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Ultraman Chronicle: ZERO & GEED (ウルトラマン クロニクル ZEROゼロ & GEEDジード Urutoraman Kuronikuru Zero ando Jīdo) is a series produced by Tsuburaya Productions, created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero. Featuring Ultraman Zero and Riku Asakura, they navigate the viewers through the Ultraman Geed series and Ultraman Zero movies and miniseries.[2][3]


  1. Learn the History!! (学ぶぜ! 歴史!! Manabuze! Rekishi!!): Glen Fire tells Riku and Pega the history of Belial and Zero's many battles.
  2. Spot the Imposter!! (見切るぜ! 偽物!! Mikiruze! Nisemono!!): Mirror Knight tells Riku and an Alien Pegassa the first chapter of Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero.
  3. Conquer the Battle!! (制すぜ! 決闘!! Seisuze! Kettō!!): Mirror Knight tells Riku, Pega and an Alien Pegassa the second chapter of Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero.
  4. Want for the Earth!! (望むぜ!地球!! Nozomuze! Chikyū!!): Glen Fire tells Riku and Pega about the Ultimate Force Zero while also telling them the first part of Ultraman Saga.
  5. Live for Humanity!! (生きるぜ! 人類!! Ikiruze! Jinrui!!): Jean-Bot tells Riku, Pega and some Beyond School students, the second part of Ultraman Saga.
  6. Protect Tomorrow!! (守るぜ! 明日!! Mamoruze! Ashita!!): Jean-Bot tells Riku, Pega and some Beyond School students, the third part of Ultraman Saga.
  7. Overcome the Adversity!! (気張るぜ! 逆境!! Kibaruze! Gyakkyō!!): Glen Fire tells Riku and Pega about the bios of Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Dyna while also telling them the fourth part of Ultraman Saga.
  8. Continue for the Future!! (続くぜ! 未来!! Tsudzukuze! Mirai!!)


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