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Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
Ultrmn th advntrs bgns
Directed by: Mitsuo Kusakabe
Produced by: Hanna-Barbera and Tsuburaya Productions
Written by: John Eric Seward
Starring: Michael Lembeck,

Chad Everett, Adrienne Barbeau

Music by: Shinsuke Kazato
Cinematography: N/a
Editing by: N/a
Distributed by: Hanna-Barbera Productions

Tsuburaya Productions

Release Date(s) October 12, 1987
Running time N/a
Country United States


Language English,


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins was an animated movie joint produced by Hanna-Barbera and Tsuburaya Productions in 1987. The movie was titled Ultraman USA (ウルトラマンUSA, Urutoraman Yū Esu Ē) for its Japanese release in 1989. The movie was intended as a backdoor pilot for an animated series, but no such series ever emerged. However, the costumes based on the three main heroes (the Ultra Team) were made for use in stage shows in Japan.


Scott, Chuck, and Beth, a trio of stunt pilots, experience a strange burst of light during a stunt show. In spite of their planes crashing as a result, they emerge unharmed. They are soon contacted by an agent from outer space (whose secret identity is the groundskeeper of a Pebble Beach golf course), who informs them that they've become the host forms of three alien warriors who've arrived to protect the planet from a group of monsters from the planet Sorkin. The three pilots become the members of a group called the Ultra Force headquartered within Mount Rushmore. They are equipped with futuristic fighter ships, and when in particularly great danger they automatically assume the forms of the alien warriors. After defeating the final Sorkin monsters, the warriors remain on Earth to protect it from further danger.


The Ultra Force

  • Scott Masterson (voiced by Michael Lembeck; Tōru Furuya in Japan) - The story's young protagonist. Transforms into Ultraman Scott.
    • Height: 82 Meters
    • Weight: 64,000 Tons
    • Flight Speed: Mach 24
    • Weapons:
      • Granium Light Ray
      • Ultra Energy Ball
      • Ultra Slicer
      • Triple Power
  • Chuck Gavin (Voiced by Chad Everett; Shinji Ogawa in Japan) - The toughest and oldest of the team and the de-facto leader of the Ultra Team. Transforms into Ultraman Chuck.
    • Height: 79 Meters
    • Weight: 68,000 Tons
    • Flight Speed: Mach 22
    • Weapons:
      • Granium Light Ray
      • Ultra Bubble Beam
  • Beth O'Brien (Voiced by Adrienne Barbeau; Hiromi Tsuru in Japan) - The cool-headed female of the team. Transforms into Ultrawoman Beth.
    • Height: 76 Meters
    • Weight: 54,000 Tons
    • Flight Speed: Mach 23
    • Weapons:
      • Granium Light Ray
      • Ultra Spout

The Robot Trio

A group of support robots built to assist the Ultra Team. Their true names were too long for the team to remember, so they were given nicknames by Scott (who came up with "Ulysses" and "Samson") and Beth (who came up with "Andy"). The initials in their names form the letters "USA".

  • Ulysses - The thin and effeminate robot in yellow. His true name is Combot Model MF842.
  • Samson - The big and strong robot in blue. His true name is Combot Model BA666
  • Andy - The pint-sized robot in red. His true name is Utiloid Model ZQ14582. In charge of the Transportation System.

Supporting Characters

  • Walter Freeman (Voiced by Stacy Keach, Sr.; Kōhei Miyauchi in Japan) - An elderly man in his late 60s who forms the Ultra Team. He explains to the heroes the true cause of their accident and the origins of their powers. His relation to the Ultrabeings and how he knows about them is never revealed.
  • Dr. Susan Rand (Voiced by Lorna Patterson; Rihoko Yoshida in Japan) - A young scientist from the Federation for Extraterrestrial Research (or F.E.R. Labs). He has sympathy towards the Sorkin monsters fought by the Ultra Force. She gets romantically connected with Scott.

Sorkin Monsters

Original Concept

An early pilot film treatment from 1986 had a working title of "The Evil That Men Do: An Ultra Adventutre" with a different premise and cast of five Ultra characters although the main one was still referred to as Scotty, perhaps a holdover from the earlier U.S. adaptation of Ultraman Joeneus which was also helmed by screenwriter Jeff Segal.




  • William Hanna - Executive Producer
  • Joseph Barbera - Executive Producer
  • Noboru Tsuburaya - Executive Producer, Producer, Original Story
  • Jeff Segal - Creative Producer for Hanna-Barbera
  • Kelly Ward - Creative Producer for Hanna-Barbera
  • John Eric Seward - Writer
  • Ray Patterson - Supervising Director
  • Mitsuo Kusakabe - Director
  • Iwao Takamoto- Creative Design
  • Floro Dery - Key Character Design
  • Al Gmuer - Key Background Supervisor
  • Kazuo Iimura - Character Design
  • Akira Furuya - Background
  • Gordon Hunt - Voice Director
  • Andrea Romano - Animation Casting Director
  • Kris Zimmerman - Talent Coordinator
  • Noriyoshi Matsuura - Sound Director
  • Larry C. Cowan - Editorial Supervisor
  • Joe Sandusky - Editorial Supervisor
  • Naoyuki Masaki - Film Editor
  • Shinsuke Kazato - Music
  • Toshikazu Tokura - Ultraman Theme Music
  • Hidetoshi Kimura - Musical Producer
  • Kazuo Kogure - Musical Director
  • Jayne Barbera - Executive in Charge of Production


Theme Songs

Opening theme
  • Sky High Hero (スカイ・ハイ・ヒーロー?)
    • Lyrics: Yū Aku
    • Composition: Toshikazu Tokura
    • Arrangement: Shinsuke Kazato
    • Artist: Shinichi Ishihara Feat. Koorogi '73
Ending theme
  • Race Against Time (時の中を走りぬけてToki no Naka wo Hashirinukete?)
    • Lyrics: Yū Aku
    • Composition: Toshikazu Tokura
    • Arrangement: Shinsuke Kazato
    • Artist: Shinichi Ishihara Feat. Koorogi '73


The music was composed by Shinsuke Kazato and released by Nippon Columbia. The soundtrack was released as a Limited Edition printing of 5,000 copies. Kazato would go on to compose the Soundtrack to Ultraman Great, and both works feature the same main theme.

Other appearances

  • Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie (2009), Ultraman USA along with other M78 Ultra Warriors fight against the evil Ultraman Belial. This marks their second ever live action appearances onscreen, after the Shinseiki Ultraman Densetsu featurette.


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