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"Let's become smarter with Ultraman's big transformation!"

―Series tagline

Ultraman Big Transformation (奥特曼超人大变身 Ào tè màn chāo rén dà biàn shēn) is an educational series produced by Tsuburaya Chaiyo and licensed by T.C. Ruishi.

Released in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Ultraman Series, each full-length episode contains four mini-episodes, each comprising of a fight scene from the Ultraman shows and a related animated educational segment, before ending off with a small quiz segment and a word of advice from the Ultraman hero (超人宣言 Chāo rén xuān yán lit. Ultraman's Declaration).


Since 1966, to protect the planet Earth and its inhabitants, the brave and courageous Ultra Heroes have repeatedly fought off monsters that threaten to disrupt the peace of the world. No matter how many times they have fallen, the Ultra Heroes will always rise up, refusing to give in to evil.

And now, to commemorate the Ultra Family's 40th anniversary, the classic Ultraman characters will return to Earth once again, to teach the younglings of Earth about the importance of love, courage, dreams, unity and friendship, as well as about the wondrous world around them.




  • Female Hosts: Li Jie (李洁), Yang Wan Ting (杨宛婷), Liu Yang (刘洋)
  • Child Cast: Zheng Rui Tong (郑瑞彤), Ye Yu Qi (叶钰崎), Li Xian Rui (李宪睿), Wang Shi Meng (王饰梦), Chen Zong Nan (陈宗楠), Pan Jun Hao (潘峻皓), Peng An Tu (彭安图), Lin Qian Yao (林倩瑶), Zhang Xin Hui (张新辉), Li Min (李敏), Zou Lin Jiang (邹林江), Liu Ai Tong (刘蔼彤), Tang Zi Long (汤子龙)

Voice Actors

  • Ultraman: Zou Wen Long (邹文龙)
  • Ultraseven: Zeng Qing Hua (曾庆华)
  • Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace: Cai Jun Wei (蔡均威)
  • Ultraman Taro: Unknown


  • Executive Producer: Li Jia Liu (李家鎏)
  • Co-Executive Producers: Chen Shi Hong (陈世洪), Li Bin (黎斌)
  • Planning: Yan Zhi Hai (颜志海)
  • Producer: Huang De Kang (黄德康)
  • Co-Producers: Chen Dong Le (陈东乐), Li Chun Lan (李春兰)
  • Directors: Qiu Hao Qiang (邱浩强), Huang Yue Dong (黄跃东)
  • Live Director: Wu Li Ping (吴丽平)
  • Screenplay: Xiao Liang Zhi (肖亮治), Wu Li Ping (吴丽平)
  • Associate Producer: Liang Bi Ling (梁碧凌)
  • Line Producer: Li Yu Ping (李瑜平)
  • Production: Yao Si Wei (姚斯薇), Zhou Yao Jian (周耀坚), Li Ru Liang (李汝亮)
  • Camera: Liu Ming Qi (刘明奇), Zhang Tao (张涛)
  • Designer: He Guang Ru (何广儒)
  • Lighting: Ou Yang Xiang Wen (欧阳湘文)
  • Script: Wu Li Ping (吴丽平)
  • Sound: Liu Wei Min (刘伟民)
  • Costumes: Liang Bi Ling (梁碧凌)
  • Editing: Liu Mao Hua (刘茂华), Kong Xian Feng (孔献峰), Cheng Xiang Zhou (程相州), Lin Bei (林蓓)
  • Animation: Huang Qin (黄琴), Fan Ting Ting (范婷婷)
  • Dubbing: Guo Yong (郭勇), Wang Kai (王凯), Xu Fan (徐凡)

Home Media

Episodes were released on VCD format in different variations:

  • 2-disc pack
  • Specific hero collections[1]:
    • 10-disc Ultraman Jack collection
    • 10-disc Ultraman Taro collection
    • 11-disc Ultraman Ace collection
    • 10-disc Ultraman collection
    • 11-disc Ultraseven collection
  • 13-disc volumes (Vol.1 and 2)
  • 26-disc complete collection
  • 52-disc complete collection

Legal Disputes

Main article: Ultraman Series/Licensing Disputes


  • Unlike the stunt suits used in Project Ultraman's live shows, the suits used for this series are the actual suits used for Tsuburaya Chaiyo promotional material, without the photo-edited shine.


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