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"What a joke. All that trouble to get the power I desired, only to be executed by my own son."

―Ultraman Belial upon realizing that his future achievements were all in vain after his death.

This version of Ultraman Belial (ウルトラマンベリアル Urutoraman Beriaru) is a Parallel Isotope resulted from Absolute Tartarus' tampering in the Land of Light's past, preventing his original fusion with Alien Reiblood and eventual fate of being killed by his future artificial son Ultraman Geed.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

"Ridiculous! I'm supposed to be the stronger one... I need more power.... Power that no one else can match..."

―Belial's monologue of his jealousy over Ken.

Alongside Ultraman Ken, Belial participated in the Ultimate Wars against Alien Empera and his Empera Army. In a team of aliens that the two friends were fighting against, Belial mercilessly killed the opposing sides under the justification for being invaders. By the time they return to their home planet, Ken utilized the Ultimate Blade given by Marie to score the finishing blow against Empera. Ken's eventual ascendant to the rank of Top Commander in the Inter Galactic Defense Force and winning Marie's heart, as well as amazed by Empera's display of raw power became the start of his pride and lust for power. Belial and Ken's relationship grew apart as time passed and Belial eventually try to touch the Plasma Spark, but the backlash from the light burnt him and drove him into attacking his own kin, including Ken and a younger Zoffy amongst the crowd.

As Belial left his home world, he was greeted by Absolute Tartarus, who exposed him with visions of his future, namely; his merger with Alien Reiblood, his defeat by Ultraman Zero, the creation of his artificial son Geed, Belial's peak of evolution as Atrocious and finally his eventual death at the hands of Geed. The present Belial was quick to realize that his future achievements were all for nothing and quickly accepted Tartarus' offer without questions.

Belial was joined by Tregear, another fallen Ultra from the same planet of origin who also ended up becoming a Parallel Isotope and received their power up in the form of Tartarus' Absolutian energy. Belial and Tartarus were sent into Satellite Golgotha to fight the six Ultra Brothers in the main timeline right after the deaths of Juda and Mold, wherein the fallen Ultramen pair made a quick work against their aged former comrades. While equally matched with Ultraman Zero, the pair were instructed to return to The Kingdom under Tartarus' orders. The Divergence

Absolute Tartarus later called on Belial and Tregear to hold back the Ultra League as he took Yullian into Narak. Belial obliged, and together with Tregear fired his beam to cover Tartarus' escape before leaving with him. The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

After Tartarus imprisoned Yullian, Belial and Tregear were brought to The Kingdom's Central Planet, where they encountered Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Titan, who did not appreciate their presence among the Absolutians, but Tartarus stopped their argument before it got out of hand. Tartarus then told the two Ultras about the Kingdom's history and their true motives for finding another home world to live on, before bestowing more Absolutian power upon them by using a machine that showered them with Absolute Particles.

Belial and Tregear later left their hideout after covertly seeing Tartarus return with the Giga Battlenizer and Tregear Eye, storing them within the Narak dimension. The two of them ambushed Geed and Taiga respectively after they had just defused from Ultraman Reiga following their battle with Gua Spectre, striking the two of them with their Ultra Beams. After a quick fight with Geed, Belial confronted Z, stealing the Beliarok from him before he left with Tregear.

The two fallen Ultras then confronted Ultraman Victory and Ultraman Hikari when they and their rescue team managed to infiltrate the Kingdom. Belial fought Victory in a clash between the Beliarok and the Shepherdon Sabre while Tregear battled Hikari wearing the Hero's Armor. Each of them fought rather evenly with their opponents until Astra managed to find and rescue both Yullian and Ultraman Regulos, with Victory and Hikari managing to escape from the duo when the former used his Ultlance to access the EX Red King Knuckle, blowing Belial and Tregear back.

They followed the Absolutians to Planet Glacier, tracking down the escaped team of Ultras to that location, where they were met by a large gathering of warriors. Belial fought against Zoffy, Geed and Z, with the latter two using their Z Risers to transform into Galaxy Rising and Delta Rise Claw. In the middle of their battle, the Beliarok defected from Belial saying he got bored, and went back to Z to power him up into Deathcium Rise Claw, who then fired the Zestium Death Burst at Belial. Geed attempted to talk to his father, but Belial would not listen and left the battlefield, saying that he has no son.

Back at the Kingdom, both Belial and Tregear began to grow disillusioned with the paths they had taken. Desiring to find power his own way, Belial choose to desert The Kingdom and tore open Tartarus' storage, taking the Giga Battlenizer while giving the Tregear Eye to Tregear. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


Old Ultraman Belial.png

Due to Absolute Tartarus' tampering with the timeline, this Belial remains in his Early Style (アーリースタイル Ārī Sutairu) form for the rest of his appearances. Although lacking abilities that are given by Alien Reiblood, Tartarus compensated by dousing Belial with Cascade Rays (カスケード光線 Kasukēdo Kōsen), granting him powers equal to an Absolutian.


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Age: 160,000 years old
  • Home World: Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 15
  • Maximum Running Speed: 750 km/h
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 220 kt
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 6
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 360 m
  • Arm Strength: 120,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 52,000 t

Body Features

  • Color Timer : Belial's standard Color Timer, shaped in the same model as the Ultra Brothers. Like the rest of his kin, Belial is presumably subjected to the 3 minute time limit rule in Earth-like conditions.


  • Absolute Particles (アブソリュート粒子 Abusoryūto Ryūshi): Energy substances that are equivalent to the Differator Rays radiated from the Plasma Spark. Due to their off-the-scale energy level, Belial's powers increases to the standard of an Absolutian.
  • Barrier: A circular golden energy barrier, used to block attacks.



  • Deathcium Beam (デスシウム光線 Desushiumu Kōsen): Belial's Ultra Beam, fired from the palm of his right hand.[1][2]
  • Belial Claw (ベリアルクロー Beriaru Kurō): Belial slashes his opponents with his hand as if it were clawed. His fingers are also strong enough to tear open a pocket dimension (Narak) on his own.
  • Belial Thunder (ベリアルサンダー Beriaru Sandā): A red lightning beam fired from Belial's palm.
  • Belial Slash (ベリアルスラッシュ Beriaru Surasshu): Energy blasts that explode on impact.


  • Beliarok (ベリアロク Beriaroku): A sentient sword based on his prime reality self, the alternate Belial gained this weapon by stealing it from Ultraman Z. He would later lose the weapon when it returned to Z on Planet Blizzard.
  • Giga Battlenizer (ギガバトルナイザー Giga Batorunaizā): The primary weapon of Belial's original self, which Reibatos constructed for The Kingdom's use. After defecting from The Kingdom, the Parallel Belial took the weapon from Tartarus' possession for his own usage.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • According to Koichi Sakamoto, Belial shares the spotlight with Tregear as the main character of The Absolute Conspiracy's Chapter 2.[3]
  • His voice actor in the English dub is Jack Merluzzi, who previously voiced Ultraman Zero in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. Despite the casting choice being seen as ironic at first glance, it is also a reference to the young Belial's personality being not so different from Zero's, including the fact that Belial represents what Zero could have been if he actually touched the Plasma Spark.


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