Ultra Hawk No.1 (ウルトラホーク1号 Urutora Hōku Ichigō) or codenamed TDF UH001 is a combiner-type fighter jet used by the Ultra Garrison.


Used by the attack team, Ultra Hawk No.1 can split into three parts, the red striped UH001-1 aka. α (alpha), the yellow UH001-2 aka β (beta) and the blue striped the striped UH001-3 aka γ (gamma).

  • The UH001-1 component becomes the main part where it pilots the whole jet when combined. It was made for attacking ground based enemies.
  • The UH001-2 along with UH001-1 was used as an anti-aircraft attacker where it can fire lasers and missile (In Heisei Ultraseven, it fires Breaker Knuckle missiles)
  • The UH001-3 was used for ground-based combat. Its high-pitched engine sound is distinctive. F-104 has been changed in the Heisei version.

The ship is extremely good at destroying an invader's UFO. Here is a list of alien UFO it has destroyed.

The whole fighter jet was actually destroyed in Ultraseven Episode 32 as it was kicked by the monster Rigger.

In Ultraman Mebius episode 24, it was presented along with some older jets in display.



  • The jet was designed by Tohl Narita whom also designed the kaiju and aliens.
  • Ultra Hawk No.1 would later inspire another three-formation fighter jet, GUTS Eagle, in Ultraman Dyna.
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