"We're Earth's only hope. Besides we're not just us anymore we're the Ultra Force."

―Scott Masterson, Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
The Ultra Force
Members: Ultraman Chuck
Ultraman Scott
Ultrawoman Beth
Affiliations: Space Garrison
Alignment: Good
First appearance: Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
Latest appearance: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

The Ultra Force, known in Japan as Ultraman USA (ウルトラマンUSA Urutoraman USA) are a trio of Ultra Warriors from the Land of Light, Planet Ultara, they were sent to Earth to fight against the four monsters from the planet Sorkin. They currently reside in Nebula M78 with the other Ultra beings. They are the only Ultra Warriors co-created by an American company.


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

Ultra force logo
Ultra Force Base

The location of their base, Mount Rushmore

The three Ultras are close friends from the planet of Ultras. When the planet Sorkin exploded, the people of the Land of Light deduced that several fragments where heading towards Earth at an unnatural speed. Expecting the worst, the Space Garrison sent a trio of Ultras to protect the Earth from possible invasions. Upon arriving in Earth's atmosphere, the three Ultras, in the form of balls of light, crashed into three exhibition pilots, merging with them to save their lives.

The three pilots took up the call they were given and with the help of their fighters, mother ship and base, located in Mount Rushmore, battled the Sorkin threat. Each learned to call upon the Ultra within them when their lives were in imminent danger, being able to transform at will afterwards.

Even when the last beast was destroyed after a hard battle in New York, the three were given permission by their superior to stay on Earth and guard from any other fiends from the stars.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultrawoman Beth, Ultraman Scott, Ultraman Chuck, Ultraman Powered, Ultraman Great

The Ultra Force appear for the first time in live action in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie. They appear with Ultraman PoweredUltraman GreatUltraman MaxUltraman Xenon, and other citizens of the Land of Light to face off against Ultraman Belial, but were soon defeated. They were also seen in the ending, listening to Ultraman King's speech.



Main article: Chuck Gavin
Chuck Gavin

Chuck Gavin

Chuck Gavin is the toughest and oldest of the team and the de facto leader of the Ultra Team. He transforms into Ultraman Chuck.

Main article: Beth O'Brien
Beth O'brian

Beth O'brian

Beth O'Brien is the cool-headed female of the team. She transforms into Ultrawoman Beth.

Main article: Scott Masterson
Scot masterson

Scott Masterson

Scott Masterson is the youngest member of the Ultra Force. He transforms into Ultraman Scott.

Walter Freeman in uniform

Walter Freeman

Walter Freeman is a mysterious old man who introduces the team to the base and explains their origins. He is the captain of the Ultra Force. He usually spends his time as the grounds keeper of the golf course.



The Robot Trio

Robot Trio

The Robot Trio

A group of support robots built to assist the Ultra Team. Their true names were too long for the team to remember, so they were given nicknames by Scott (who came up with "Ulysses" and "Samson") and Beth (who came up with "Andy"). The initials in their names form the letters "USA".

  • Ulysses: The thin and effeminate robot in yellow. His true name is Combot Model MF842.
  • Samson: The big and strong robot in blue. His true name is Combot Model BA666.
  • Andy: The pint-sized robot in red. His true name is Utiloid Model ZQ14582. In charge of the Transportation System.


  • Mother Ship: The carrier of the Ultra Force, it contains all three Ultra Jets. It is piloted by the robot trio and besides carrying the Ultra Jets it can also gather sunlight to recharge the team when in Ultra Forms.
  • Ultra Jet: With a top speed of Mach 7.3, they are armed with laser and missiles. Scott's has a blue windshield, Beth's is red and Chuck's is yellow.


  • The Ultra Force, altogether, are the first instance of an Ultra Series show originating in America.
  • Screenwriter Jeff Segal carried over concepts from his adaptation of Ultraman Joeneus, The Adventures of Ultraman such as the planet Ultara and the lead Ultra being named Scott, who is referred to as "Scotty" just as in the earlier film.
  • While their home world is in Nebula M78 they come from the Planet Ultara. Despite this they are part of the Space Garrison and fought as members during Belial's second attack. Most likely their home is a colony of the Land of Light given how close they are to each other.
  • The original design for the star of Ultraman USA was an Ultraman wearing a cloak due to Hanna-Barbera's vision of a super hero, later meetings between Tsuburaya Prod. and Hanna-Barbera changed that to the Ultra Force.
  • An early pilot film treatment from 1986 had a working title of "The Evil That Men Do: An Ultra Adventure" with a different premise and cast of five Ultra characters although the main one was still named Scotty, perhaps a holdover from the earlier U.S. adaptation of Ultraman Joeneus which was also helmed by screenwriter Jeff Segal.
  • Walter Freeman's relationship with the Ultras is never explained due to the series being cancelled. Some speculate that he is himself is an Ultra and possibly even Ultraman or Zoffy.
  • The Ultra Force all lack standard color timers, instead they have beam lamps. Unlike normal Beam Lamps which are green and silent, theirs' are blue, beep and flash when low on energy, behaving like standard color timers. While they are believed to be Color Timers by some, it is stated that they are Beam Lamps. This may stem from the fact they come from Ultara and not the Land of Light.


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