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Ultra Science Fantasy Hour (ウルトラ空想科学時間 Urutora Kūsō Kagaku Jikan) is a video distribution project created by Tsuburaya Productions as part of their “Stay At Home With Ultraman” project held by Ultraman Foundation in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Tsuburaya Productions' Message

"This video distribution project will allow Tsuburaya’s fans all over the world enjoy the world of science fiction crafted by Tsuburaya Productions over its many years of operation. Many of Tsuburaya’s works incorporate messages that we would like to share at this time.
These ten carefully selected episodes and messages will be released on Tsuburaya’s ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel weekly on Sundays at 10 am. When each episode premiers at 10 am, you will be able to chat with other fans in real time while watching the episode. Each video will also be available until the end of the next month. (※The final episode will be available until the end of July.)
We hope you have a fun, relaxing, and exciting time in the world of Ultra Science Fiction!
Let us know what you think of each episode on social media with the hashtag #UltraScienceFantasyHour or #ウルトラ空想科学時間.

―Tsuburaya Productions[1][2]


At the beginning of each episode released for the campaign, Masao Nakasone's Ultraman grunt is played, followed by the “Stay At Home With Ultraman” title card that appears briefly.

Ep. Date Title Significant messages
1 5/3/2020 Ultraman Ace episode 52: Tomorrow's Ace Is You! (明日のエースは君だ! Ashita no ēsu wa Kimida!) Don't lose your kindness (優しさを失わないでくれ Yasashi-sa o ushinawanaide kure)
2 5/10/2020 Ultraman episode 37: The Little Hero (小さな英雄 Chiisana Eiyū) Do what you can (自分にできることを Jibun ni dekiru koto o)
3 5/17/2020 Ultraman Max episode 15: Miracle of the Third Planet (第三番惑星の奇跡 Dai Sanban Wakusei no Kiseki) Connect with others (心で繋がろう Kokoro de tsunagarou)
4 5/24/2020 Ultraman Mebius episode 33: Lady of the Blue Fire (青い火の女 Aoi Hi no On'na) Work to save lives (命を守る仕事 Inochi o mamoru shigoto)
5 5/31/2020 Ultraman Taro episode 34: The Last Day of the Six Ultra Brothers! (ウルトラ6兄弟最後の日! Urutora Roku kyōdai saigo no hi!) Combine our strengths (力を合わせよう Chikara o awaseyou)
6 6/7/2020 Ultraman Dyna episode 20: Alien Boy (少年宇宙人 Shōnen Uchūjin) You build the future (君が未来を作る Kimi ga mirai o tsukuru)
7 6/14/2020 Ultraman Cosmos episode 42: Friend (ともだち Tomodachi) We connect at any distance (どんな遠くてもつながる心 Don'na tōkute mo tsunagaru kokoro)
8 6/21/2020 Return of Ultraman episode 51: The 5 Ultra Oaths (ウルトラ5つの誓い Urutora Go tsu no Chikai) Be brave (勇気をもとう Yūki o motou)
9 6/28/2020 Kaiju Booska episode 4: Booska Goes to the Moon (ブースカ月へ行く Būsuka tsuki e iku) The power to believe (信じる力 Shinjiru chikara)
10 7/5/2020 Ultraman Nexus episode 37: Bond - Nexus - (絆-ネクサス- Kizuna -Nekusasu-) Don’t give up! (あきらめるな! Akirameru na!)


Ultra Science Fantasy Hour


As part of the "Stay At Home With Ultraman" campaign, wallpapers for video calls and telework were shared by Tsuburaya Productions[3] and Ultraman Galaxy[4] on Twitter. These wallpapers included screens from Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, the New Generation shows, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, the ULTRAMAN anime and SSSS.GRIDMAN.

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