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The Ultra Operation is a technique used in Ultraman Dual, to transform humans into Ultras.


The Ultra Operation seemingly replicates the process that transformed the original humanoid ancestors of the Residents of the Land of Light into the first generation of Ultras. It is also capable of transplanting knowledge, such as information, and scientific knowledge into the mind of the user, but as a side effect, they will begin to lose their memories of their time as a human, and possibly their humanity, as symbolized by the fact that people who undergo this process lose the ability to cry. The amount of memory loss depends on how much or how little information is implanted. Users are divided into two groups based on their degree of progression, First Step and Second Step.


When the Ultra Saint came to Earth, and took volunteers, the Land of Light Enclave, to help fight the Alliance of Aliens attacks M78, many underwent the operation to be able to help fight.


First Step

Those who have undergone the operation once. Most appear as all silver Ultras from head to toe. This is a testimony of noncombatants with red lines appearing only on those with a talent for combat. Users at this level are described as being all silver in appearance, with their heads becoming more oval in shape, and their eyes enlarged and shining. They typically lack crests which are a sign of someone able to become a giant. Color markings may later appear, such as red markings for those with a proclivity towards combat.

Second Step

Those who have undergone the operation more than once. Transformation is less arduous than before, fighting power is also increased and information from the Land of Light can be removed easier. The main disadvantage is that excessive operation will destroy the original personality and the user may never be able to return to being human. However, it is believed that the power of Mother of Ultra may be able to reverse this.

Dual Charge Changer

In the state induced by the Ultra Operation, there is no transformation item to become a giant. Instead, the individual uses, the device called the Dual Charge Changer, to gain the energy to become a giant. This bracelet transforms the emotional support for 'Ultraman' from people into energy, therefore without the support of a populace, it is impossible to become a giant. This energy can also be used during combat to supply the combatant with energy.

This also means if the user does not defeat his opponent in time, and support wavers his energy will drop, or worse even fall into a negative spiral, draining their power. Once all the energy is gone, the user will remain an Ultraman until they undo the transformation. For these reasons it acts like a Color Timer.

Also, the intent of 'Rejection' can be added to this energy, which then cannot be used for transformation. However if too much appears after transformation it risks forcing the combatant into a berserk state.

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