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Ultra Hero Orb (ウルトラヒーローオーブ) is a toy line created by Bandai, which consists of 5.5 inch (14 cm) figures of Ultra Warriors.


  • 01) Ultraman Orb (Spacium Zeperion)
  • 02) Ultraman Orb (Burnmite)
  • 03) Ultraman Orb (Hurricane Slash)
  • 04) Ultraman Orb (Thunder Breastar)
  • 05) Ultraman Orb (Orb Origin)
  • 06) Ultraman Orb (Orb Trinity)



  • There are two figures are Ultraman Orb (Lighting Attacker) and Ultraman Orb (Emerium Slugger), which are part of Ultra Hero Series and not Ultra Hero Orb. This is because these two are from Ultraman Fusion Fight!.

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