List of Cards

This article contains a list and gallery of Ultra Fusion Cards.

NOTE: (CH) denotes a Chinese-exclusive release

Differences between on-set and products

Take note from the previous page that both Ultra Fusion and Kaiju Cards differ from variations, due to:

  • TV/Movie ver.
    • Names of each Ultra Warriors in Ultra Fusion Cards are written in M78 letters/language.
  • Product ver.
    • Names of both Ultra Fusion and Kaiju cards are written in Katakana.
    • Cards have their attributes written in Katakana on the crest design due to their function as playable cards in Ultraman Fusion Fight!.
    • Each card shows stat distributions in the back for usage in Ultraman Fusion Fight.


Showa Cards

Heisei Cards


Showa Ultra Fusion Cards

Heisei Ultra Fusion Cards

Miscellaneous Images


  • Ultraman Agul is the only Ultra who has a different crest design for each of his forms (V1 and V2).
    • For some reason, the Color Timer used for his V2 cards is Gaia's.
  • Kaiser Belial's card is considered a Kaiju Card rather than an Ultra Fusion Card.
  • Jugglus Juggler is the only character in the series to have both a Kaiju and Hero card.
  • Currently, the Ultra with the most card variants is Zero.
  • Some cards that are compatible for Fusion Up form a larger image when put together.
  • There are a few cards where the illustrated image of the Ultra is different from the actual ability they use in-game. On this page, these cards are named after the illustration.
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