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"Ultra Touch!"

―Henshin Call

The Ultra Rings (ウルトラリング Urutora Ringu) are the transformation items of Ace's human hosts, Seiji Hokuto, and Yuko Minami.


After the Rings sense danger, they flicker causing Seiji and Yuko jump into the air, and spin around until their rings hit each other, and then combine into Ace. Later, after Yuko leaves to go to the moon, Seiji wears both rings, and hits them together to transform.

Ocansionally Seiji and Yuko will yell Ultra Touch! (ウルトラタッチ! Urutoratatchi!).


  • The Ultra Rings are the first transformation items used by more than one person.
  • In fact, Ace does not have to use two humans to be his host, because to transform to his true form, he only needs the two Ultra Rings to touch each other. So, his host only need to wear two Rings in two fingers then let them touch each other.


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