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Ultraman: Operation Gold Rush (ウルトラマン ゴールドラッシュ作戦 Urutoraman Gorudo Rasshyu Kaiki) is a novel set during the original Ultraman. Written by Akio Jissoji, it was released in 1993.


Based on an original idea that was not realized at the time of broadcast, director Akio Jissoji himself turned it into a novel, a fantastic Ultraman story!

Two monsters, Zigris and Munderer, appear at the same time. Two monsters, Zigris and Munderer, appear at the same time, and the Special Forces are forced to deal with them both. As a result of further research, the surprising secrets of the two monsters are revealed.

As a result of further research, the two monsters are revealed to have a surprising secret. Captain Muramatsu takes command calmly and coolly, Captain Arashi travels the skies and the earth, Captain Ide devises a new weapon, Captain Akiko Fuji is as charming as ever, and Captain Hayata dances to his death to save his friends!

This is a completely original ultraviolent novel that is just as powerful as the original tokusatsu series, and it's finally available as an e-book!


SSSP (Science Special Search Party)



  • Combined Monster (合体怪獣 Gattai kaijū)
    • Jigris (ジグリス Jigurisu)
    • Munderer (ムンデラー Munderā)


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