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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes (ウルトラギャラクシーファイト ニュージェネレーションヒーローズ Urutora Gyarakushī Faito Nyū Jenerēshon Hīrōzu) is an Ultra Fight miniseries. It is a spin-off that acts as a follow-up to Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond and a prequel to Ultraman Taiga. It was broadcast exclusively on YouTube in both Japanese and English languages.


Somewhere on a distant planet, X and Geed were defeated by a pair of black Ultramen who bore their likenesses in appearance. At the same time, an old enemy of Taro named Ultra Dark-Killer targeted both Zero and Grigio, forcing Taro to recruit the New Generation Heroes to stop the League of Darkness.

The ending of the miniseries eventually lead to the cold opening of episode 1 of Ultraman Taiga, where the New Generation Heroes went on a hot pursuit against Ultraman Tregear in Nebula M78.


Ep. Date Plot
1 9/29/2019 On an unnamed planet, X and Geed confronted against a pair of black Ultramen who took upon their likenesses in appearance. Through the stolen light powers, the dark counterparts seemingly defeated their rivaling templates.

Meanwhile on Earth, Grigio was practicing her Grigio Shot in order to protect Ayaka City in her brothers' absence, until she found herself in the middle of the fight between Zero and Dark-Killer. The black Ultra banished the two into a portal.

On the Land of Light, the Minato brothers found themselves teleported into the Space Garrison's headquarters from their respective foreign countries and were greeted by Taro and the rest of the five Ultra Brothers.

2 10/6/2019 Despite the harsh condition in Dark-Killer Zone, Zero and Grigio properly introduce themselves to each others. Hearing the news of their sister's kidnapping, Rosso and Blu flew away before Taro could finish his sentence. Meanwhile, X and Geed Darkness ambushed Ultraman Orb on Planet O-50, the latter proceeds to use both of his lightning related forms.
3 10/13/2019 While flying in space, Rosso and Blu were attacked by a mysterious figure and crash-landed on a planet.

On Liquitor, the Planet of Water (水の惑星リクエター Mizu no Wakusei Rikuetā), a lone Ragon becomes a target of a Peguila before Ultraman Ribut interferes and kill the monster with Galaxium Blaster. After having a chat with the grateful Ragon, he received an Ultra Sign from Taro.

Having been defeated, Orb reverted from Hurricane Slash to Orb Origin and the evil Ultras started to drain his light energy. Victory interrupts in the middle of the process and proceed to protect the defenseless Orb.

4 10/20/2019 Etelgar introduces himself to Rosso and Blu on Penol, the Planet of Rocks (岩の惑星ぺノル Iwa no Wakusei Penoru) as both forces engage on a combat. Ribut appears to bail the brothers under Taro's orders out while reprimanding them for their recklessness.

On O-50, Victory smokescreens the evil knockoff Ultramen with Victorium Burn to cover his and Orb's escape.

Lugiel attempts to dispose the weakened X and Geed in Sundowin, the Planet of Twilight (夕陽の惑星サンダウィン Yūhi no Wakusei Sandauin) before his other self, Ginga, appears.

5 10/27/2019 With their remaining energy, X and Geed fire their finishers on Dark Lugiel, allowing Ginga and the two to escape.

Noticing that Grigio is slowly weakening, Zero donated some of his energy to her.

On the Land of Light, all New Generation Heroes assembles as they hear Taro's story of Ultra Dark-Killer, preceded by X and Geed's encounter with him that lead to the creation of their evil clones. Dark-Killer's revival now involves resurrecting Dark Lugiel and Etelgar along with him as the Ultras prepare to stop him.

6 11/03/2019 In the Dark Palace (ダーク宮殿 Dāku Kyūden) of Planet Tenebris (惑星テンネブリス Wakusei Tenneburisu), Dark-Killer creates Orb Darkness with Orb's stolen light and contemplates to use the Darkness copies as his tool in eradicating Ultra Warriors. While Lugiel and Etelgar picked Ginga and Victory as their respective opponents, a red-eyed giant shrouded in blue aura reminds them that they need to complete all the copies of New Generation Heroes. Although Dark-Killer intended to do so, the mystery giant is only interested in both light and darkness as an equal force. Dark-Killer sends his transmission to the Land of Light, where he implores the Ultras to his planet by threatening both Zero and Grigio. Despite knowing full well of the planet's hazardous environment and Dark-Killer's true plan, the New Generation Heroes race towards it while the Ultra Brothers watch from afar, so as the blue giant from his magical space (魔法空間 Mahō Kūkan).
7 11/10/19 X, Orb and Geed left behind to fight their copies whereas Ginga and Victory faced Lugiel and Etelgar in the Dark Palace. In the Dark-Killer Zone, the namesake creator ambushed Rosso and Blu as their energies quickly ran out.
8 11/17/19 Each of the New Generation Heroes fought their respective opponents to the point of using alternate forms of their own. After holding out against Grigio's brothers on his own, Dark-Killer took advantage of Dark-Killer Zone's absorbed light and use it to manifest Zero Darkness.
9 11/24/2019 Zero Darkness went to fight against Zero and Grigio as Dark-Killer turn his attention to the brothers and absorb their light energy.

Ribut invaded the magical sphere thanks to an intel from the Galaxy Rescue Force and quickly deduced the "blue giant" as the fallen Ultra, Tregear. Ribut attempts to fight, but Tregear simply toys with his opponent.

While the Ultra Brothers watched from afar, the New Generation Heroes continue to struggle against their counterparts. Due to having resupplying Grigio with his energy the whole time, Zero is nearing exhaustion. Outside the Dark-Killer Zone, the Ultras accessed their forms and fusion based on their experiences with Zero.

10 12/01/2019 With her remaining energy, Grigio managed to hold off Zero Darkness and replenish her brothers' Color Timers, allowing them to form Ruebe. Whereas Ginga Victory, X, Orb and Geed managed to defeat their counterparts, Ruebe turned his attention to Dark-Killer after killing Zero Darkness and seemingly delivered the finishing blow to the villain.
11 12/08/2019 Ruebe splits back into his components as the New Generation Heroes regroup with Zero and Grigio. Seeing the defeat of the League of Darkness, Tregear unleashes his dark energy to resurrect both Dark-Killer and Zero Darkness, the former turned into a mindless rampant that is several times bigger than his original height. As Tregear leaves his magical space, a pair of Red Kings took his place in against Ribut. Geed and his predecessors recreate the New Generation Capsules for Zero to access Zero Beyond and face his doppelganger. While the five said Ultras access their strongest forms (Ginga merges with Taro to become Ginga Strium), the O-50 siblings merged into Gruebe for the final fight against Dark-Killer.
12 12/15/2019 Ribut engages in the fight against both Red Kings and finally killing them with Remote Cutter. As the Red Kings exploded behind him, he leaves the rest to the New Generation Heroes.

In their empowered forms, the New Generation Heroes unleash their attacks on the enlarged Dark-Killer as Zero had finished his doppelganger off with Twin Giga Break. Dark-Killer proceed to recreate his Darkness Ultras to consume them and grow even larger. Taro pleaded the New Generation Heroes to donate their powers for Ginga Strium to perform New Generation Dynamite.

13 12/22/2019 Dark-Killer's destruction cemented his permanent defeat from ever returning back. In a dimensional subspace, Zero warned them that their battle were far from over yet, as Grigio's kidnapping was done so as to prevent Gruebe from being formed. Before they could puzzle the clues together, Tregear appears and admits himself being the mastermind of said incident, gloating that he would soon target the Land of Light and Taro. The rest of the New Generation Heroes decided to chase Tregear towards the Land of Light.

Zero sent Grigio back to Earth in order to protect Ayaka City in her brothers' absence, while preventing their participation from chasing Tregear altogether.



New Generation Heroes

League of Darkness



Voice Actors

Character Japanese English
Ultraman Ginga Takuya Negishi Peter Von Gomm
Ultraman Victory Kiyotaka Uji Michael Jose Rivas-Micoud
Ultraman X Kensuke Takahashi Mark Stein
Ultraman Orb Hideo Ishiguro Chris Wells
Ultraman Geed Tatsuomi Hamada Dario Toda
Ultraman Rosso Yuya Hirata Jeff Manning
Ultraman Blu Ryosuke Koike Ryan Drees
Ultrawoman Grigio Arisa Sonohara Rumiko Varnes
Ultraman Zero Mamoru Miyano Jack Merluzzi
Ultraman Ribut Wataru Komada Iain Gibb
Ultraman Taro Hiroya Ishimaru Bill Sullivan
Ultra Dark-Killer Koichi Toshima Eric Kelso
Dark Lugiel Tomokazu Sugita Guy Perryman
Etelgar Tatsuhisa Suzuki Lyle Carr
Ultraman Tregear Yuma Uchida Michael Rhys

Suit Actors


  • Director: Koichi Sakamoto
  • Screenplay: Junichiro Ashiki
  • Dubbing Director: Miguel Rivas-Micoud
  • Dubbing Project Managers: Takafumi Takemura, Satomi Suzuki
  • Translation Coordinator: Megumi Hirokawa


Ending Theme
Insert Themes

Home Media





  • This is the first Ultra Fight-esque series to coincide its run with an active Ultraman Series instead of recap shows.
  • Despite what the Galaxy Fight is stated to be, this show is not the first time an Ultraman Series was commercialized for simultaneous worldwide view. The Ultra Fight Victory had its initial airing on YouTube filled with English Subtitles provided by Tsuburaya themselves.
  • In a conference for the show, Takuya Negishi jokingly asked Sakamoto for Ginga's evil clone, to which the director replied to appear "in the future". Amusingly enough, Dark Lugiel in Ultraman Ginga S was meant to return as a black-colored Ultraman Ginga rather than Vict Lugiel.[1]
  • This is the first Ultraman Series media since Ultraman Tiga not to employ the William Winckler Productions as their dubbing voice actors for worldwide viewing. Instead, the dub voice actors were arranged by Ponycanyon Enterprise and was planned simultaneously with the original Japanese voice-over. Several of the voice actors are also known for their involvement in the English dub of Mega Man X7 and Mega Man ZX Advent.
  • Up until episode 8, Ultraman Tregear's appearance in Ultra Galaxy Fight had him credited as "Blue Giant" until he confirms his presence in episode 9 and his role in the voice cast list was changed to reflect that.
  • The sentences that each of the New Generation Heroes say in collective speech give before performing the New Generation Dynamite is based off some of the lyrics in their respective theme songs.

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