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Ultra Super Fight (ウルトラスーパーファイト, Urutora Sūpā Faito) is a compilation of comedic fights inspired by Ultra Fight that released on VHS on April 21, 1994 in Japan. The shorts feature comedic situations such as Pandon and Alien Metron fighting over tobacco, and Ultraman Ace, Eleking, Bemstar, and Astromons battling over flowers, and a fight between Delusion Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman in a muddy field. Bin Shimada narrates the shorts and voices many of the characters.


  1. Ultraman in Trouble!! (ウルトラマン大ピンチ!!, Urutoraman Dai Pinchi!!)
  2. Ultra Heartbreaking Story Ace's First Love (ウルトラ悲話エースの初恋, Urutora Hiwa Ēsu no Hatsukoi)
  3. Kemur! Protect the Traffic Morality (ケムール! 交通道徳を守れ, Kemūru! Kōtsū Dōtoku o Mamore)
  4. Ultra Heartbreaking Story Don't Cry, Ace (ウルトラ悲話エースよ泣くな, Urutora Hiwa Ēsu yo Nakuna)
  5. Nightmare!? Duel of Man and Seven? (悪夢!? マン対セブンの決闘?, Akumu!? Man tai Sebun no Kettō?)
  6. Astra! You Are Bad (アストラ! お前が悪いのだ, Asutora! Omae ga Warui no da)
  7. Memories of the Chain (鎖の思い出, Kusari no Omoide)
  8. Taro Monster Extermination Go!! (タロウ怪獣退治に行く!!, Tarō Kaijū Taiji ni Iku!!)
  9. Behind the Spirit Monster of Fear (恐怖の背後霊怪獣, Kyōfu no Haigorei Kaijū)
  10. Wandering Ultraman Taro (さすらいのウルトラマンタロウ, Sasurai no Urutoraman Tarō)
  11. Seven, Open Your Heart's Eyes! (セブン! 心の目を開け!!, Sebun! Kokoro no Me o Ake!!)
  12. Monster's Birthday (怪獣の誕生日, Kaijū no Tanjōbi)
  13. Coward of the Wilderness (荒野の卑怯者, Kōya no Hikyō-mono)
  14. Monsters Fight (怪獣達の戦い, Kaijū-tachi no Tatakai)
  15. Monster Master and Pupil Love (怪獣の師弟愛, Kaijū no Shitei Ai)



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