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The Ultra Mantle (ウルトラマント Urutora Manto) is a magical cape that is owned by Ultraman King, but one was also given to Ultraman Leo. It acts as a multi-purpose weapon, capable of transforming into a cape, a dimensional mirror, as well as various other objects. The Mantle is able to stop incoming projectile attacks. When not in use it is stored as a gold band on Leo's left arm. Ultraman Geed also wears the Ultra Mantle when Riku uses the King Capsule to assume his Royal Megamaster form.


Ultraman Leo

First introduced during the battle against Pressure, Ultraman King lent this cape to Leo, allowing him to reflect all of Pressure's magic spells and attacks. After the battle, Ultraman King granted his cape to Leo, allowing it to assist the Ultra whenever he needed.


Ultra Mantle Band

Being an item from Ultraman King the Ultra Mantle has many uses. When not in use, Leo will either store the cape as the gold band on his right arm, or he will wear it as a formal cape.

  • Leobrella (レオブレラ Reoburera): The Mantle can also transform into the Leobrella, an Ultraman-sized umbrella, which can be used to deflect mystic attacks or impale foes.
  • Ultra Mantle Mirror (ウルトラマントミラー Urutora Manto Mirā): The cape can also become a giant mirror, used for dimensional travelling.



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