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Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars (ウルトラQ ザ・ムービー 星の伝説 Urutora Q Za Mūbī: Hoshi no Densetsu) is a tokusatsu Kaiju movie produced by Tsuburaya Productions in 1990.



An alien that came to Earth in ancient times.


A monster telepathically linked with Wadatuzin. Is 50 meters tall and weighs 31,000 tons. His subtitle is Ancient God Beast (古代神獣 Kodai Shin-Jū).


  • Director - Akio Jissoji
  • Screenplay - Mamoru Sasaki
  • Photography - Masao Nakahori
  • Music - Maki Ishii


Home Video Releases

The movie is released in VHS on October 24, 1990, and a DVD in August  25, 2001, by Bandai Visual. As of to date, the movie has yet to be released on Blu-Ray.


  • This marks the first since 1984 where Tsuburaya made a movie and giant monsters appeared.
  • This is the last Tsuburaya movie to contain the Tsuburaya Opening.
  • This is also Akkio Jisouji first flim he directed for Tsuburaya since his own 1979's Ultraman.
  • Shusuke Kaneko and Kazunori Itō were the original staffs of this film, but the members were later changed while Shinji Higuchi was included.[1][2] These members later gathered for Heisei Gamera Trilogy, and Kaneko and Higuchi are two of few who had ever created both Gamera and Godzilla films.


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