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Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend (ウルトラマン超闘士激伝, Urutoraman Choutoushigekiden) is a Game Boy video game based on Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend. The game is based on the Overlord Mefilas arc.


The player controls Ultraman, controlling movements left and right, holding the attack button varies attacks by length.

  • New Game: Story Mode (between Easy , Normal, Hard difficulty)
    • Stage 1: Action play through stage (Ultraman's training)
    • Stage 2: Shooting play (Hurrying to the tournament)
    • Stage 3: Ultraman VS. Red King
    • Stage 4: Ultraman VS. The Masked Fighter
    • Stage 5: Fighter Ultraman VS. Zetton
    • Stage 6: Fighter Ultraman VS. Hyper Zetton
    • Stage 7: Shooting play (To King Planet)
    • Stage 8: Action play through stage (To King's Palace)
    • Stage 9: Shooting play (Returning to Land of Light)
    • Stage 10: Fighter Ultraman VS. Overlord Mefilas
  • Fight Mode: