Ultra P

Ultra P (ウルトラP Urutora P) is a self made stage show, usually done with Puppets. It sometimes can be found preformed at UltraLand. It's preformed with hand puppets and rod puppets, and sometimes has non-Ultra Series characters.


Among the many familiar faces of kaiju, aliens, Ultras, and robots, there's sometimes a new character. One of these includes Bem P, a Bemstar Puppet. Suits of this character could be seen in early 2000 stage shows. Others include multiple of species, like Pakki, and Mukkito family. The cast spans all the way from Ultra Q to present time.


  • Ultra P is also responsible for GenkiGoji, a Godzilla based puppet show, as well as a Gamera and even a Kamen Rider show.
  • Daigoro appears in some of the shows.
  • Many other Tsuburaya IPs appear among the cast.


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