated by the tyrant for the first time. Cosmos separated from Musashi and turns pale in a similar manner when they first met.

Musashi set out to find Cosmos on the same spot the next day where the giant is still in a weakened and pale state. He received help from Ayano, his childhood friend and Clevergon to reignite Cosmos. Chaos Header Mebut appears at a K3 Point Unopposed now, the monster was free to attack. Later, the tyrant tries to kill Cosmos who was on the verge of dying. Before the EYES forces could arrive, Lidorias appeared and attacked the evil entity, EYES unleashed all their weapons with little effect. Thankfully, when the creature infected Lidorias with Chaos Organisms, the winged monster was capable of withstanding it and continued to battle. Chaos Header Mebut’s dreams of absolute destruction would seen be ended, however. In the time of the eclipse, Ultraman Cosmos rose just in time as Lidorias was down. With newfound power of revival, he transformed into Corona Mode and brought the fight yet again. The titan was still unwilling to go down. As the eclipse ended, Cosmos awakened a new form of power, the Eclipse Mode. The ground shook under his very footsteps and the hero effortlessly tossed this vile demon around as if it was a rag doll. When Mebut fired all of his weapons at once, the hero repelled his attacks. Knowing it stood little chance against the warrior of light, the creature picked up Lidorias and attempted to use her as a shield. In response, Ultraman Cosmos fired his Cosmium Beam, penetrated Lidorias' body, instantly killing the Chaos Organisms within him. It continued out his back and struck Chaos Header Mebut. Unable to withstand such power of light, the demon’s body was engulfed in fire and exploded.

With Luna Extract and Corona Extract no longer able to be used in expelling the virus, Cosmos would have to utilize Eclipse Mode.

Final Battle Against Chaos Organisms


Chaos Ultraman Calamity & Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode

Now able to take on virtually anything, the guardian of the Earth was confronted with more creatures of chaos and even Chaos Ultraman and its evolution, Chaos Ultraman Calamity. The battles, however, would end on the moon, or so it seemed. After Cosmos won his final battle with Chaos Ultraman, with help from EYES, the false Ultra underwent a startling transformation, becoming Chaos Darkness, an avatar of the Chaos Organisms' mind who wielded power greater than the previous Chaos Headers and Chaos Ultraman.

Defeated by Chaos Darkness, the hero separated from Musashi as his power ran out. He appeared soon after, still weakened, to save Musashi from Chaos Darkness. Musashi begs Cosmos to stop attacking Chaos Header but he refuses and mercilessly attacked Chaos Darkness in his full anger, but was unable to fight back as the fiend readied its next attack. Musashi voluntarily joined with the hero yet again to defeat the Chaos, this time recharging Cosmos and transforming him into Miracaluna mode. With the help of three Earth monsters, he uses his Luna Shootless and Luna Final on the evil, the Chaos Organisms were purified and Chaos Darkness turned into an angel-like entity. Chaos disappears and reverts back to the light form but not before he thanks Cosmos for purifying him. Cosmos separates from Musashi and thanks him for defeating the Chaos Header through a peaceful way as he leaves the Earth.

Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

The Earth was freed of the Chaos Organisms and Musashi and Cosmos again went their separate ways, but fate wouldn't keep them apart for long. While investigating an alien world, Musashi found himself in the middle of a battle between Scorpiss and the Space Corona Mode Cosmos. The hero managed to defeat the insect-like monster, but wouldn't return to Earth right away.

Musashi, now a member of Team SEA, begged the hero to return after the Rayja were conquered. The hero obliged and came down, merging again with Musashi to take on Eclipse Mode and devastating the hordes of Scorpiss. The leader of the invasion watched on angrily and came in for his own battle, ready to take the planet for his own.

Justice & Cosmos

Cosmos and Justice preparing to fight Sandros

Sandros devastated the hero, using its energy blasts and telekinesis to throw the giant around as if he were a doll. However, an ally of Cosmos would arrive. Attacking the fiend from the rear, Ultraman Justice then delivered Cosmos some energy, recharging the hero as the two rose up to take on the creature side-by-side.

Laughing aloud, Sandros began to unleash his black cloud. Unable to see the monster in the darkness, the two warriors were attacked by its energized blade repeatedly. Trying to keep track of the monster, the two finally saw their chance. It had foolishly charged up a fire ball, exposing it in the darkness it had created. The two super beings each fired their beams, blasting the invader into oblivion. Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle

Ultraman Cosmos vs Justice The final battle

Cosmos and Justice after the battle with Giga Endra

The Earth was saved yet again, but an unexpected threat would take on the Earth next. As a hostile alien force moved in on Earth, Cosmos was there to fend it off. While in a battle with two Gloker Pawns, the hero was reunited with Ultraman Justice, but this encounter would go much different than their last. Justice revived the two machines with energy and attacked Cosmos, taking down the Earth’s guardian.

The Earth was now exposed to Justice and the Gloker robots, but the Earth's Kaiju wouldn't sit back and let everything get destroyed. Despite their bravery, even the monsters couldn't thwart the invaders. Ultraman Justice, however, would eventually regain his love for humanity and, in the midst of the final battle against Gloker Bishop, Cosmos would be revived and would grow into an even stronger form: Future Mode.

The two giants challenged the machine head-on, and after recharging Justice, the two managed to finally bring down the juggernaut. The two Ultramen then flew into space, ready to defeat the rest of the fleet that was preparing to attack. Their beams had little effect against the huge war ship and they were blasted back by its super strong beam attack.

They weren’t ready to give up yet, however. They united into one super being, a giant of untold power and strength: Ultraman Legend. The powerful warrior of light held the destructive beam of energy and forced it back into the ship. The blast ripped the huge craft apart and an explosion larger than that of any other engulfed the superhero.

Ultraman Legend returned to normal, separating back into Cosmos and Justice who looked on as the rest of the fleet turned around. The Earth would still be guarded by Ultraman Cosmos, but would also be guarded by Ultraman Justice. Having defeated the alien threat, after Legend's job was done he turned back into Cosmos and Justice. After that the two continued to guard the Earth. Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle

Ultraman Saga


Cosmos, Zero and Dyna

After Zero saved Taiga and combined with him, Gubila appeared and caused havoc in the city and Taiga instead of transforming, he ran around comically with Takeru until Ultraman Cosmos appeared and fought the drill nose fish Kaiju and managed to calm it with the Full Moon Rect. Later, when Gubila once again appeared alongside Gomess fighting each other, Musashi transformed into Cosmos fighting the two monsters with Taiga transforming into a mini sized Zero. The two managed to fend off the Kaiju with Cosmos use the Full Moon Rect on the two Kaiju. But, before they could rejoice, Alien Bat in his spaceship killed the two kaiju. Musashi alongside Taiga transformed into Cosmos and Zero goes to combat Alien Bat and his creation, Hyper Zetton (Gigant) they managed to gain the upper hand until Hyper Zetton (Gigant) managed to smash them around. Dyna revived him and they managed to destroy Hyper Zetton (Gigant). The Kaiju then morphed into Hyper Zetton (Imago) and proceeded to defeat the three Ultras. Not giving up, Musashi, Asuka and Taiga transformed into the giant of light, Ultraman Saga. Hyper Zetton (Imago) created multiple monsters with multiple Sphires. All hope seemed lost until Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, and Leo appeared to fight the monsters while Saga fights Hyper Zetton (Imago). They eventually equally match it but, with the help of Team U, Saga managed to defeat Hyper Zetton alongside its master with the Saga Maximum, After the battle, Musashi and Cosmos returned to their home universe. Ultraman Saga

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultraman Justice Crusher Mode & Cosmos Future Mode

Cosmos and Justice fighting Leugocyte

After Leugocyte's attack on Planet Kanon, Ultraman 80 gathered a strike force consisting of himself, Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven 21 to track down Leugocyte, fighting it on Planet Feed. Suddenly, Absolute Tartarus appeared with Reibatos, getting the latter to revive a Gymaira to interfere with the battle. The Ultra Heroes were in a tight spot until Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice arrived as backup after picking up unusual energy readings, giving 80 an opportunity to finish off Gymaira and return to helping the others fight Leugocyte. They eventually defeat Leugocyte but are suddenly attacked by Absolute Tartarus, who ambushed them. Fortunately, Cosmos and Justice fuse into Ultraman Legend, forcing Tartarus into retreating. After the battle was over, Cosmos informs the others that it was Tartarus who was responsible for the strange energy he and Justice had detected in this universe, as well as their home universe and the Future Earth World where Cosmos once helped Zero. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultraman Ginga

Ultraman Cosmos participated in the Dark Spark War but this time he fought not only alongside Ultraman Justice, but with other Ultras that came from other universes and their allies against the forces of evil. In the middle of battle, Dark Lugiel turned every Ultra present, alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls. With the war over an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel but like others he also turned into a Spark Doll. The location of Cosmos' Spark Doll is unknown.

After Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel, Cosmos and the rest of the Spark Dolls return to their original forms and return to their own universes. Your Future

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

When Etelgar arrived on Planet Juran, Ultraman Cosmos fought him in his Corona Mode but Etelgar was too strong for him. He tried using his Naybuster Beam to blast him, but it didn't work and Ultraman Cosmos was defeated reverting back to his Luna Mode. Arena sealed Ultraman Cosmos in a mirror, separating him from his human host, Musashi. Cosmos and all the Heisei Ultras were freed thanks to UPG and they all teamed up with Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory, and later assisted Gingavictory against Etelgar. Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!


After being contacted by Shin Asuka about the Bezelb and Psychi threat, Musashi transformed into Cosmos on Planet Juran and traveled to the universe where Alien Kanon Amate and Shohei lived. Arriving on Planet Kanon, Cosmos is surrounded an army of Bezelbs and a Kugutsu Verokron. After dodging some energy bullets and rockets, Cosmos tried to purify Verokron but it did not work. Cosmos landed on Planet Kanon and met Amate as Musashi.

Ultraman Geed


Cosmos sensing Geed's determination.

Despite his apparent absence during Omega Armageddon and Crisis Impact, Cosmos' power was replicated by Ultraman Hikari into a Little Star that inhabited Moko before it was salvaged by Riku Asakura as Cosmos Capsule, allowing Ultraman Geed to assume Acro Smasher in conjunction with Hikari Capsule. Although Cosmos was far away from Earth at the time of the series finale, Geed's determination and courage in defeating Belial was strong enough to be perceived by the Ultra from Planet Juran. The Symbol of Geed

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Cosmos vs Absolutian Soliders

Cosmos battling Absolutians

The Absolutians targetted Cosmos on Planet Juran due to him being the key to legendary power, referring to both Ultraman Legend and Ultraman Saga, making Cosmos a danger to the Absolutians' quest. Cosmos changed from Luna to Corona and then Eclipse to fight them off, and they attempted to hold Lidorias hostage. In response, Cosmos used the Cosmium Beam to shoot through Lidorias and defeat the Absolute Soldiers. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Age: 20,000 years old
  • Home World: Unknown

Body Features

  • Color Timer: Cosmos has a Color Timer like other Ultras, which behaves in the same manner. When assuming Eclipse Mode or Future Mode, the Cosmos Timer turns gold.
  • Moony Spot (ムーニースポット, Mūnī Supotto): A small crystal on his forehead, used to absorb solar energy and facilitate his inner energy. In Corona Mode, it is known as the Sunny Spot (サニースポット, Sanī Supotto). In Eclipse Mode, it is known as the Pluck Spot (フラックスポット, Furakku Supotto). In Space Corona Mode, it is known as the Universe Spot (ユニバースポット, Yunibā Supotto).
  • Ultra Armor: Like any Ultra, Cosmos is resistant to beams and fire.


Musashi holds the Cosmo Pluck then holds both his hands to his chest in a formation as if he's holding on to a sphere, Cosmos' energy then form in Musashi's hands then flash away, Musashi then immediately raises the Cosmo Pluck to the air and shouts "(Ultraman) Cosmos!". Ultraman Cosmos then emerges in Luna Mode.

A rise sequence for Corona Mode was shown in a bread advertisement.


Luna Mode

Luna Mode

Luna Mode (ルナモード, Runa Mōdo) is Cosmos' default form, which is fast and boasts impressive mental and energy abilities. His blue form represents the 'kindness' of Ultraman.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,000 m
  • Arm Strength: 75,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 60,000 t
  • Digitization: Cosmos can transform his body into a blue orb of energy and enter electronics, allowing him to move around within them and follow the plug-ins.
  • Cosmo Reduction (コスモリダクション, Kosumo Ridakushon): Cosmos can change his size between that of a giant and a human and perhaps even smaller.
  • Combine: Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode can combine with Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Zero to form Ultraman Saga.
  • Luna-kinesis (ルナキネシス, Runa Kineshisu): Cosmos can maneuver entities telekinetically. This can be used to transport items or lift monsters.
  • Energy Charge: Cosmos, along with Dyna, can release energy from his hands to power up the Ultimate Aegis for Zero to perform the Final Ultimate Zero Trinity.
  • Travel Sphere: Cosmos can travel in a ball of blue light.
  • Power Transfer: Cosmos can donate his powers to the Ultra Fusion Brace along with other Heisei Ultras to allow Ultraman Gingavictory to use his powers.
  • Full Moon Rect[2][3] (フルムーンレクト, Furu Mūn Rekuto): Fired from his right palm, this beam quiets excitement and calm emotions in others. Despite generally being a harmless technique, the beam is also capable of lethal force, as first demonstrated in Cosmos' first battle against Basical.
  • Luna Extract (ルナエキストラクト, Runa Ekisutorakuto): Fired from his hand, this beam is used to zap the power of an opponent. He can also use this beam to rid a monster of the Chaos Organism.
    • Cosmo Extract (Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth only): Ultraman Cosmos can shoot a stronger variation of Luna Extract, except this time, the other Ultras give Cosmos their energy for this attack. It can purify Neo Chaos Darkness II.
  • Moonlight Smash (ムーンライトスマッシュ, Mūnraito Sumasshu): Luna Mode's Ultra Beam, charged and fired from Cosmos' right hand with his arm in a straight, foward formation, similar to Zoffy's M87 Beam.
  • Net Track Box (ネットトラック・ボックス, Netto Torakku Bokkusu): A beam from the right hand, used to trap an opponent in a net of light.
  • Spacium Beam (New Century Ultraman Legend only): He used his Spacium Beam to attack the Sky Demon along with the other Ultras.
  • Cosmo Force (コスモフォース, Kosumo Fōsu): Using a beam from his right palm, Cosmos can revive the dead or heal others from their injuries.
  • Luna Struck (ルナストラック, Runa Sutoraku): One of Luna Mode's few offensive techniques, it is a low-powered destructive beam from the right hand in a slash-like motion.
  • Ambitious Rockets (アンビシャス・ロケッツ, Anbishasu Rokettsu): One of Luna Mode's few offensive techniques, a series of light bullets from Cosmos' right hand.
  • Luna Spin Block: By spinning his body rapidly, Ultraman Cosmos can deflect most projectile weapons.
    • Luna Spindmill (ルナ・スピンドミル, Runa Supindomiru): Accelerated rotation to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Mast Arm Protector (マストアーム・プロテクター, Masuto Āmu Purotekutā): A defensive skill, using Ultra Psychokinesis to flick away energy attack with the elbows.
    • Mast Hook Protector (マストフック・プロテクター, Masuto Fukku Purotekutā): The same skill except with the legs, also useful against blades. Used to counter Neo Baltan's blades.
  • Pinpoint Cross (ピンポイントクロス, Pinpointo Kurosu): Creates cross-shaped energy on Cosmos' left hand. It creates a plaster-like seal where it lands.
  • Luna Shootless (ルナ・シュートレス, Runa Shūtoresu): A parrying technique used to nullify enemy attacks.
  • Luna Punch (ルナ・パンチ, Runa Panchi): Various punch techniques.
    • Eclipse Punch (エクリプスパンチ, Ekuripusu Panchi): A feint attack that ends with a right hook punch.
  • Luna Chop (ルナ・チョップ, Runa Choppu): Various chop maneuvers.
    • Grabless Chop (グラブレス・チョップ, Guraburesu Choppu): A chop that aims for the neck.
    • Picking Broke (ピッキング・ブローク, Pikkingu Burōku): A chop to the head while in the air.
    • Swayed Shaver (スウェード・シェイバー, Suwēdo Sheibā): A horizontal strike chop, it has high destructive power.
  • Luna Kick (ルナ・キック, Runa Kikku): A variety of kick techniques.
    • Nimble Smash (ニンブルスマッシュ, Ninburu Sumasshu): A roundhouse kick.
    • Moonsault Kick (ムーンサルトキック, Mūnsaruto Kikku): A somersault jump followed by a diving double kick to the chest.
  • Knee Smash (ニースマッシュ, Nī Sumasshu): A knee strike.
    • Knee Drop (ニードロップ, Nī Doroppu): A knee strike while falling towards the opponent.
  • Luna Whipper (ルナ・ホイッパー, Runa Hoippā): A throwing technique.
    • Luna Flying Mare (ルナ・フライングメイヤー, Runa Furaingu Meiyā): The art of throwing someone from their neck.
  • Luna Leg Whip (ルナ・レッグホイップ, Runa Reggu Hoippu): A monkey flip backward as an opponent rushes him and uses the momentum to send them flying.
  • Luna Elbow (ルナ・エルボー, Runa Erubō): An elbow strike
    • Elbow Smash (エルボースマッシュ, Erubō Sumasshu): An elbow strike to the throat or neck.
  • Full Moon Flasher (フルムーンフラッシャー, Furu Mūn Furasshā): Cosmos energizes his palm with purifying energy and strikes the enemy, targeting evil energies within them.
  • Moonlight Barrier (ムーンライトバリア, Mūnraito Baria): A barrier using both or one hand, dissipates attacks on contact.
    • Reverspike (リバースパイク, Ribāsupaiku): Ultraman Cosmos can create a shield that can block projectile weapons. This can be just a small shield, covering a portion of his body, or a full-body shield that blocks his whole body from attacks. Can be pushed towards an enemy to stun it.
      • Reverspike Barrier (リバースパイクバリア, Ribāsupaiku Baria): A circular barrier that gathers an enemy's energy attacks, before throwing it back at them.
      • Moon Reverspike (ムーンリバースパイク, Mūn Ribāsupaiku): A variation of the Reverspike, is a square wall, it can collapse and be used to wrap around the opponent.
  • Cosmo Shootless (コスモシュートレス, Kosumo Shūtoresu): An energy beam from the right palm used to stop missiles and bullets.
    • Luna Suspension (ルナサスペンション, Runa Sasupenshon): A beam from both hands, acting like a suction beam, it collects all ammunition stopped by the Cosmo Shootless.
  • Cosmos Capture: Ultraman Cosmos can create a small beam to capture small beings. Sometimes, it can be set to large for capturing enemies.
    • Trans-Bubble (トランスバブル, Toransu Baburu): Ultraman Cosmos can emit a harm-free beam from his hands that will trap a monster inside a protective bubble and allow him to fly it to another destination.
  • Luna Rainbow (ルナレインボー, Runa Reibō): Ultraman Cosmos emits a beam that transports people trapped inside a Kaiju away from the location.
  • Luna Cold (ルナコールド, Runa Kōrudo): Cosmos can spray a cool mist from his hands that can lower the temperatures of the hottest beings or objects.
  • Cosmo Causer (コスモ・カウサー, Kosumo Kausā): A light from both hands that restores an object or being to their previous form.
  • Energy Shoot (エナジーシュート, Enajī Shūto): Another beam from the right palm, gives energy to the target. Used in episode 20.
  • Luna Portion (ルナポーション, Runa Pōshon): A beam from his right hand used to teleport other beings.
  • Ramis Pure (ラミーサプレー, Ramīsa Purē): Cosmos can fire a small green energy from his Moony Spot. Used to revive Parastan.
  • Cosmo Realize (コスモ・リアライズ, Kosumo Riaraizu): Cosmos can shoot a beam which is used to temporarily bring to life any inanimate object.
  • Wake Riser (ウエイク・ライサー, Weiku Raisā): An energy beam from the entire body. Used to revive Planet Juran.
  • Miracle Realize (ミラクル・リアライズ, Mirakuru Riaraizu): Ultraman Cosmos can use a soft light to repair destroyed buildings.
  • Luna Through Eye (ルナスルーアイ, Runa Surū Ai): A beam from Cosmos' eyes which allows him to see inside a monster.
  • Cosmo Reductor (コスモ・リダクター, Kosumo Redakutā): A beam from both palms that reduces the size of enemies. Cosmos has to gather energy from across the universe to use this technique, and hence it leaves him physically exhausted.
  • Cosmo Healing (コスモヒーリング, Kosumo Hīringu): A light emitted from Cosmos' palm, used to heal his wounds.
  • Cosmo Shower (コスモシャワー, Kosumo Shawā): A beam from both palms that extinguishes fires.
  • Feel Warmer (フィールウォーマー, Fīru Wōmā): A beam that releases the positive emotions of the target.
  • Moonlight Shower (ムーンライトシャワー, Mūnraito Shawā): A beam fired from both hands. Used to help Gruanfan leave through the door in the card.
  • Luna Stop Ray (ルナストップレイ, Runa Stoppu Rei): An ability that makes the enemy stop attacking using his own willpower.
  • Full Moon Rect with Spherical Barrier: Cosmos can combine his Full Moon Rect with Orb's Spherical Barrier to purify others.
  • Combination Barrier: Cosmos can create a large spherical barrier with Orb, Agul, Gaia and Dyna.
  • Combination Beam: A combination beam fired along with Dyna, Orb, Agul and Gaia. Used against Psyqueen.

Corona Mode
160047 Cosmos Corona

Corona Mode

Corona Mode (コロナモード, Korona Mōdo) is Cosmos' secondary combat-oriented form. The red light is evoked when a peaceful solution cannot be achieved, often when Cosmos faces off against sentient opponents with strong evil desires. Cosmos' red form represents the 'strength' of Ultraman.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 9
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,200 m
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 t
  • Crossover Formation (クロスオーバーフォーメーション, Kurosuōbā Fōmēshon): A momentary power boost that coats the user in a golden aura.
  • Naybuster Beam (ネイバスター光線, Neibasutā Kōsen): Corona Mode's Ultra Beam with powerful destructive force, charged in the arms and fired with the left palm up against the vertical right forearm.
  • Blazing Wave (ブレージングウエーブ, Burējingu Uēbu): Cosmos charges up energy in his hands before unleashing a stream of flames.
    • Powered-Up Blazing Wave: A stronger version of the Blazing Wave. Used in Ultraman Ginga S The Movie.
    • Blazing Banish (ブレージング・バニッシュ, Burējingu Banisshu): A modified version of the Blazing Wave, used to melt objects.
  • Prominence Ball (プロミネンスボール, Purominensu Bōru): A large ball of energy that Cosmos can charge up and fire from his hands.
  • Corona Extract (コロナエキストラクト, Korona Ekisutorakuto): Like in his Luna Mode, Ultraman Cosmos can also fire the Corona Mode version of Luna Extract. Fired from his arm, this beam is used to zap the power of an opponent. He can also use this beam to rid a monster of the Chaos Organism. Corona Extract is stronger than Luna Extract.
  • Hand Draft (ハンドドラフト, Hando Dorafuto): Cosmos can fire energy arrows from his hands. He can also shoot a barrier towards bystanders to protect them.
    • Shining Fist (シャイニングフィスト, Shainingu Fisuto): A rapid-fire version of the Hand Draft.
  • Weather Control: Cosmos has powers to control the weather.
    • Thunder Smash (サンダースマッシュ, Sandā Sumasshu): Cosmos summons lightning to strike the opponent.
  • Corona Windmill (コロナ・ウィンドミル, Korona Uindomiru): Floating in the air, Cosmos spins around at high speed creating a barrier. Used to counter Neo Baltan's needles.
  • Corona Protect (コロナプロテクト, Korona Purotekuto): Using Ultra Psychokinesis, Cosmos deflects energy blasts with his arms.
  • Corona Punch (コロナ・パンチ, Korona Panchi): The variety of punching maneuvers Cosmos uses in Corona Mode.
  • Corona Chop (コロナ・チョップ, Korona Choppu): The variety of chop techniques used in Corona mode.
    • Solar Chop (ソーラーチョップ, Sōrā Choppu): A chop to the neck and chest.
    • Picking Broke (ピッキング・ブローク, Pikkingu Burōku): A chop to the head while in the air.
    • Swayed Shaver (スウェード・シェイバー, Sūēdo Sheibā): A horizontal strike chop, it has high destructive power.
  • Corona Kick (コロナ・キック, Korona Kikku): A variety of kicks.
    • Corona Flying Kick (コロナフライングキック, Korona Furaingu Kikku): A jump kick to the chest.
    • Solar Brave Kick (ソーラーブレイブキック, Sōrā Bureibu Kikku): A diving kick from the air at Mach 9. Used on Chaos Parastan.
    • Corona Rolling Harper Kick (コロナ・ローリングハーパーキック, Korona Rōringu Hāpā Kikku): A trick kick to the vitals of the opponent.
    • Corona Suspend Kick (コロナサスペンドキック, Korona Sasupendo Kikku): A kick while hovering in the air.
  • Corona Elbow (コロナ・エルボー, Korona Erubō): Elbow attacks, including an elbow smash and drop.
  • Corona Shoulder Attack (コロナ・ショルダーアタック, Korona Shorudā Atakku): A tackle using the shoulder.
  • Corona Rage Whipper (コロナ・レイジホイッパー, Korona Reiji Hoippā): Cosmos picks up the opponent and throws them.
  • Corona Swing (コロナ・スウィング, Korona Sūingu): Holding the arm and leg, Cosmos throws the opponent. Used on Chaos Parastan.
    • Corona Neck Hanging (コロナ・ネックハンギング, Korona Nekku Hangingu): A skill to lift and tighten the enemy's neck.
    • Corona Backdrop (コロナ・バックドロップ, Korona Bakkudoroppu): Grabs the opponent from behind and leans back smashing the crown of their head into the ground.
  • Corona Headbutt (コロナ・ヘッドバット, Korona Heddobatto): Cosmos jumps up and headbutts the opponent.
  • Corona Headlock (コロナ・ヘッドロック, Korona Heddorokku): A headlock technique.
  • Sunlight Barrier (サンライト・バリア, Sanraito Baria): Ultraman Cosmos can create a shield to protect himself. It is stronger than the Moonlight Barrier.
    • Reverspike Hyper (リバースパイクハイパー, Ribāsupaiku Haipā): A shield that absorbs energy shot at it and allows for that energy to be fired back as a beam. However there are limits to how much it can absorb.
  • Cosmo Causer (コスモ・カウサー, Kosumo Kausā): A light from both hands that restores an object or being to their previous form.
  • Corona Branch: Cosmos splits into six individuals. Used to counter Neo Baltan in the first movie.

Eclipse Mode
Ultraman Cosmos Charecter Eclips Mode

Eclipse Mode

Eclipse Mode (エクリプスモード, Ekuripusu Mōdo) is Cosmos' third form, which was achieved after his defeat at the hands of Chaos Header and his revival under a lunar eclipse. This form represents the 'courage' of Musashi which revived Cosmos and combined the powers of Luna and Corona, making it more powerful than either form. It is the only form to require the presence of Musashi. Cosmos can only fight for roughly one minute in this form as it drains a lot of energy.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 16
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 2,200 m
  • Grip Strength: 80,000 t
  • Cosmium Beam (コズミューム光線, Kozumyūmu Kōsen): Eclipse Mode's Ultra Beam, charged and fired from his right arm. This attack can instantly kill the Chaos Organisms (and other dark energies) within a being's body and continue out the other side. It has enough power to also destroy some of the strongest monsters in just one hit. It can also adjust its size and split up into smaller beams to hit multiple locations.
  • Eclipse Blade (エクリプスブレード, Ekuripusu Burēdo): An attack where Cosmos charges his arms and creates a crescent moon shaped construct and fires it in front of an energy blast. It can also cut enemy ships in half. It is a powerful finishing move.
  • Eclipse Spark (エクリプススパーク, Ekuripusu Supāku): A continuous stream of arrow shaped energy blasts from both of Cosmos' hands. He can also perform it with one hand. The power is low but it can stun the enemy.
  • Eclipse Blow Shot (エクリプス・ブローショット, Ekuripusu Burō Shotto): A powerful beam fired into the air from the entire body. Used in the second movie to destroy a Scorpiss.
  • Eclipse Windmill (エクリプス・ウィンドミル, Ekuripusu Uindomiru): Ultraman Cosmos can use super speed to float in the air and starts spinning to deliver a barrage of attacks and ends it with a sky kick. This attack was used to send Chaos Ultraman flying.
  • Lightning Defender (ライトニングディフェンダー, Raitoningu Difendā): By spinning his body rapidly, Ultraman Cosmos can deflect most projectile weapons.
  • Eclipse Recept (エクリプス・レセプト, Ekuripusu Reseputo): Using the arms, Cosmos can block energy blasts while turning them into his own energy.
  • Eclipse Punch (エクリプス・パンチ, Ekuripusu Panchi): Refers to any of Cosmos' punch techniques.
    • Diamond Crush (ダイアモンドクラッシュ, Daiamondo Kurasshu): An intense straight punch, charged by his Color Timer, energy is gathered into Cosmos' fist and dished out in a simple punch delivering a blow that would destroy the average monster.
  • Eclipse Kick (エクリプス・キック, Ekuripusu Kikku): Cosmos' kick techniques.
    • Flying Sparky (フライングスパーキー, Furaingu Supākī): A dive kick, also a heel drop, which was used on Sandros in the second movie.
  • Eclipse Chop (エクリプス・チョップ, Ekuripusu Choppu): Various chop techniques.
    • Subside Chop (サブサイドチョップ, Sabusaido Choppu): A strong horizontal chop.
  • Highest Swing (ハイエスト・スウィング, Haiesuto Sūingu): A swing using the enemy's tail and legs.
  • Eclipse Headlock (エクリプス・ヘッドロック, Ekuripusu Heddorokku): A headlock using superhuman strength.
  • Illusionic Attack (イリュージョニッケアタッケ, Iryūjonikku Atakku):
  • Eclipse Portion (エクリプスポーション, Ekuripusu Pōshon): A teleportation beam. Works the same as the Luna Portion.
  • Suspend Shot (サスペンドショット, Sasupendo Shotto): Electrical beams from both hands, used in the third Cosmos movie to stop a pair of Glokers.
  • Golden Light Barrier (ゴールデンライト・バリア, Gōruden Raito Baria): Ultraman Cosmos, when in Eclipse Mode, can create a barrier of golden light that can collect the energy of an opponent’s attacks and then send it straight back. He can shoot this barrier forward, forcing Chaos Organisms out of an opponents body. In the third movie, repeated hits changes its color.
  • Cell Structure Altering Ability (細胞組織変化能力, Saibō Soshiki Henka Nōryoku): When fighting Chaos Eligal III, Cosmos closed the monsters' gas blow organ by altering the tissue.
  • Combination Attack: Justice can grab onto Cosmos's hands and they will both spin very fast. Upon letting go Justice's entire body will act like a boomerang.

Miracluna Mode
Miracluna Mode

Miracluna Mode

Miracluna Mode (ミラクルナモード, Mirakuruna Mōdo) is the glittering light-like form accessed by Musashi's bravery to fight alongside Cosmos and purify Chaos Darkness instead of killing him.

  • Luna Final (ルナファイナル, Runa Fainaru): Cosmos' most powerful purifying ability, used to purify Chaos Darkness by freeing from his own evil influence.

Space Corona Mode

Space Corona Mode

Space Corona Mode (スペースコロナモード, Supēsu Korona Mōdo) is Cosmos' form used for space travel. It boasts greater speed and mental/energy abilities than Luna Mode. As its name suggests, this is an alternate form of Corona Mode meant only for combat in space, but with a slight decrease of strength.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Immeasurable
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,800 m
  • Grip Strength: 90,000 t
  • Over Loop Beam (オーバーループ光線, Ōbā Rūpu Kōsen): Space Corona Mode's Ultra Beam, charged and fired from both of his arms.
  • Space Corona Struck (スペースコロナ・ストラック, Supēsu Korona Sutorakku): A beam that shocks the enemy on impact.
  • Space Corona Receipt (スペースコロナ・レセプト, Supēsu Korona Reseputo): Cosmos can deflect energy blasts with his bare arms.
  • Space Corona Kick (スペースコロナ・キック, Supēsu Korona Kikku): Any of Cosmos' kick techniques.
    • Succession Kick (サクセッションキック, Sakusesshon Kikku): A kicking combo, used to trounce a Scorpsiss on Planet Juran.
    • Tender Kick (テンダーキック, Tendā Kikku): A high jump kick moving at super speed. Destroyed the shoulder of a Scorpsiss on Planet Juran.
  • Space Corona Punch (スペースコロナ・パンチ, Supēsu Korona Panchi): Any of Cosmos' punch techniques.
    • Flame Punch (フレイムパンチ, Fureimu Panchi): A double punch using the power of the entire body, directed into the enemy's chest.
  • Tap Chop (タップチョップ, Tappu Choppu): A chop that is powerful enough to slice through the enemy, used to cut the robust skin of Scorpsiss' tail.
  • Barrier (バリア, Baria): Cosmos creates a spherical barrier.
  • Space Corona Current (スペースコロナ・カレント, Supēsu Korona Karento) (Unused): Water from Cosmos' fingertips.

Skeleton Corona Mode
Skeleton Corona Mode

Skeleton Corona Mode

Skeleton Corona Mode (スケルトンコロナモード, Sukeruton Korona Modo), alternatively named as Phantom Cosmos (ファントムコスモス, Fantomu Kosumosu), is an imaginary projection of Musashi's mind during the second Cosmos movie. It appears as if Cosmos was in Corona Mode but transparent.

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 9
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,200 m
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 t
  • Blazing Wave (ブレージングウエーブ, Burējingu Uēbu): Skeleton Corona Mode retained the use of this technique.
  • Skeleton Punch (スケルトンパンチ, Sukeruton Panchi): A punch attack.
  • Skeleton Kick (スケルトンスピンキック, Sukeruton Kikku): A kick attack.

Future Mode
Ultraman Cosmos Charecter Futrue Mode

Future Mode

Future Mode (フューチャーモード, Fuyūchā Modo) is a form that represents 'Hope' which combines the power of 'Kindness', 'Strength', and 'Courage' (notably, 'Luna Mode', 'Corona Mode', and 'Eclipse Mode') to create the strongest form Cosmos wields, empowered by the Future Energy (フューチャーエナジー, Fyūchā Enajī).

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 18
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 4.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 2,500 m
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 t
  • Combine: Ultraman Cosmos can combine with Ultraman Justice to form Ultraman Legend.
  • Cosmo Strike (コスモストライク, Cosumo Sutoraiku): Future Mode's Ultra Beam, it is a stronger version of Cosmium Beam empowered by Future Energy.
  • Eclipse Spark (エクリプススパーク, Ekuripusu Supāku): In Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, Cosmos Future Mode can use Eclipse Mode's Eclipse Spark.
  • Future Punch (フューチャーパンチ, Fu~yūchā Panchi): Various punch techniques, such as a straight punch and an uppercut.
  • Future Kick (フューチャーキック, Fu~yūchā Kikku): A variety of kick techniques, such as jump kicks and turning kicks.
  • Future Chop (フューチャーチョップ, Fu~yūchā Choppu): A chop using one hand or two hands.
  • Future Swing (フューチャースウィング, Fu~yūchā Suu~ingu) (Unused): A technique used to swing and throw away enemies.
  • Golden Light Barrier (ゴールデンライト・バリア, Gōruden Raito Baria): In Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, Cosmos Future Mode can use Eclipse Mode's Golden Light Barrier.
    • Golden Extra Barrier (ゴールデンエクストラバリア, Gōruden Ekusutora Baria): Ultraman Cosmos can put up an energy shield that can block attacks.
  • Future Force (フューチャーフォース, Fu~yūchā Fōsu): Ultraman Cosmos can transfer some of his energy to an ally.
  • Future Flash (フューチャーフラッシュ, Fu~yūchā Furasshu) (Unused): A technique that emits a strong flash of light to destroy the enemy's posture.
  • Cross Perfection (クロスパーフェクション, Kurosu Pāfekushon): Cosmos can combine his power with Ultraman Justice's power, and both will release a super-powered energy beam from their hands. Cosmos releases a blue beam from his right arm, and Justice releases an orange one from his left. Before hitting the target, the two combine into one, large beam of green energy. Can destroy monsters like Gloker Bishop in one blow. Their ultimate attack.
  • Double Rolling Attack (ダブルローリングアタック, Daburu Rōringu Atakku): Cosmos, alongside Justice, is able to jump at the same time and do a powerful vertical kick able to deal a great deal of damage.

Standard Abilities

  • Acceleration: Cosmos can move at blinding speeds. However, this is only for short bursts. The more powerful his form, the greater his speed and its duration.
  • Mode Change (モードチェンジ, Mōdo Chenji): Cosmos can change into any of his forms at will, except Eclipse Mode which requires him to be in Corona Mode or Space Corona Mode and merged with Musashi.

Other Media

Ultraman Hit Song History: New Hero Chapter

"Who are you?"
"Ultraman Cosmos."

―Zero to Cosmos

Cosmos appeared in this movie along with the other Heisei Ultras. He recharged Zero's Color Timer after Ultraman Gaia. Ultraman Hit Song History


  • Cosmos is the second Heisei Ultra to debut in a movie, the first is Ultraman Zearth.
  • He is the second main Ultra to make a Super Ultraman with another Ultra, after Ultraman Taro, but his merge is the first to become another being completely (he merged with Ultraman Justice to become Ultraman Legend).
    • He is also included in more fusions than any other Ultra so far, two, Ultraman Legend and Saga.
  • Cosmos is the first known Ultra to change his head's shape when transforming into other forms (aside from merging or fusing), followed by Ultraman X.
  • In the movie Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet, Ultraman Cosmos Eclipse Mode's Color Timer sound was reused from Ultraman Dyna's.
  • Like Gaia, Cosmos' Color Timer sound was modified and pitched higher from Ultraman Tiga. It sometimes will have a slower tempo than usual.
  • Ultraman Cosmos is the first Ultra that doesn't destroy his opponents on a regular basis, followed by Ultraman Ginga.
  • It seems that after Cosmos is revived from being defeated, he gains a new mode. The first instance was in The First Contact, where Cosmos gained Corona mode, and then in the series, where he unlocked Eclipse Mode. The only modes besides Luna Mode (because it's his default form), not to be unlocked by this principle is Skeleton Corona Mode (because it only existed in Musashi's imagination), and Space Corona Mode, since it was shown at the beginning of The Blue Planet, which takes place directly after the series. In the series finale, he unlocked Miracluna Mode instead of Space Corona Mode, which means Cosmos had two initial modes, which are Luna Mode and Space Corona Mode.
  • It is stated that Cosmos' traits of protecting monsters is partly an influence from Pokémon.
  • In the 2018 Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia novel, Cosmos is stated by Charija to empower himself with both energies from the Moon and Sun.


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