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"Their disappearances, they are my responsibility. I was fighting a villain whom wanted to destroy this solar system. The Ultra Flare were caused because I threw him into the sun."
"Even if the Ultra Flare is bad, but if you had not done it, the Earth will be destroyed."

―Ultraman X and Daichi, All for One

The Ultra Flare (ウルトラフレア, Urutora Furea) was an apocalyptic incident that happened in Ultraman X, which set 15 years prior to the series.


Ultraman X[]

X vs Mysterious villain

X vs an unknown figure.

In space, two lifeforms fought against each other, Ultraman X and an unknown being in purple travel sphere. X emerged victorious, when he knocked his opponent to the sun but this became his undoing, when it created a solar flare that bathed the Earth in a purple light. This event triggered all OOPArts around the globe, thus awakening the slumbered Spark Dolls that caused worldwide panic. Some of those Spark Dolls included Bemular in Japan, Aboras and Banila in Moscow, Magular in Paris, Pestar in the Middle-East (Arab Nation), and Peguila in Singapore. As a result, Ultraman X was regressed into a mass of data.

Due to the incident, Xio was formed to combat monster threats and supervised other paranormal activities should the Ultra Flare initiated again.


  • The Ultra Flare event is an inversion from the Dark Spark War in Ultraman Ginga. As shown, whereas all Ultra Kaiju and Ultra Heroes engaged in a battle against the other side and were turned into Spark Dolls, the event here is reversed. Instead of the main antagonist triggering the event, it was the protagonist himself (through accident), causing the Spark Dolls to be released.