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The Ultra Medals (ウルトラメダル Urutora Medaru) are items that allow users of the Z Riser to perform Ultra Fusion and special attacks. When not in use, they are stored in the Z Holder.

Dark counterparts of these medals exist in the form of Kaiju Medals which Celebro created by reverse engineering the Ultra Medals.


Ultraman Z

The medals are manufactured in the Land of Light to deal with a universal crisis. The Celebro-possessed Genegarg invaded said planet and stole several of these medals, alongside a Z Riser. When Ultraman Zero was captured by Bullton, he was forced to give Ultraman Z his Z Riser and three Ultra Medals, which Z used to defeat Genegarg on Planet Earth. However, the destruction of the monster caused several of these medals to be dispersed across the city. Chant My Name!

Celebro's manufacturing notes

Many of the dispersed Medals fell into different possessions: the Ultraman Medal was in Yoko, Jugglus Juggler claimed the sets that make up Gamma Future, and GAFJ salvaged six across nation. As time passed on, Haruki managed to obtain them one after another under Z's orders. After possessing Shinya Kaburagi, Celebro managed to study the inner workings of the Ultra Medals and through a special machine, he was able to create the Kaiju Medals as its antithesis. The manufacturing plan was stolen by Juggler during his trip to the Monster Research Center, but he refused to put it to use and scraps them.

Meanwhile in space, Riku Asakura obtained three New Generation Hero sets alongside that of his own Z Riser as alternatives to the damaged Geed Riser. After the latter device was fixed, he decided to hand them over to Haruki, in addition to his own personalized Medal.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

While chasing Alien Barossa IV, the latter's Baby Zandrias Kedamya stole Haruki's Ultra Medals, further restricting him from becoming Z when his Z Riser is damaged. Inter Universe Once Ignis retrieved them from Barossa IV and return it to Haruki, Akito analyzed them in his lab to create four GUTS Hyper Keys for Ultraman Z to assume his Ultra Fusion forms with the GUTS Sparklence. While Haruki still has the Ultra Medals, they are currently not in use since the device required to use it is under maintenance in Kengo's dimension as Z departed to Haruki's home dimension. The Propagating Invasion


The Ultra Medals' sole purpose is to be used on the Z Riser itself, augmenting its Ultraman user with the powers of other Ultra Warriors. This can be manifested either as Ultra Fusion (ウルトラフュージョン Urutora Fyūjon) form change or finishing attacks. According to Yuka, the Medals give off a special energy signature.

Ace's medal showed that these medals can also act as beacons by giving off large amounts of energy. These signatures seem to be close to the Ultra they depict, as Baraba mistook Haruki for Ace as a result of the energy being given off by the medal, while Ace himself followed the signature to Earth just in time to save Z from being killed by Baraba's sword. The Last Hero

In an interesting case, the Ultra Medals of Geed and Zero are capable of resonating with the Ultraman Belial Kaiju Medal due to their respective users' intense rivalry, transforming their outer ring into gold. These are known as Rise Ultra Medals (ライズウルトラメダル Raizu Urutora Medaru), as all three of them are needed to counter Greeza and save Riku/Ultraman Geed from being completely absorbed into said monster as Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw.[1] In the process, the Belial Medal converts from a Kaiju Medal to an Ultra Medal. The intense rivalry between the Ultras on the Medals could also affect the transformation, as Haruki and Z are forced to insert it the Belial Atrocious Medal through their sheer will when the Medal refused to cooperate.

Known Existing Medals


The "enlarged" Z Riser

  • Like its preceding gimmick, the Ultra Capsules, the Medals were created on the Land of Light supposedly as a force for good, until a villain stole them and their respective scanners where they reverse engineered them into their Kaiju counterparts.
  • When an Ultra brandishes a copy of the Z Riser relative to their size, the enlarged Ultra Medals appear to lack the profile shot and M78 lettering, and are instead left with the generic background pattern in grayscale.


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