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The Ultra Fusion Cards (ウルトラフュージョンカード Urutora Fyūjon Kādo) are a series of cards that allow Ultraman Orb to change forms based on the two cards he uses in his Orb Ring. When not in use, he stores them in his Ultra Fusion Card Holder. It is revealed in Ultra Fight Orb that other Ultras can give Gai/Orb their Ultra Fusion Card by sharing some of their light with him.

Dark counterparts of these cards existed in the form of Kaiju Cards which are used by Juggler to reawaken slumbering Lord Monsters.


Ultraman Orb

Nostra holding Belial's card

The Ultra Fusion Cards were originally the powers of the past Ultra Warriors, who sealed the Lord Monsters into slumber.

In the present day, Jugglus Juggler tried to awaken them by using the Kaiju Cards as counteracts to the Ultra Fusion Cards by neutralizing their sealing power, allowing the Lord Monsters to rise once more. After Ultraman Orb defeated them, Gai can harvest their crystals to obtain their cards, placing them under his use.

One peculiar card, which was Ultraman Belial's, was mysteriously placed within Nostra's possession, which was later taken by Juggler, who dubbed it as the power of the dark king. Belial's cards would later fell into Gai's possession and used as the component for his Ultraman Orb's Thunder Breastar form, though he would only succeed in mastering it with aid of Naomi Yumeno.


The original purpose of the Ultra Fusion Cards were meant to seal Lord Monsters in their slumbered states. This function can be neutralized through the use of Kaiju Cards, which creates sunspot-like essence that use to block the sealing power of the Ultra Fusion Cards. Once the card is fully blocked, the Lord Monsters will arise once more and rendering their respective Ultra Fusion Cards useless before Ultraman Orb defeats them.

After obtaining them from defeated Lord Monsters, Ultraman Orb can change his appearance and abilities based on the two Ultras that are scanned with the Orb Ring in a process known as Fusion Up (フュージョンアップ Fyūjon Appu). Orb can also obtain an Ultra Fusion Card from its respective Ultra by sharing their light with him. Orb can change his appearance. and abilities based on three Ultras called Trinity Fusion.

Even outside the Orb Ring, Gai Kurenai (Ultraman Orb) can channel the respective Ultra Warriors' powers. This is shown when he used Ultraman's power to block an incoming attack from Alien Zetton Maddock's rifle.

Belial's Fusion Card, aside from allowing Orb to transform into Thunder Breastar, was used to negate the power of Zoffy's card to unseal Maga-Orochi, and allowed Juggler to release the Lord Monster.

When Ultra Fusion Cards are scanned in the Orb Ring, their respective Ultra Hero representation can manifest in real life, as seen during Gai's real-time transformation into Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion and during the Ultimate Supreme Calibur. It is unknown whether the copies are sentient.

The Orb Origin Card appears to be the deactivated state of the Orb Calibur. Gai uses it to summon the Orb Calibur in order to transform to his original form. When Gai seals away his original form, it appears as blank card.


The Ultra Fusion Cards are abbreviated by their own attributes, which symbolize their specialties and association to different elements.

Symbols Information
Ico hikari.png
  • Symbol Name: Light (ヒカリ (光) Hikari)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with light attributes
Ico tate.png
  • Symbol Name: Shield (タテ (盾) Tate)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with associations to advanced shielding
Ico hi.png
  • Symbol Name: Fire (ヒ (火) Hi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with flame attributes
Ico inishie.png
  • Symbol Name: Ancient (イニシエ (古) Inishie)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with association to the past
Ico soku.png
  • Symbol Name: Speed (ソク (速) Soku)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with associations to speed
Ico tsurugi.png
  • Symbol Name: Sword (ツルギ (剣) Tsurugi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with associations to swords
Ico zan.png
  • Symbol Name: Slash (ザン (斬) Zan)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with slashing attributes
Ico tuti.png
  • Symbol Name: Earth (ツチ (土) Tsuchi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with associations to Earth
Ico yoroi.png
  • Symbol Name: Armor (ヨロイ (鎧) Yoroi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with association to armors
Ico yami.png
  • Symbol Name: Darkness (ヤミ (闇) Yami)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with dark attributes
Ico kun.png
  • Symbol Name: Merits (クン (勲) Kun)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with significant achievements
Ico iyashi.png
  • Symbol Name: Healing (イヤシ (癒) Iyashi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with healing abilities
Ico kobushi.png
  • Symbol Name: Fist (コブシ (拳) Kobushi)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with martial arts abilities
Ico mizu.png
  • Symbol Name: Water (ミズ (水) Mizu)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with water and aquatic attributes
Ico chikara.png
  • Symbol Name: Power (チカラ (力) Chikara)
  • Refers to Ultra Warriors with associations to sheer might

Symbols Information
Ico kirameki.png
  • Symbol Name: Bright (キラメキ (煌) Kirameki)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion
Ico honoo.png
  • Symbol Name: Flame (ホノオ (炎) Honō)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Burnmite
Ico yari.png
  • Symbol Name: Spear (ヤリ (槍) Yari)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Hurricane Slash
Ico bou.png
  • Symbol Name: Violence (ボウ (暴) Bou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Thunder Breastar
Ico ti.png
  • Symbol Name: Ground (チ (地) Chi)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Photon Victorium
Ico jin.png
  • Symbol Name: Fast (ジン (迅) Jin)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Sky Dash Max
Ico ji.png
  • Symbol Name: Benevolence (ジ (慈) Ji)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Full Moon Xanadium
Ico bu.png
  • Symbol Name: Warrior (ブ (武) Bu)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker
Ico tou.png
  • Symbol Name: Fight (トウ (闘) Tou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Leo Zero Knuckle
Ico kagayaki.png
  • Symbol Name: Shining (カガヤキ (輝) Kagayaki)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Zeperion Solgent
Ico tyou.png
  • Symbol Name: Super (チョウ (超) Chou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Thunder Miracle
Ico retsu.png
  • Symbol Name: Rend (レツ (裂) Retsu)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace
Ico ryo.png
  • Symbol Name: Twin (リョウ (両) Ryou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Knight Liquidator
Ico kizuna.png
  • Symbol Name: Bond (キズナ (絆) Kizuna)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Spacium Schtrom
Ico gou.png
  • Symbol Name: Strong (ゴウ (剛) Gou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Power Strong
Ico dou.png
  • Symbol Name: Guidance (ドウ (導) Dou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Emerium Slugger
Ico kou.png
  • Symbol Name: Assault (コウ (攻) Kou)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Thunder Stream
Ico yaiba.png
  • Symbol Name: Blade (ヤイバ (刃) Yaiba)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Mebium Especially
Ico ei.png
  • Symbol Name: Glory (エイ (栄) Ei)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Breaster Knight
Ico mou.png
  • Symbol Name: Fierce (モウ (猛) )
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Strium Galaxy
Ico hikari.png
  • Symbol Name: Light (ヒカリ (光) Hikari)
  • Refers to Ultraman Orb Orb Trinity

Symbols Information
Ico kaze.png
Ico tsurugi.png
Ico hi.png
Ico zan.png
Ico sei.png

Known Existing Cards

Gai's Ultra Hero Special Study


  • The Ultra Fusion Cards follow the trend of Cyber Cards as the main key collectibles in this series. The advent of the use of cards has also meant that the series is moving away from the use of Spark Dolls as merchandise.
  • The only difference between the series and toy variations is that the series version has the corresponding Ultraman's name written in their kind's language while the product version has it written in Katakana.
  • In the DX Orb Ring, Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Hikari fuse into Mebius Brave instead of Mebius Phoenix Brave.
  • Scanning Victory's card with certain kaiju causes the Orb Ring to emit a noise for Victory's UlTrans forms.
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