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Ultraman Connection is the official international website for Ultraman Series. It hosts a variety of content such as news and updates on upcoming Ultraman projects, articles and blog posts of various natures, information and biographies of series characters and more. The site's main feature is Ultraman Connection Live, a series of livestream events for the international fanbase.

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Website Content

Users can create an account for free to gain access to a merchandise store, the ability to view and partake in the Ultraman Connection Live events and access to the official Discord server. A mailing list is offered to all users, so they can receive emails about news updates on when events will be taking place, when ticket purchases become available and any special offers.

Free Content

A major benefit of signing up is the ability to access a range of officially subtitled or dubbed Ultraman content, at present these are:

Content Date Added
Sevenger Fight Episodes 1 - 7 September 15th 2021
Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes Director's Cut (Dubbed) September 15th 2021
Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Director's Cut (Dubbed) September 15th 2021
Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax December 17th 2021[1]
Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Prologue (Dubbed) December 17th 2021[1]
Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Episodes 1-25 January 28th 2022[2]
Ultraman Z Episodes 1-25 March 18th 2022


There is also content that can be rented for one week, for a fee of $6.99 USD. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z was formerly available to pre-order for $4.99.

Content Date Added
Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z January 28th 2022
Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Full Episode Ver. (Dubbed) May 27th 2022

Subtitle Options

While most content is only offered with English subtitles or as an English dub, Ultraman Z, Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad have more subtitle options:

  • English
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog
  • Korean
  • Japanese (Destined Crossroad only)[3]

Ultraman Connection Live

A series of livestreams held on the website exclusively for international fans. The events feature a selection of guest stars being asked questions from the audience about their experiences and opinions working on their particular show(s), usually followed by another segment of two before ending the show with a live stage battle. The streams are hosted by Sean Nichols (Sean White from Ultraman Max). Fans can interact live with the panel via a chatbox to the side, with the website itself occasionally joining to comment of answer fan queries. Viewers are able to also vote in live polls that happen periodically during the events. A majority of the time, the streams are payed entry and are not archieved in full, meaning they are a one-time only viewing.

Starting from the third event, at start and end of each stream, there are small CG-animated segments that depict an ongoing plot happening between the events. It features a new world unfamiliar with Ultras or Kaiju becoming victim to them. This world has its own defense organisation, the UCL (Unidentified Capture League).

Sevenger Fight


Ultraman Connection Live- Sevenger Fight - June 3 On-Time Live Event! - Official English Subtitles


The first event featured the international debut of the Sevenger Fight miniseries, complete with subtitles following its exclusivity to TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION. During the show, Sean becomes possessed by Alien Barossa, who forces the panel to play charades with him, having Sevenger act out the clues. With the panel victorious, Barossa summons a Zetton to destroy them, only for them to be saved by Ultraman Z and eventually Jugglus Juggler.

Held on June 3rd 2021

Guest Panel

The panel features major people involved in both Sevenger Fight and Ultraman Z

Ultraman Day

The panel recount their experiences working on the original Ultraman 55 years previously and rewatch select episodes before a Dada interupts, summoning vaious monsters to the stage. Ultraman along with Tiga, Max and Mebius arrive to defeat them, with Ultraman Trigger later arriving, ahead of his series' premiere that same day, to assist in defeating Tyrant.

Held on July 10th 2021

Guest Panel

ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Special Featuring S.H.Figuarts

This event was the first to be available for free and was simultaneously streamed on the official YouTube channel worldwide. It featured various reveals: an S.H.Figuart of Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium Rainbow, the debut of the trailer for Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, the official reveals of Ultraman Regulos and Absolute Diavolo and that Diavolo would debut in a then-upcoming episode of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. Following the reveals, Diavolo himself, alongside Absolute Tartarus, Ultra Dark-Killer and Zett, invaded the stage. With their songs being performed live in the background, the arriving heroes of Ultraman Ribut, Ultimate Shining Zero, Ginga Strium, Geed Galaxy Rising, Grigio and Taiga Tri-Strium were able to defeat all the opposition.

This event also features the debut of the UCL Universe storyline. A golden vortex appears above the Earth, prompting a new report on the ocurance. A professor offers his opinion on the matter before an obscured Absolute Diavolo makes his presence known, with the broadcast cutting off before he could finish introducing himself.

Held on September 24th 2021

Guest Panel

Dyna & Gaia

In promotion of Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Gaia's forthcoming DVD releases via Mill Creek, this event featured the panel recount the events of their show's production and their characters' subseqeuent appearances. The festivities were put on hold however as a Zenekindarl appeared to take on the panel. He summonded Mimos and Satanbizor to assist, but were both defeated by the arriving Ultraman Dyna, Gaia Supreme and Agul Supreme. Soon the Zenekindarl also summoned Five King into the fray, who proved to be more of a challenge, that was until Ultraman Trigger arrived to help. As a last ditch effort to finish the heroes, Zenekindarl summonded both Hyper Zetton and Ultraman Orb Dark. All three were eventually defeated by the Ultras.

In the UCL Universe storyline, the appearance of Absolute Diavolo had called the Unidentified Capture League into action. A pilot was given a mission to try and track the Absolutian through either of two wormholes, with one leading to the World of Neo Frontier Space and the other to the World of Ultraman Gaia. On his way toward them, the two began converging and he was sent uncontrollably into the now fused wormholes. Within it, the pilot was rescued and assisted by Ultraman Regulos, who was immidiately after captured by the Absolutians and held within Narak.

Held on November 18th 2021

Guest Panel

Holiday Special

The events begins with the announcement of a work in progress game, following the player as a lieutenant following up on the the capture of Ultraman Regulos and the UCL storyline from the previous event. Afterwards, the prologue to Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad was shown off for the first time in any capacity, showcasing around ten minutes of footage. Before the show could truly begin, Absolute Tartarus arrived on stage and answered some questions from the audience before leaving. The guests then arrived and after several Q&A questions read by Marluru and handing out of presents, Carmeara arrived to steal the last gift which she mistakingly believed to be the Eternity Core, summoning Hudram to assist. Suddenly, Kyrieloid too arrived, seeking the gift for himself, summoning help from Gazort and Camearra. To put an end to the skirmish, Trigger Dark and Ultraman Ribut arrived to take out the threats. Soon after, Sean used the light within him to summon Ultraman Tiga who provided his own energy to summon Glitter Trigger Eternity to help as well. Soon after all the foes were defeated, with the contents of the final present turning out to be the Ultra Array. Father of Ultra and Ultraman Taiga came onto the stage alongside Hiroyuki Kudo to announce that Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax would become available for free for Ultraman Connection members before the show ended.

In the UCL storyline, the Unidentified Capture League launch a mission against the Narak Tower, an Absolutian jamming array, built on Mars. A UCL Lieutenant sees to the task, and realizes that the Absolutians have been jamming communications across multiple realities to further their conquest. After they managed to destroy the structure, residual energy from the Narak Tower seeped out and enveloped Mars, before proliferating across the universe, heading towards Earth. Dan Hayashi, host of Blue Sphere Radio, was taking some callers when the energy shorted out his equipment, before it came back to life with images of the Ultra Language reading "Thank You" and the Galaxy Rescue Force insignia on them. He stepped outside to see the phenomenon of blue aurorae occur before his very eyes.[1]

Held on December 17th 2021

Guest Panel

ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube 2 Million Subscribers Celebration

The event begins with a short live show segment summarizing the events of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, showcasing key battles that happened throughout the show, before ending off with the appearance of Evil Trigger before the Eternity Core.

What followed thereafter were the talk segments hosted by Sean Nichols and Nene Nakazawa, which featured guests from Ultraman Trigger, Ultraman R/B (pre-recorded) and the other New Generation Heroes. After being shown PVs from their respective works and answering fan questions under the hashtag #祝ウルチャネル200万人 / #AskUltra2M, the event was abruptly interrupted by the Absolutians and other past villains.

The New Generation Heroes transformed into their Ultra selves to fight these menances: Ginga and Victory faced off against Dark Lugiel and Reibatos, while Rosso, Blu and Grigio fought Kamisori Demaaga, summoned by the necromancer. As Z held his own against Zero Darkness, Regulos appeared from the sidelines to take down Absolute Diavolo. As the enemy forces began to overwhelm the Ultra Warriors, Sean asked for the audience to send power to the cast, recharging their energy through the Ultra Charge and helping them to unleash their ultimate forms: Ginga Victory, Gruebe and Z Delta Rise Claw. In a decisive battle, Absolute Tartarus and the rest of the villains were finally taken down.

At the end, the new voice actor for Regulos was introduced: Shugo Nakamaru, and it was revealed that a PV + interview for Regulos would be uploaded to the Ultraman Official Channel. Tickets for the Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z and the next Ultraman Connection Live would also be made available on the website. The whole cast was invited back onto the stage again for a final closing speech before the show ended.

Originally scheduled for January 29th 2022[4] before being postponed to February 18th. Clips from the event were later uploaded on YouTube.

Guest Panel

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z Watch Party

The event began with a continuation of the UCL storyline, before Sean Nichols introduces the event's content and guests. He explained that the guests are logged onto the official Ultraman Connection Discord server and have a set of buttons, each of which sends a pre-set message in English to help them interact with the fans. The international premiere of Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z then started, with a facecam switching between the guests throughout the watch-a-long. Afterwards, the guests spoke about their favorite parts of the film and answered multiple questions from fans. A teaser trailer for Ultraman Decker was then shown, followed by goodbyes from Sean and the guests. After some credits, the second part of the UCL storyline was shown, concluding the event.

In the UCL storyline, Eric Bright suddenly awakens from a dream where his father was warning him of an incoming threat, only to see a meteor falling to Earth. He finds its crash site and discovers the meteorite is an alien device. He opens it, finding a capsule and some headgear, which when put on, sends him into a virtual simulation. A robotic voice begins to describe the emergence of Absolute Diavolo and the heroic exploits of Ultraman Z and Ultraman Trigger, stating they learnt of Trigger's existence when King JOE STORAGE CUSTOM was teleported there from Z's universe. The voice then warns him of something, so he removes the headgear and realises that a group of cars is heading his way. Eric watches as numerous operatives exit their cars and begin to look around, led by a woman. He then gets a call on his phone from a mysterious stranger, who introduces themselves as "Da-" before being cut off. The caller tells him he needs to escape and guides him into a nearby building. Eric creeps around the dark office building, and the caller somehow switches the lights in the building on for him. But when the operatives find and begin to chase after him, the caller mischievously proclaims his escape was successful, and his face, the face of Powered Data flashes on Eric's phone screen as the call ends. The film abruptly concludes as a bag is placed over Eric's head.

In the second half, the bag is removed from Eric's head and he finds himself in a office meeting with members of the UCL, the Unidentified Capture League. Agent Hughes of UCL explains the group's goal to capture the dangerous alien devices that are arriving from other worlds. Eric, slightly dumbfounded, begins to leave, before she reveals she knows his father, a test pilot named Colton Bright and implies there is more to his death than Eric knows. When Eric mentions the giants he witnessed in the simulation, the Hughes states that they desperately need to find the Ultras to survive. Just as Eric begins to question if it was the Ultras who called him on the phone, the building's lights go out, and Powered Dada's face appears on a TV screen in the room. Dada laughs menacingly as a blackout consumes the city of Los Angeles.[5]

Held on March 18th 2022.

Guest Panel

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Watch Party

A free live watch-a-long of the international premiere of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad for all members. Preceding the event was a pre-show where the director's cuts of Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy were streamed. The show formally began with a roundtable styled discussion with various staff from the Starlight Runner, the international marketing partner of the Ultraman brand, featuring such people as Jeff Gomez, followed by the first part of the UCL storyline film, Return to Narak Tower.[6] Next, a pre-recorded panel featuring Koichi Sakamoto, Raiga Terasaka and Kohshu Hirano was shown, where they discussed the upcoming film, with Terasaka and Hirano reacting to scenes from it without the audience seeing the footage. Finally, the English dub of The Destined Crossroad was streamed in its entirety, the second half of the roundtable discussion was shown, and the event concluded with the second half of UCL storyline.

In the first half of the UCL storyline, Eric Bright, Agent Hughes, Commander Colder and a UCL lieutenant are discussing their next move with after Powered Dada hacks into two of their ships in Tokyo, which begin to head for Mars. In the second half, the UCL lieutenant goes to Mars to intercept Powered Dada's attack, sacrificing himself to destroy Narak Tower. The events coincide with browser game, Mission Narak Tower, with the liteunant serving as the player character. With the situation resolved, things go quiet until a mysterious stranger appears on screen: Sean White of DASH.

Was held on May 26th 2022.

Guest Panel

1st Anniversary: Ultraman Max Special

In commemoration of the 1 year anniversary of the Ultraman Connection Live shows, this event is themed around the series which the show's host Sean Nichols debuted in: Ultraman Max.[7]

The event begins with a continuation of the UCL storyline, before Sean Nichols takes the stage in his DASH uniform, commemorating Ultraman Connection Live on its one year anniversary, and then introducing the guests for the event: Sota Aoyama, Hitomi Hasebe and Takeshi Yagi. The cast and director have a short talk session, reminiscing their time during the filming of Ultraman Max. The watch party then begins, starting with The Taken Max Spark, with the cast joining the Discord server to watch alongside the fans. Afterwards, Sean Nichols welcomes Takashi Miike onto the stage, and the watch-a-long resumes with Miracle of the Third Planet. The cast then comments on some of their favorite episodes from the series, and a new logo for Ultraman Connection is introduced.

The stage lights fade, and the long-awaited stage show begins, starting off with an opening narration reminiscent of the show by none other than Shiro Sano. As Red King and Eleking rampage across the stage, Kaito Touma enters the fray, transforming into Ultraman Max and deals with the two monsters with the Maxium Cannon. It then transitions into a four-way with Alien Sran, Bugdalas and Kesam against Max, with Mizuki Koishikawa helping the Ultra with the DASH Rizer. The fight ends, and another begins with Antlar giving Max a difficult time, before Sean White delivers an assist with the DASH Deringer. Thereafter, Zetton and King Joe, two of Max's greatest foes, almost pummel the Ultra if not for the timely arrival of Ultraman Xenon, who lends the Max Galaxy to the fallen Ultra, restoring his energy and giving him the edge over the monsters. The screen fades into a sunset, and a stitched-up Alien Metron duels Kaito in rock-paper-scissors (à la The Untargeted Town) before fleeing. A one-sided match ensues as all the monsters return to tag-team Max, with defeat seeming inevitable. But the audience cheers him on, and as his theme song kicks in, the Ultra rises back up with the Max Galaxy equipped, defeating the monster army against a montage of his past battles (primarily against Giga Berserke). In the epilogue, he meets Xenon in Earth's orbit, and the two depart for the Land of Light.

The cast reappear on stage with Max and Xenon after the show ends, and Sean Nichols introduces surprise guests Shiro Sano, the narrator (albeit video only), followed by Hiroko Sakurai, who played Yukari Yoshinaga, before Sota Aoyama ends the show. After the credits roll, the second part of the UCL storyline is shown.

The first half of the UCL storyline carries on immediately from the previous Ultraman Connection Live, with Sean White of DASH communicating with the UCL team across dimensions, telling them about Ultraman Max and suggesting that they get proper uniforms, before being recruited into the UCL himself. The second half of the UCL storyline takes place some time after this encounter, as the audience is introduced to a larger base of operations refurbished with a new logo, in line with more traditional attack teams. Eric Bright and Hughes are seen in an office discussing sudden disappearances on Earth, before the former brings up the legend of Kemur.

Held on June 17th 2022.

Guest Panel

Ultraman Connection Talk

A subsidiary of the main Ultraman Connection Live feature, Ultraman Connection Talk is a segment that consists of Sean and various guests discussing in an informal manner various topics and answering questions. So far only one instance of this segment has aired, that being immediately following the end of the 2 Million Subscriber Special Connection Live broadcast, in which the same panel answered some more questions for another thirty minutes.

On May 18th 2022, a new sub-series of this segment was introduced, entitled Game Challenge. In this pre-recorded video, Sean, alongside Kohshu Hirano and Raiga Terasaka, were presenting and trying to complete the the forthcoming browser game, Mission Narak Tower. Before they played, Absolute Tartarus appeared to warn them to not interfere with the tower in the game. After the demo, Tartarus appeared again, taunting the three for not being able to complete the game. As Sean grew more impatient, Tartarus went to attack him, but was stopped just in time by the arrival of Ultraman Z and Ultraman Trigger, who fought the Absolutian to a standstill before he challenged the viewers to try and take down one of their towers before leaving.


Ultraman Connection Live




  • On April Fools' Day in 2022, the Ultraman Connection Discord server was temporarily renamed to "Gridman Connection".

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