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Ultraman 80 (ウルトラマン80エイティ Urutoraman Eiti) is the 9th entry in the Ultraman Series, airing from April 2nd, 1980, to March 25th, 1981, and returning the series to its original live-action format. It was produced by Tsuburaya Productions and aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System channel. 80 introduced the second female Ultra, Yullian, as well as the first female human form of an Ultra since Ultraman Ace, excluding the Lady in Green. Unfortunately, its ratings were not steadily high, causing the Ultraman Series to go on hiatus in its native country for sixteen years, until the franchise's revival with Ultraman Tiga.


The ninth member of the Ultra Brothers, Ultraman 80 comes to earth under the guise of Takeshi Yamato. He becomes a schoolteacher, but in the first episode also becomes a member of UGM (Utility Government Members).

For the first thirteen episodes Takeshi must keep his identity secret from his students and balance life between his multiple commitments: defending the earth as a member of UGM and as an Ultra, and teaching students going through puberty.

This plot line, however, was dropped later in the series in favor of a more Ultraman-like story focusing on the defense team members exploring various monster-related mysteries. The school and (now grown) students, however, would make an appearance in episode 41 of Ultraman Mebius.

Later in the series Yullian, princess of Nebula M78, shows up to aid 80 in a few of his battles, culminating in a climactic battle against Plazma and Minazma. Shortly afterwards, one final Minus Energy monster appears, named Margodon. 80 and Yullian are prepared to fight it, but are found out by UGM, who insist that they should fight the monster alone. With Margodon defeated by the humans, 80 and Yullian depart for the Land of Light, confident that the planet is safe in the hands of humanity.






Ultraman 80 had average ratings due to tokusatsu not being popular during the time (in the 80's anime was having big fame due to the popularities of Mazinger, Getter Robo and Gundam franchises). 80 is considered among the least known of the Showa era Ultraman Series. In other countries, like France, due to the show being named Ultraman 80, in many promos 80 was named "Ultraman 2080". Tokuriders.com commented that the series are "a little conserved and a little new; it seems the creators had a drought of ideas, and had the imagination with the handbrake on, yet it has points of interest and valuable aspects...". The series currently has a 7.1 rating on the Internet Movie Database.


  • Takeshi Yamato/Ultraman 80 (voice) (矢的猛 / ウルトラマン80 (声) Yamato Takeshi/Urutoraman 80 (koe)): Hatsunori Hasegawa (長谷川初範 Hasegawa Hatsunori)
  • Kazuki Oyama (オオヤマ一樹 Ōyama Kazuki): Jin Nakayama (中山仁さん Nakayama Jin-san)
  • Emi Jouno (城野エミ Jōno Emi)/Android Emi Jouno: Eri Ishida (石田えり Ishida eri)
  • Hiroshi Tajima (タジマ浩 Tajima Hiroshi): Shuhei Nitta (新田修平 Nitta Shūhei)
  • Junkichi Ito (イトウ順吉 Itō Junkichi): Masaaki Daimon (大門正明 Daimon Masaaki)
  • Tokihiko Harada (ハラダ時彦 Harada Tokihiko): Daisuke Muso (無双大介 Musō Daisuke)
  • Shinpachiro Fujimori (フジモリ新八郎 Fujimori Shinpachirō): Masashi Furuta (古田正志 Furuta Masashi)
  • Ryoko Hoshi/Yullian (星涼子/ユリアン Hoshi Ryōko/Yurian Voice): Sayoko Hagiwara (萩原佐代子 Hagiwara Sayoko)
  • Noboru Ikeda (イケダ登 Ikeda Noboru): Tatsuya Okamoto (岡本達哉 Okamoto Tatsuya)
  • Sera Teruo (セラ照夫 Sera Teruo): Akihiko Sugisaki (杉崎昭彦 Sugisaki Akihiko)
  • Non Yamaguchi (山口ノン Yamaguchi Non 1-12)/Yuriko Kosaka (小坂ユリ子 Kosaka Yuriko 21-50): Noriko Shirasaka (白坂紀子 Shirasaka Noriko)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Narētā): Yusaku Yara (屋良有作 Yara Yūsaku)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman 80 (ウルトラマン80 Urutoraman Eiti): Junichi Akasaka (赤坂順一 Akasaka Jun'ichi 1-8, & 27-28): Koichi Nara (奈良光一 Nara Kōichi 9-10 & 12), Ichibu Hanashino (話の一部 Hanashino Ichibu 29-50), Yoshitake Iwaizumi (岩泉芳武 Iwaizumi Yoshitake 11), & Hiroshi Fukuda (福田浩 Fukuda Hiroshi 12-26)
  • Yullian (ユリアン Yurian): Maki Kiyota (清田真妃 Kiyota Maki)


Opening Theme
Ending Theme
  • "Let's Go UGM" by TALIZMAN
  • "We Are Earthlings" by TALIZMANA CD featuring the OST of the show was released.

Cancelled American Adaptation

In 1987, William Winckler of Winckler Productions reveals that he had plans to localize the series with Adam West in a starring role.[1] While little is known about this adaptation, a pilot episode was made featuring a format comparable to the way the 1972 anime "Scientific Ninja Team Gatchaman" was adapted in the United States as "Battle of the Planets". The whereabouts of this pilot is unknown.

Home Media

Ultraman 80 is available streaming with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. Ultraman 80 Complete DVD-Box features all episodes, and Ultraman 80 30th Anniversery Memorial Box I features episodes 1-28 and Box II features episodes 29-50. Malaysian DVDs where released by the DVD manufacturer Speedy/Aquos Sharp. Volumes 2-4 can be bought on eBay while vol. 1 has been seen but not seen for purchase. The DVDs contain english subtitles. TOKU premieres the series in the United States on March 27, 2017 and was finalized on April 28, 2017. [2]


  • This is the first (non-anime) entry in the Ultraman Series to have an ending theme.
  • This is the first Ultraman Series since Ultraseven to not have episode arcs.
  • This is the second Ultraman broadcast in France, on M6 in 1988, the first one being "Ultraman" on ORTF in 1967.
    • Ultraman 80 has been broadcast on M6 in 1988 and on TF1 in 1991 (with 2 different openings), the series has been partially broadcast on M6 but also partially broadcast on M6 (in 1991), although all the episodes were fully dubbed.


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