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The Ultra N Project's first introduction

Tsuburaya Productions started the "Ultra N Project" (ウルトラ・エヌ・プロジェクト Urutora Enu Purojekuto) in 2004, in an attempt to revitalize the Ultraman Series. The project's mascot; Ultraman Noa, was created as an example to the new design about to be adopted. In the attempt to revive the series, the Ultramen of this project were shown abandoned the 'clean and shiny look' in the favor of insect-like body armor and organic tissue-like skin underneath. This was the first Ultraman ever to possess this sort of characteristic. BEING GIZA artists provided the theme songs for Ultraman the Next and Ultraman Nexus.

Ultraman Noa

In the original stage shows, the being Ultraman Noa was shown traveling the galaxy, searching for his nemesis; Dark Zagi. The stage shows gave Ultraman Noa some background on his later appearances throughout the project.

Ultraman the Next

ULTRAMAN was a movie created to advance the story of the Ultra N Project, as well as create a background for the series, Ultraman Nexus.

Ultraman Nexus

Ultraman Nexus was a show created for the project as the mainstream story, showing people called Dunamists who inherited the original Ultra-being's power and have the ability to transform into an entity called 'Nexus' and defend the Earth from Space Beasts. The creators said "This way, we wanted the kids to feel like anyone could become Ultraman." The show however, did not appeal well, and with the difficult time slot, gained little younger viewers. With the story complete, the Ultra N Project was dropped, and production for the more traditional Ultraman Max began.