"I'm Ultraman. I came from Nebula M78"

―Ultraman introduces himself to Eiji Tsuburaya, The Ultra Star

"Ultraman? How nostalgic!"

Alien Charija, The Ultra Star

Ultraman from Tiga
Human Host/Form: None
Height: 40 m
Weight: 35,000 t
Age: Unknown
Home world: Nebula M78 (Neo Frontier Space Universe)
Voice actor(s): Issei Futamata
Masao Nakasone (stock grunts)
Suit actor(s): Unknown
First Appearance: The Ultra Star
Last Appearance: None
Number of Appearances: 1 (Tiga)
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Eiji Tsuburaya (comrade)
Ultraman Tiga (comrade)
Yanakargi (enemy)

The Tiga universe version of Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman) is an Ultra Warrior who somehow didn't have a relation to the Ancient Giants of Light, but is only seen helping Ultraman Tiga fight Yanakagi.



Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman

In the year 1965, the Hero Ultraman chased the evil monster Yanakagi to Earth and sealed him away in a lake. Meeting Eiji Tsuburaya, he gave him a stone called the Star of Ultra, which was similar to the Cosmos Stone in that it could summon him no matter where he was in the universe. Following Alien Charija into the past, Daigo of GUTS was too late to stop the evil monster from being freed by its master. The Alien controlled the beast and it started to destroy a town until Daigo transformed into Ultraman Tiga. He started to fight, however, the monster was too powerful for him. Yanakagi grabbed him, and started to siphon Tiga's energy, but before Tiga would die, Tsuburaya used the Star of Ultra to conjure a red flying orb which struck the monster. The red orb transformed to reveal it was actually Ultraman. Ultraman restored Ultraman Tiga's energy and both used their signature beams to defeat the beast. Before Ultraman left, he saluted Ultraman Tiga, a salutation that connected both universes. Tsuburaya who watched everything and had told his writer about his first encounter with Ultraman went on to create the series that saved his company from going under and kept it going strong well into Daigo's time.


Ultraman type C


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t (Earth gravitation)

Techniques and Abilities

  • Flash Travel: Similar to his original counterpart, he can create an energy sphere covered in red light for transportation purposes.
  • Seal: He can create a seal to imprison the monster Yanakagi in a lake.
  • Energy Exposure: Used to restore Ultraman Tiga's strength.
  • Specium Ray: When Ultraman puts his arms in a plus (+) sign, with his right arm vertical and his left one horizontal, he can fire a powerful beam from his right vertical hand that can destroy monsters in one hit.
    • Combo Ray: Ultraman can combine his Specium Ray with Tiga's Zepellion Ray.



  • This is the first instance of an Ultra Warrior who is an alternate counterpart to an Ultra Warrior from the M78 timeline.
  • His surprising appearance in episode 49 was purposely made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ultra Series. However, given the fact that he appeared in Tiga's Universe, he remains a separate character.
  • Ultraman's grunts are a high-pitch version of the Showa universe’s Ultraman.
  • Issei Futamata, the voice of Ultraman, is also the narrator of Ultraman Tiga. This eventually foreshadows Yuji Machi, Tiga's voice actor to narrate the succeeding series Ultraman Dyna.
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