Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend
Ultraman Super Fighters Legend
Format: Manga Series, Capsule Toys
Created by: Bandai (Toys)

Ryuu Sagawa, Jin Kurihara (1st series)

Country Of Origin Japan
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Original Air Date 1993
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Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend (ウルトラマン 超闘士激伝, Urutoraman Choutoushi densestu) is a Gashapon toy franchise developed by Bandai. The popularity of the toylike eventually gained a manga adaptation by Ryuu Sagawa and Jin Kurihara. The first manga series were serialized by Comic BomBom from 1993 to 1997 to a total of 6 tankobon volumes leaving the story unfinished. After nearly a decade, the manga was reprinted by Shounen Champion Comics Extra into a kanzenban edition, up to 8 tankonbon volumes and completing the story.

Continuing the plot, the story follows with a new chapter called Super Armor Legend (超闘士鎧伝), which was never published in the manga. In 2014, the manga was serialized again following a New Chapter (新章), with the chapters uploaded as a webcomic, until compiled into tankobons.


A long time ago throughout the cosmos, there was once a legendary warrior called the "Super Fighter". His fists can shatter planets, his radiance shines the dark reaches of the universe. Decades after peace has returned to the universe, a martial arts events called the "Galactic Strongest Tournament" has started to commence, where every participant aims to be the new legendary fighter. Warriors stands, and a new legend rises.

Story Arcs

Super Fighter Legend

Emperor Mefilas Arc

Yapool Arc

Gudis Arc

Alien Empera Arc

Super Armor Legend

Alien Empera Arc (Part 2)

Dark Benzene Arc

Hunter Arc

New Chapter


Ultra Warriors







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