Ultraman is an action Ultraman video game that was developed by Bitsteps and was published by Bandai on May 20, 2004 in Japan. This game follows the story of the original Ultraman and Return of Ultraman.

Game Mode

Story Mode

In this mode, players will follow the story of the original Ultraman. The player faces many Kaiju as Hayata or Ultraman and the last boss for this mode is Zetton, who is the hardest opponent. If he/she is able to defeat Zetton without using Specium Ray, there will be an alternate ending. If he/she plays it for the 2nd time in story mode there will be changes, but the final boss will still be Zetton.

Battle Mode

In this mode, two players will select any kaiju (no Ultraman) to fight each other.

Monster Mode

In this mode, the player will fight 3 kaiju as any playable kaiju and the last boss of this mode is Ultraman.

Monster Graveyard Mode

In this mode, the player must find all the kaiju who had been defeated. If he/she finds one of them, the Narrator will explain the history of the monster and if you find all of them, you will find Seabozu.

Violence Rock Mode

In this mode, the player play as Red King to throw a rock as far as he/she can and it will be counted on how far the rock is thrown. Magular appears as a boundry line.

Return of Ultraman Mode

In this mode, the player will follow the story of Ultraman Jack to face kaiju from the Return of Ultraman series in which the last bosses for this mode are Black King and Alien Nackle.

Survival Mode

In this mode, players will be choosing either Ultraman or Ultraman Jack to fight various kaiju as much as they can under a time limit.

Option Mode

Players are able to change settings in this mode.

Playable Characters


Return of Ultraman



Differences from the Original TV Series

Alternate Ending

If the player finishes off Zetton with the Ultra Slash instead of the Specium Ray, Ultraman will just fly off like a normal episode. If the player choses to do this, Return of Ultraman Mode is unlocked. 


Notes & Trivia

  • An occasional bug consists of Ragon continuously subduing Ultraman 'till death. So far this only happened in the PS2 emulator.[1]


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