Ultra Hero Series (ウルトラヒーローシリーズ Urutora Hiro Shirizu) (Sometimes known as UHS) are a line of 6-inch soft vinyl toys created by Bandai, which focuses on Ultra Warriors. The toyline is also a subline for Ultra Monster Series. The toyline ran from 1986 till 2013, and it was succeeded by Ultra Hero 500.



A packaging of the 1986 Ultra Hero Series Ultraman.

  1. Ultraman
  2. Ultraseven
  3. Return of Ultraman (Ultraman Jack)
  4. Ultraman Ace
  5. Zoffy
  6. Ultraman Taro
  7. Ultraman Leo
  8. Father of Ultra
  9. Mother of Ultra
  10. Astra
  11. Ultraman King
  12. The☆Ultraman (Ultraman Joneus)
  13. Ultraman 80
  14. Ultraman Great
  15. Yullian
  16. Ultraman Scott
  17. Ultraman Chuck
  18. Ultrawoman Beth
  19. Ultraman Powered
  20. Ultraman Neos
  21. Ultraseven 21
  22. Ultraman Zearth
  23. Ultraman Tiga Multi Type
  24. Ultraman Tiga Sky Type
  25. Ultraman Tiga Power Type
  26. Ultraman Shadow
  27. Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
  28. Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type
  29. Ultraman Dyna Strong Type
  30. Ultraman Gaia
  31. Ultraman Agul
  32. Ultraman Gaia (V2)
  33. Ultraman Gaia (Supreme Version)
  34. Ultraman Agul (V2)
  35. Ultraman Nice
  36. Glitter Tiga


A list of Ultra Hero Series (post-Father, Mother, 80 new mold)

  1. Ultraman
  2. Zoffy
  3. Ultraseven
  4. Ultraman Jack
  5. Ultraman Ace
  6. Father of Ultra (replaced by a new mold in 2006)
  7. Mother of Ultra (replaced by a new mold in 2006)
  8. Ultraman Taro
  9. Ultraman Leo
  10. Astra (2000)/Evil Tiga (2002)
  11. Ultraman King
  12. Ultraman 80 (replaced by a new mold in 2007)
  13. Ultraman Great
  14. Ultraman Powered
  15. Ultraman Neos
  16. Ultraseven 21
  17. Ultraman Zearth
  18. Ultraman Shadow
  19. Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type)
  20. Ultraman Tiga (Sky Type)
  21. Ultraman Tiga (Power Type)
  22. Ultraman Dyna (Flash Type)
  23. Ultraman Dyna (Miracle Type)
  24. Ultraman Dyna (Strong Type)
  25. Ultraman Gaia (V2)
  26. Ultraman Gaia (Supreme Version)
  27. Ultraman Agul
  28. Ultraman Agul (V2)
  29. Ultraman Nice
  30. Tiga Dark
  31. Ultraman Cosmos (Luna Mode)
  32. Ultraman Cosmos (Corona Mode)
  33. Ultraman Cosmos (Eclipse Mode)
  34. Ultraman Cosmos (Future Mode)
  35. Ultraman Cosmos (Space Corona Mode)
  36. Chaos Ultraman
  37. Ultraman Justice (Standard Mode)
  38. Ultraman Justice (Crusher Mode)
  39. Ultraman Legend
  40. Astra

Ultraman Mebius Series 2006

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth Special 2006

Ultra Hero Series: Andro Melos


  • Andro Melos
  • Andro Wolf
  • Andro Mars
  • Andro Floru

Ultra N Project 2004

Ultraman the Next Junis

Ultra Hero Series 2005

  • Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Max (Max Galaxy)
  • Ultraman Xenon

Ultra Hero Series 2006

  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Hunter Knight Tsurugi
  • Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Brave)
  • Imitation Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Infinity)
  • Ultraman Hikari
  • Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Burning Brave)
  • Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Phoenix Brave)


The figures were reissued in new packaging, with new molds and slight retools.

  1. Ultraman
  2. Zoffy
  3. Ultraseven
  4. Ultraman Jack
  5. Ultraman Ace
  6. Ultraman Taro
  7. Father of Ultra
  8. Mother of Ultra
  9. Ultraman Leo
  10. Astra
  11. Ultraman King
  12. Ultraman 80
  13. Ultraman Powered (replaced by Ultraman Saga in 2012)
  14. Ultraman Great (replaced by Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue in 2012)
  15. Ultraman Tiga Multi Type
  16. Ultraman Tiga Power Type
  17. Ultraman Tiga Sky Type
  18. Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
  19. Ultraman Dyna Strong Type
  20. Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type
  21. Ultraman Gaia V2
  22. Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version
  23. Ultraman Agul V1
  24. Ultraman Agul V2
  25. Ultraman Neos
  26. Ultraman Zearth
  27. Ultraman Cosmos Eclipse Mode
  28. Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode
  29. Ultraman Cosmos Corona Mode
  30. Ultraman Justice
  31. Ultraman Legend
  32. Ultraman Nexus
  33. Ultraman Noa
  34. Ultraman Max
  35. Ultraman Xenon
  36. Ultraman Mebius
  37. Hunter Knight Tsurugi
  38. Ultraman Hikari
  39. Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Phoenix Brave)
  40. Ultraman Zero

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Post-Ultra Hero Series

  • Ultraman & Alien Baltan (released as a 50th Special Set) 
  • Ultraseven & Ultraman Zero (released as a 50th Special Set) 

Ultraman Gaia Series

  • All of the Ultra Hero Series Ultraman Gaia & Ultraman Agul figure (excluding Imit Agul & Gaia) were released in PRC (China), and each figure includes a Mini DVD.
  • The 1998 Ultraman Gaia figure was reissued as an EX figure in Hong Kong.


  • Most of the figure's eyes were painted yellow with some white detailing, which is meant to evoke the helmet prop's glowing eyes.
  • All of the figures feature foldable data cards with a small punched hole on the top left.
  • In 2003, Evil Tiga replaces Astra's original lineup number (10), until Astra gets his lineup number back in the 2009 release. 
  • In 2006, Ultraman 80's, Father of Ultra's and Mother of Ultra's toys were replaced into new molds and packaging.
  • There are 2 packaging variants for Ultraman Agul (V2), with the 2003 release featuring a new render for Agul, complete with different lighting.
  • There are several retools & slight changes to some figures:
    • Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type) uses one left and one right arm from the Super Grade Soft-vinyl Tiga Power Type's/4 Super Warriors Set Tiga Sky Type's.
    • Ultraman Dyna (Miracle Type) features new arms with molded fists.
    • Ultraman Dyna (Strong Type) features new arms, albeit the left arm is slightly longer than usual.
    • One of the copyright notices printed at Tiga Dark's sole: "Mainichi Broadcasting System (毎日放送)" was replaced by "Ultraman Tiga Movie Production Committee (映画ウルトラマンティガ作成委員会). In 2001, It was replaced by the words "Tiga Dark" and "Tsuburaya".
  • Chaos Ultraman was the only evil Ultraman in Cosmos to be reissued.

Ultra Hero & Monster Series

  • Not counting the Bullmark toys, Musashi Haruno is the first & only human character to be released as a soft vinyl figure by Bandai.
  • For some reason, Ultraman Justice Standard Mode is not reissued for the 2009 release despite the fact that Standard Mode being his default form.


  • All of Ultraman Mebius's figures were released outside Japan in Asia & some US countries in 2009 with no changes other than the bilingual packaging.


  • Most UHS2009 figures (Except for Seven, Leo, Astra, 80, King, Mother of Ultra, Powered, Great, Zearth, Max, Legend & Zero) features cream colored eyes.
  • Ultraman Powered and Ultraman Great are the only non-Japanese Ultras to be released as a new mold.
  • Ultraman Neos' mold is reused from the mold used for the Neos' Power Set
  • Ultraman Nexus' Junis form is reissued from his UHS-N figure, with the same paint apps, with an exception of very little details being omitted from his first toy. His Junis Blue form is also later reissued 3 years later.
  • Although Ultraman Max's figure is physically the same to the 2005 figure, this toy was merely a new mold with similar proportions.
  • Oddly, Most of Tsurugi's silver parts were replaced with Gunmetal paint. Whether this was meant to represent that this Tsurugi was Babarue in disguise was unknown.
  • Only two of Mebius' forms were made as new mold figures.
  • The Asia release of the first UHS09 1-10 & 12 had their respective TV series logos being replaced into Ultraman Mebius' logo.


  • Ultraman Saga and Ultraman Nexus (Junis Blue) replaces Powered and Great from the lineup.
  • A figure based on Ultraman Gaia's first appearance is released as an EX figure. Whether this is an Asia exclusive is unknown for now.
  • Due to budget inflation, Zero Darkness and Shining Zero's back paint details were slightly omitted.

Post-Ultra Hero Series

  • In 2017, The Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Zero figures saw release in this lineup, but with a small (Zero) and heavy (Ultraman) back paint detail omissions.


  • In 1990, Most Showa Ultra figures were manufactured by Fuman, a Chinese toy company.
  • Every Ultra Hero figure based on Evil Ultras (with an exception of Shadow) with pointy feet had their copyright printed on their backs.
  • Some Ultra Hero Series EX figures were reissued for the Ultra Monster Series line.

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