The Ultra Mind (ウルトラマインド Urutora Maindo) is the means by which the People of U40 facilitated their evolution into Ultras.


Created in the ancient past, the Ultra Mind was used to spiritually evolve its creators into higher, enlightened beings. This 'evolution' brought about many physical and spiritual changes and abilities to them. Because of this change the People of U40 eventually learned to transmute their bodies, in a process called 'Ultra Change' permitting them access to Ultra forms.

At one time, the ancient Ultra warred with the Bader Tribe, a belligerent and alien reptilian civilization, upon whom diplomacy was useless, as they attacked any U40 colony they could find. Eventually they were able to best them thanks to the powers of the Ultra Mind, but to keep it out of their enemies' hands they threw the Ultra Mind into a black hole.

The Ultra Mind was later at the center of a rift in Ultra Society, as a section of the people, following a man named Heller, were convinced that they should use the Ultra Mind and the powers it granted to conquer space. They were exiled, stripped of their Ultra Powers, but as they could not be purged of their full connection to the Ultra Mind, they maintained their long lives.


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