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"You know it's pointless... But, you still protect the humans? Are you saying that's what Ultraman is?"

Hiroya Fujimiya, "The Determination of Agul"

Ultraman Agul (ウルトラマンアグル Urutoraman Aguru) is the second Ultra Hero of Ultraman Gaia. Agul is the manifestation of the sea, much like how Gaia is the manifestation of the Earth. Agul bonded with Hiroya Fujimiya to protect the Earth, but not humanity, leading to several disagreements and battles against Gaia. Eventually, Fujimiya regained his faith in humanity and fought alongside Gaia against the minions of the Radical Destruction Bringer.



Agul's name was only revealed in episode 16. Prior to that, he was simply called Blue Giant or Blue Ultraman. The name first came out from the romaji "AGUL" displayed on the console screen of the personal computer. The word itself is a coined word, coming from the words "aggressive," "agreement," and "evil."


Ultraman Gaia

Battle Alongside Fujimiya

"Ultraman exists to protect the Earth. But he has no obligation to protect the parasite that is humanity!

Leave XIG! You were put here to work with me!

Hiroya Fujimiya to Gamu Takayama, "Another Giant"

Agul's human host, Hiroya Fujimiya, a boy-genius formerly with the Alchemy Stars. Fujimiya created the giant computer known as "Crisis," to predict future catastrophes. Its first prediction, however, showed the total destruction of the Earth. When queried further, the computer had one response: AGUL. At that moment, Fujimiya yelled in pain. In a vision, he saw a destroyed world, with a blue-and-silver giant towering over it. When questioning Crisis again, Fujimiya discovered the cause of Earth's destruction: mankind.

Fujimiya breaks away from the Alchemy Stars, obsessed with discovering more about this being that continues to contact him, although each contact brings great pain. He builds a giant water tank, the basis of an experiment to contact "the will of the Earth" to find out what to do. At one point, as Fujimiya stands on a catwalk above the tank, Agul contacts him again. This time, Fujimiya sees the surroundings: complete destruction, the remains of a civilization similar to Earth's. In shock, Fujimiya tries to shut down the experiment, but is convinced by his friend Kyouko to keep going. Returning to the tank, Fujimiya witnesses a great light forming at the bottom of the underwater tunnel. The light erupts from the tank, and flows into Fujimiya.

Agul after he defeats Apatee

After this, Fujimiya shuns all human contact, although he still has feelings for Kyouko, and develops feelings for a female reporter; however, when she doubts Agul's benefit, Fujimiya shows resentment. Fujimiya becomes a mysterious figure that appears and disappears seemingly at will, first appearing to XIG and Ultraman Gaia saving them from the alien Apatee, while Agul is perceived at first as another force for good, then as a potential menace. His Name is Gaia Agul at times would help Gaia, but on several occasions, they have come into conflict; the first major time, Fujimiya tried to destroy the XIG Aerial Base but was stopped by Gamu. Agul vs. Gaia

Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

Ultraman Agul briefly appeared in the 2018 novel, where he is seen attacking the Aerial Base when Tsutomu Shinsei was trying to establish contact with Gamu. Agul is also indirectly mentioned by Charija to explain Psycho Mezard II's point of origin, who also noted the blue giant's rivalry with Gaia as part of that world's conflict. Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia Novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

Battle Alongside Fujimiya cont.

At one point Fujimiya was gravely wounded, he returned to the facility where he first joined with Agul and reentered the tank. Apparently this not only revived Fujimiya, but it also increased Agul's power for a later fight with Alguros, who takes on the form of a fake Agul, which the Ultra managed to overpowered. The Birth of Agul

Several incidents change Fujimiya. He finds himself saving a young girl from being crushed by falling debris when a monster destroys a nearby skyscraper. This puzzles Fujimiya, that he would care so much about a human. Despite this, his bitterness increases when his beloved Kyouko is killed by a monster even though she tries to control the monster herself in an attempt to stop XIG, possibly believing in Fujimiya's visions, and wishes to destroy mankind to save the Earth. In a fit of rage, Fujimiya, as Agul, begins to drive his force-filled right fist into the Earth. Apparently it was a summons to various beasts that he had fought before, and to others he knows still exist. Unbeknownst to him, it also summons a giant serpent-like beast known as Zoruim. By this time, though, Fujimiya is nearly drained, thanks to the nightly infusion of energy, as his exhausting battle with Gaia. He and Gamu help evacuate a hospital, where Fujimiya sees a young boy's crayon drawing of Gaia and Agul joining hands to save the world.

Zoruim begins to enter their world through a giant vortex in the sky, created by the combination of Agul's and Gaia's energies during their battle. Gamu prepares to change to Gaia to battle the monster. Fujimiya tries to talk him out of it, but Gamu realizes that he cannot; he also makes Fujimiya realize that it was through his actions that the Earth, not just the humans, but the entire planet, is threatened with destruction by his own actions. This makes Fujimiya realize that he no longer deserves to be an Ultraman, and surrenders the blue Agul-force within his Agulater to Gamu, who takes it inside the Esplender along with the red Gaia-force. Fujimiya walks away, apparently consumed by a fireball shot to Earth by Zoruim, and was presumed dead. The Final Resolution

Return and Battle Alongside Gaia

Agul becoming Version 2

In episode 41, Fujimiya reappears very much alive. He still tries to fight what he perceives as "the good fight" against humanity and the Radical Destruction Bringer. He no longer has the power of Ultraman, though, to help him, and realizing he was powerless to stop the Radical Destruction Bringer, he sank into depression; finally, he stumbled into the ocean, only to be rescued by the nearby Gamu. Later, after he regained his health, Fujimiya witnessed a giant robot Σ-Zuigul capturing Gamu as he tried to transform into Gaia. Fujimiya still believed humanity would be responsible for the great calamity predicted by Crisis, but he also knew Gamu/Gaia was the Earth's last hope. Fujimiya called out to the Earth ... and it responded, freezing time, as it did when Gamu called out to Gaia. A great wave crashed over Fujimiya, and as the waters began to glow with blue light, the ocean parted to reveal a revived Ultraman Agul V2. With his power restored, Agul used his Agul Saber energy sword to free Gamu from the robot's clutches, and destroyed the robot with his new Photon Screw attack.

Later, Fujimiya discovers that the prediction that humanity was the cause of the Root Destruction was actually placed into the computer by the great Entity of Root Destruction itself, as two more monsters arrive on Earth through a wormhole created by GUARD. Their plan was that GUARD would send a pre-emptive strike missile through the wormhole to the planet on the other end, in the hopes of destroying the Entity. The plan failed, but the wormhole allowed the Entity to send two monsters to Earth. Agul and Gaia finally team up and, together, defeat the monsters. The rivalry has ended, and the Ultra-team had begun.

Final Battle Against the Radical Destruction Bringer

The Radical Destruction Bringer sets into motion its ultimate plan, sending the Dobishi to Earth to blot out the Sun worldwide, leading the planet to a slow death while they cut off communications and destroyed GUARD's forces. The Earth started to weaken, and correspondingly, Gaia and Agul's light as well. Still, Gamu and Fujimiya transformed to fight off the Dobishis until they were overwhelmed. Suddenly, they were saved by Zog, a giant, white angel. An Angel Descends She kills the Kaiser Dobishis that the Ultramen are fighting, and replenishes Gaia and Agul's power, only to completely overpower the two and make their Life Gauges expire. The two Ultramen turn back into Gamu and Fujimiya, which is telecast by the two KCB cameramen, despite Reiko's protests to turn off the camera. The battle is broadcasted across the entire world. They survive, but can no longer transform into Gaia and Agul.

At this point, all of Earth's monsters start emerging again all around the world to protect Earth from the Dobishis and Kaiser Dobishis. The Cry of the Earth

Everyone is brought back and united to participate together in the final battle against Zog. Gaia, Agul, XIG, the Earth monsters, the Alchemy Stars, the KCB TV crew, and even Gamu's parents show up to encourage him. Gamu hatches a final scheme, in which the Alchemy Stars network is used to assist the last of the XIG fighters, including a few planes modified by Alchemy Stars, to channel energy from the Earth monsters to give Gamu and Fujimiya the ability to transform back into Gaia and Agul.

Boosted with this huge supply of energy, Gaia and Agul wipe the Earth clean of the hordes of Dobishi. However, as Gaia finishes off the Dobishi, Zog reappears. She strikes down Gaia and Agul, but they fiercely counterattack. After being briefly staggered by the counterattack, Zog morphs from her angel form into a colossal demon-like monster.

Gaia and Agul then worked together and destroy Zog with their strongest attack, formed by combining their energy beams. Earth is Ultraman's Star

Ultraman Gaia: Once Again Gaia

The entire world now knows that Gamu and Fujimiya are Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul respectively. Gamu has resumed his studies at university, while Fujimiya wanders the Earth looking for ways to protect Earth's monsters.

Gamu is reunited with his friends who try to set him up with a girl who is actually an Ultra 'groupie'. Fujimiya is framed by a television report as being the cause of a nuclear disaster when in truth he was using his cybernetic monster control system to lure a monster away from an advancing tank platoon. One of the tanks gets a lucky shot and causes the monster to detonate, resulting in a nuclear blast. Fujimiya somehow survived but had sustained serious injuries. In agony, he loses the Agulater into the waters again. He met a mysterious girl who seemingly is afraid of an impending disaster, learning that she had seen Fujimiya's visions of darkened skies cloaked with swarms of buzzing, flying creatures similar yet different from those that appeared in the last battle. These visions would eventually come true, casting the Earth into danger once more. Cornered by government agents by the sea, Fujimiya witnesses his Agulater rise from the depths of the ocean and his newfound friend transform into a nimbus of glittering light that restores Agul's power.

The girl belongs to a pacifist race of undersea creatures made of light unknown to mankind yet have coexisted in secrecy for millions of years. Empowered once more, the agents leave the Agulater with Fujimiya, and as fighter jets engage the onslaught of monsters, Fujimiya then transforms and becomes the first Ultraman to be resurrected to save the Earth from the new danger. He would engage the new monster and later reuniting with Gaia, whose investigation in the sea with XIG's team Seagull also brings him into encounters with the undersea race help resurrecting Ultraman Gaia's Power. Ultraman Gaia: Gaia Again

Ultraman Ginga

Prior to Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Agul participated in the Dark Spark War but this time he fought not only alongside with Ultraman Gaia, but with the other Ultras that came from other universes and their allies against evil. While in the midst of the battle, Dark Lugiel the mastermind behind this war turn every Ultras alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls just as the war was about to end, an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel. But, like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Spark Device and fell alongside the other Spark Dolls. It is unknown whether Agul fell to Earth or was kept by Dark Lugiel in his collection.

After Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel, Agul returns to his original form along with Gaia and the rest of the Spark Dolls as they return to their own universe. Your Future


IMG 0283.jpg

Agul returns to help Ultraman Orb fight against the Bezelbs and their mother, Queen Bezelb who, along with Dr. Psychi, plan to remove all intelligence and free will from the universe.



  • Height: Micro ~ 52 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 46,000 t
  • Home World: Planet Earth
  • Activity Time: Agul's Life Gauge starts flashing when he has sustained heavy damage.

Body Features

  • Bright Spot (ブライトスポット Buraito Supotto): The gem on Agul's forehead, exist for the simple purpose of gathering Light Energy or Mana from the Sea, is also used for the Photon Crusher.
  • Agul Eye (アグルアイ Aguru Ai): The blue Ultra's eyes can detect the presence of hidden enemies, those that are invisible or those hiding behind objects. They can also see vast distances.
  • Life Gauge (ライフゲージ Raifu Gēji): The correct term for Agul's Color Timer, he has no limit to how long he can be active.
  • Agul Breaster (アグルブレスター Aguru Buresutā): The gold and black markings next to Agul's Life Gauge, they are the sturdiest parts of the Ultra's anatomy and can withstand almost anything.
  • Agul Body (アグルボディー Aguru Bodī): Agul's body can withstand low temperatures and survive in space or underwater, it is also resistant to fire, beams, and electricity.


To transform, Fujimiya uses the transformation item Agulater, a device which he built himself in order to harbor the Blue Light's energy.


Agul V1 rendered.png
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 19
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.2
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,100 m
  • Grip Strength: 60,000 t
  • Photon Crusher (フォトンクラッシャー Foton Kurasshā): A blast of energy fired from the Bright Spot on his head. Similar to Ultraman Gaia's Photon Edge.
  • Liquidator (リキデイター Rikideitā): An explosive energy sphere that can be fired in succession.
  • Agul Slash (アグルスラッシュ Aguru Surasshu): A small energy projectile fired from Agul's hand. More powerful than Gaia's Gaia Slash.
  • Awakening Impact (アウェイクニングインパクト Aweikuningu Inpakuto): Agul charges his fist with energy, slamming it onto the ground to awaken sleeping monsters.
  • Spinning Crusher (スピニングクラッシャー Supiningu Kurasshā): Agul flies with both hands clapped together out front, Agul's body acts as a drill.
  • Teleportation: Agul can teleport by fading away or in a flash of light.
  • Agul Blade (アグルブレード Aguru Burēdo): An energy sword. Contrary to it being made of energy, it displays properties of solid matter.
  • Antimatter Changing Beam (反物質化光線 Han Busshitsu-ka Kōsen): Agul can fire a beam of anti-matter from his chest, turning the target into anti-matter. Getting hit with this beam again would reverse the effect.
  • Dimension Closer (ディメンションクローサー Dimenshon Kurōsā): A white beam from his hand used to close Antimatter's shield.
  • Agul Shielding (アグルシールディング Aguru Shīrudingu): A beam that closes wormholes in space.
  • High-speed Movement Ability (高速移動能力 Kōsoku Idō Nōryoku): Agul can move very quickly, suddenly appearing behind his opponent.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): An energy barrier that Agul uses to protect himself.
  • Size Change: Agul is able to change into both human and gigantic size.

Agul V2 render.png
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 23
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 7.4
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Maximum Underground Speed: Mach 8
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 1,300 m
  • Arm Strength: 105,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 90,000 t
  • Photon Crusher (フォトンクラッシャー Foton Kurasshā): A blast of energy fired from the Bright Spot on his head. It is as powerful as Gaia Supreme Version's Photon Edge.
  • Liquidator (リキデイター Rikideitā): An explosive energy sphere that can be fired in succession.
    • Agul Shot (アグルショット Aguru Shotto): This move is done in a similar fashion as the Liquidator. Agul cups his hands at the side of his body and charges an energy ball up. He then throws this energy ball forward.
    • Photon Screw (フォトンスクリュー Foton Sukuryū): A very powerful energy attack Agul gains in his V2 form. The Photon Screw is a missile/ball of energy that has far greater destructive power than the Liquidator.
  • Agul Stream (アグルストリーム Aguru Sutorīmu): Agul V2's energy attack, fired in the L-style or a unique I-style. Often combined with Gaia Supreme's Photon Stream to create a super-powerful energy blast that ensures the complete destruction of very powerful foes such as Super C.O.V., Super Pazuzu, and Zog. It is Agul's strongest attack.
  • Agul Slash (アグルスラッシュ Aguru Surasshu): Agul can shoot tiny, but sharp bursts of energy from his hands.
  • Hand Beam: Agul fires a continuous stream of energy from his hands.
  • Spacium Beam: Ultraman Agul can fire a blue version of the Spacium Beam.
  • Agul (V2) Kick (アグル(V2)キック Aguru (V2) Kikku): Agul can charge his left foot with energy while doing a kick in midair. Just as powerful as Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version's Supreme Kick.
  • Photon Discharge (フォトンディスチャージ Foton Disuchāji): A full body emission of energy used to rid himself of pests.
  • Body Barrier (ボディーバリヤー Bodī Bariyā): Agul's improved defensive power allows him to simply receive some attacks without taking any damage.
  • Agul Saber (アグルセイバー Aguru Seibā): An energy sword. It is essentially the same technique as his Agul Blade from V1, but upgraded.
    • Agul Counter-Saber: Agul can use Agul Saber to generate energy within it and blast it to the opponent. Only seen in the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.
  • Ultra Barrier (ウルトラバリヤー Urutora Bariyā): When needed, Ultraman Agul can create an energy shield that can block powerful attacks. He can even throw this shield so it blocks attacks and also pushes them back.
  • Flying Attack Tactics (フライングアタック戦法Furaingu Atakku Senpō): Gaia Supreme kicks the opponent in the manner of a monkey flip and Agul V2 body hit the opponent.
  • Double Guard Tactics (ダブルガード戦法 Daburu Gādo Senpō): Both Gaia Supreme and Agul V2 use their Ultra Barrier at the same time to prevent enemies' attacks.
  • Double Barrier (ダブルバリヤー Daburu Bariyā): Gaia and Agul use their barriers together to form a more powerful barrier.
  • Double Swing (ダブルスイング Daburu Suingu): Both Gaia Supreme and Agul V2 grab enemies' tail, swing them and throw the enemy. Used on Super C.O.V. and Super Pazuzu.
  • Double Attack (ダブルアタック Daburu Atakku): Gaia and Agul fly at high speeds, fast enough to burst through Zog's neck.
  • Double Kick: Gaia and Agul use their flying kick attacks at the same time.
  • Stream Crusher (ストリーム・クラッシャー Sutorīmu Kurasshā): Gaia and Agul unleash their Quantum Stream and Agul Stream, respectively at their enemies.
  • Double Photon Burst (ダブルフォトンバースト Daburu Foton Bāsuto): Gaia and Agul unleash their Photon Edge and Photon Crusher, respectively. Both beams collide with each other, creating a more powerful beam.
  • Double Slash Buster (ダブルスラッシュバスター Daburu Surasshu Basutā): Gaia and Agul shoot their Gaia Slash and Agul Slash at their opponent at the same time. Used on Zog.
  • Photon Square (フォトンスクエア Foton Sukuea): Gaia Supreme and Agul unleash their Photon Stream and Photon Screw at the opponent. Used on Gakuzom (Empowered Form).
  • Burst Stream (バーストストリーム Bāsuto Sutorīmu): Gaia unleashes the Photon Stream while Agul fires the Agul Stream. The energy rays collide and produce a far more powerful attack.
    • Stream Explosion (ストリーム・エクスプロージョン Sutorīmu Ekusupurōjon): Gaia Supreme and Agul unleash their Photon Stream and Agul Stream, respectively at different heights, creating an enormous beam that even defeated Zog.
  • Beam Barrage: Gaia and Agul fire all their beam attacks at the enemy, rapidly and successively.
  • Combination Barrier: A combination barrier with Gaia, Cosmos, Orb and Dyna.
  • Combination Ray: A combination ray with Gaia, Cosmos, Dyna and Orb.

Supreme Version
Agul SV render.png

Agul has his own Supreme Version (スプリーム・ヴァージョン Supurīmu Vājon) that debuted 23 years after Ultraman Gaia in a stage show, NEW GENERATION THE LIVE: Ultraman Trigger STAGE 1.[3]

In it, while struggling against Blitz Blots, Gamu responded to Fujimiya/Agul's determination by sending him light from the Esplender, mirroring how Gaia achieved his Supreme Version. Using this form, Agul was able to harness Gaia SV's fighting tactics and turn the tables against his opponent. The stage show's sequel showed that Gaia and Agul can utilise their Supreme forms simultaneously.

  • Photon Stream (フォトンストリーム Foton Sutorīmu): Gaia SV's original finisher, Agul uses it in against Blitz Blots by performing the same hand position.
  • Photon Edge (フォトンエッジ Foton Ejji): Agul is able to perform Gaia's Photon Edge.[4]

Other Media

New Century Ultraman Legend


Ultraman Retsuden

Ultraman Agul returns alongside Ultraman Gaia after Fumijiya and Gamu transform at the end of this Ultraman Retsuden episode.


  • Agul is the second blue Ultra to be made, with the first being Ultraman Kiyotaka; however, Agul is the first canonical blue Ultra.
  • As shown when he is stabbed by Zebubu, Agul's "blood" gives off the appearance of what seems to be glowing water. Whether or not the same logic applies to Gaia is unknown but it is likely.
  • In the movie New Century Ultraman Legend, Gaia's and Agul's grunts were reused from Ultraman Zearth's grunts.
  • Agul's Liquidator's sound effect was reused from Ultraman Tiga's Deracium Beam Torrent.
  • Unlike traditional "+" or "L" style Ultra Beams, Agul's is fired in an "I" position with a single hand.
  • In the original planning, Agul was meant to disappear but his and Fujimiya's eventual return was decided after finding the character's increasing popularity.
  • Agul Supreme Version's GUTS Hyper Keys product includes the noises for Agul Stream, Photon Screw and Burst Stream. Whether the form had those abilities to begin with or simply exists as archived noises in the Hyper Key product remains unknown.[5]


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