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Ultra Taiga Accessories (ウルトラタイガアクセサリー Urutora Taiga Akusesarī), or simply Ultra Accessories (ウルトラアクセサリー Urutora Akusesarī), is the collective name of the items that Hiroyuki Kudo uses in conjunction with the Taiga Spark. There are three categories: Key Holders, Bracelets and Rings, with each type serving a different function.


Pre-Ultraman Taiga

The creation of Ultra Taiga Accessories were conceptualized alongside the Taiga Spark by Ultraman Tregear at some point before his fall into darkness. For the Key Holder Types, Tregear constructed them as information-storing devices for Ultras whenever their bodies were reduced to Astral Particles, allowing their bonded hosts to transform and share their quantum structures to their respective Ultras. Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow Once the Taiga Spark was completed, it assumed the form of a Bracelet Type accessory, designated Taro-let after Ultraman Taro, the latter giving it to his son Taiga. We Are One When the fallen Tregear attempted to attack his former home world, the New Generation Heroes that he incapacitated earlier provided the Tri-Squad members their Bracelet Type accessories in hopes that their junior would continue the fight. Buddy Go!

Ultraman Taiga

After the Tri-Squad members merged with Hiroyuki, they put their Bracelets to use during their fight against monsters and aliens. In addition, Taiga obtained multiple Ring Type accessories from defeated monsters that allow him to manifest their powers. Unfortunately he realized too late that Tregear was using the rings to corrupt Taiga into the darkness until the Tri-Squad rescued him in the middle of the series.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Six months after Woola's death, Hiroyuki was targeted by the Villain Guild in order to steal the Ultra Taiga Accessories. His predecessors from the New Generation Heroes arrived to protect him from the alien gang's assault and reclaim their Bracelets to restore their transformation powers. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


Items with powers of Ultra Heroes and monsters sealed. Different types exist to fulfill different purposes:

  • Key Holder Type (キーホルダー型 Kī Horudā-gata): Hiroyuki uses these to transform into Ultraman Taiga, Titas and Fuma. When not in use, the Key Holders are usually placed on a dedicated holder (called Ultraman Taiga Holder (ウルトラマンタイガホルダー Urutoraman Taiga Horudā) in the toy release) on the left side of Hiroyuki's belt.[1] When an Ultra Warrior using a Taiga Spark gets heavily damaged, their particles will be converted into a Key Holder that can project a hologram, but they are unable to transform without the help of a human.
  • Hero Bracelet (Bracelet Type) (ヒーローブレスレット (ブレスレット型) Hīrō Buresuretto (Buresuretto-gata)): Depicting past Ultra Warriors, they serve to enhance the finishing attacks of Taiga, Titas and Fuma. The New Generation Heroes gave these to the Tri-Squad after their battle with Ultraman Tregear.
  • Mons Rings (Ring Type) (モンスリング (指輪型) Monsu Ringu (Yubiwa-gata)): Formed from the energy of defeated Kaiju, they allow an Ultra Warrior to use attacks based on the respective Kaiju's powers. The rings are created by Tregear, and have a dangerous side effect; they slowly corrupt the user's soul.

Known Existing Accessories

Key Holders




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