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Series Episodes
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey is the 23rd entry in the Ultra Series
NEO Title Card
Format: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Shota Minami, Saki Kamiryo, Toru Hachinohe, Mitsutoshi Shundo, Hiroyuki Konishi
Opening Theme: Chikai
Ending Theme: Ai No Shirushi
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 13
Running Time 25 minutes
Original Channel BS11
Original Air Date December 20, 2008 - March 14, 2009
Preceded by Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Succeeded by Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie
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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY Urutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru Nebā Endingu Odessei Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle NEO) is the second season and the 23rd entry in Tsuburaya Productions' long-running Ultra Series. Like its predecessor Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, NEO is a pay-per-view service. The first episode was distributed for free online on December 12, 2008, and remained available until January 31, 2009.[1] Broadcast of the show on BS11 beginning December 20, 2008. The series was followed by Mega Monster Battle Gymnastics 大怪獣バトル体操, a non-canon morning exercise program for children starring Shota Minami. Mega Monster Battle Gymnastics also had a touring stage show with dancing and exercises set to music and starring Shota Minami, with cameo appearances by Hiroyuki Konishi and Saki Kamiryo.


Main article: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle#Characters
  • Dail (ダイル Dairu): A member of the Reionyx Hunter (レイオニクスハンター Reionikusu Hantā) formed by the Alien Pedan (ペダン星人 Pedan Seijin) attacking users of Battle Nizers.
  • Harlan (ハーラン Hāran): The supreme commander of the Planet Hammer Detachment (惑星ハマー派遣部隊 Wakusei Hamā Haken Butai) of the Reionyx Hunter.
  • Grande (グランデ Gurande): A Reionyx of the Alien Keel (キール星人 Kīru Seijin) with the Neo Battle Nizer, which makes him one of the strongest Reionyx on Planet Hammer at the time of Rei's arrival. He has a very odd and funny personality, which hides the fact that he is one of the most dangerous and powerful Reionyx, and he would have killed Rei in their first battle had not Eleking cut the link between them. He also becomes deeply infatuated with Rei's sister, Kate (ケイト Keito), when she appears to him. He joins Rei in battling the Alien Reiblood in the final episode, and insists that someday Rei will have to introduce his sister to him. So far, he has only summoned Tyrant (タイラント Tairanto) and Red King (レッドキング Reddo Kingu), and he is capable of evolving Red King to EX Mode.


Main article: Reimon

When Reimon feels extreme anger or rage, he transforms into Burst Mode (バーストモード Bāsuto Mōdo), a black/red form, and he has the ability to evolve Gomora into a Reionic Burst (レイオニックバースト Reionikku Bāsuto) mode as well. In this form, Reimon becomes extremely powerful and violent in battle, as does Gomora, and will fight both friend and foe alike. Later in the series, however, he learns to evolve Gomora into Reionic Burst mode without him entering Burst mode himself.


Ultra Seven fought Armored Darkness, went into Armored Darkness himself, and sealed Armored Darkness. He showed the vision fighting Armored Darkness through his Eye Slugger to Rei after that. After Rei destroyed Armored Darkness, he gave Rei his Miclas until the end of the battle in the Planet Hammer.


Main article: ZAP SPACY

The Space Pendragon is newly armed with the Pedanium Launcher (ペダニウムランチャー Pedaniumu Ranchā) by Dail.

  • Neo Battle Nizer (ネオバトルナイザー Neo Batoru Naizā): The newest evolution of the Battle Nizer, given only to those deemed to be the strongest members of the Reionyx.

Monsters & Aliens

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Suit actors


Opening theme
Ending theme

DVD Releases

The series was released on DVD with English,Chinese and Cantonese subtitles by the Malaysian company Speedy also with help of Aquos Sharp. Unlike when Speedy subbed the showa series, the episodes are contained in volume up to 3-4 episodes a volume. They have also improved on their grammar as very little typos are made.


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