The Ultra Medals (ウルトラメダル Urutora Medaru) are items that allow users of the Z Riser to perform Ultra Fusion. When not in use, they are stored in the Z Holder.

Dark counterparts of these capsules exist in the form of Kaiju Medals which Celebro created by reverse engineering the Ultra Medals.


Ultraman Z

The medals are manufactured in the Land of Light to deal with a universal crisis. The Celebro-possessed Genegarg invaded said planet and stole several of these medals, alongside a Z Riser. When Ultraman Zero was captured by Bullton, he was forced to give Ultraman Z his Z Riser and three Ultra Medals, which Z used to defeat Genegarg on Planet Earth. However, the destruction of the monster caused several of these medals to be dispersed across the city.Chant My Name!

Known Existing Medals



Z Alpha Edge with the "enlarged" Z Riser.

  • Like its preceding gimmick, the Ultra Capsules, the Medals were created on the Land of Light supposedly as a force for good, until a villain stole them and their respective scanners where they reverse engineered them into their Kaiju counterparts.
  • When an Ultra brandishes a copy of the Z Riser relative to their size, the enlarged Ultra Medals appear to lack the profile shot and M78 lettering, and are instead left with the generic background pattern in grayscale.
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