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Ultra Fight Victory (ウルトラファイトビクトリー Urutora Faito Bikutorī) is a short story series which premièred as part of the New Ultraman Retsuden block on March 31st, 2015, succeeding Ultra Zero Fight. Koichi Sakamoto directed the series. Several scenes from the whole series harkens back to the Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Story, and Andro Melos, purposely due to Yapool and Juda's involvement.

On April 8, 2015, Tsuburaya's official YouTube Site uploaded the episodes with English subtitles. A month after the whole series ended, Tsuburaya changed the privacy settings on these videos, allowing only registered YouTube accounts to watch, and eventually removed them entirely. In promotion to the crossover of Ultraman Ginga S and Ultraman X, it was released again as a full video (all openings and endings omitted), although it was limited until October 24, 2015.

An English dub of the series provided by William Winckler Productions was released in parts on Tsuburaya Productions' official YouTube channel.


Yapool has returned after being injured in Ultraman Ginga S. He masterminds several attacks on Sho's home world, the Victorian kingdom in an attempt to get to the Victorium Core. Ultraman Hikari appears and grants Sho the ability to transform into Knight form with the Knight Timbre. Now free from their Spark Doll forms, some of the Showa Ultras join Victory in his fight.


Ep. Date Plot
1 3/31/2015 (New Retsuden)
4/8/2015 (YouTube)
Both Sho and Sakuya return the Victorian kingdom after working sometime in the UPG. While greeting Repi, a pit suddenly appears in the ground. Sho and Sakuya fall and find themselves in a strange cavern. Aribunta appears, and Sho transforms into Ultraman Victory and battles the Terrible-Monster, unaware that Yapool is observing the battle.
2 4/7/2015 (New Retsuden)
4/15/2015 (YouTube)
The fight continues with Victory using Sadola Scissors against Aribunta. Yapool appears to Sakuya and reveals his intention to go after the Victorium Core. Victory is weakened after defending Sakuya from Aribunta's fire attack, when a blue Ultra arrives to rescue him.
3 4/14/2015 (New Retsuden)
4/21/2015 (YouTube)
The blue Ultra introduced himself as Ultraman Hikari, whom granted Sho a clear blue Spark Doll of himself. Once scanned onto the Victory Lancer, the Knight Timbre appears in front of him. Under Hikari's orders, he played the victorious melody, causing Ultraman Victory to transform into Ultraman Victory Knight. Elsewhere, Yapool used the Victorian necklace he stole from Sakuya and siphon some of the energies from the Victorian Core. Victory Knight uses his newfound weapon and effortlessly defeats Aribunta.
4 4/21/15 (New Retsuden)
4/29/2015 (YouTube)
After destroying Aribunta, Sho regrouped with Sakuya and Repi. Ultraman Hikari explained to them what happened: in every few thousand years, the mysterious Space Emperor would revive himself and the process brings a great turmoil throughout space. Ultraman King had sensed the incoming threat and sends Hikari, Leo, Astra and Ace to stop Yapool from helping the Emperor. If the Space Emperor successfully revives, the whole galaxy would be in great danger. In order to stop him, Ultraman Hikari had invented the Knight Timbre to seal the emperor and bestow it to Sho, since his inner Victorium power can unlock the weapon's potential. At Planet Gua, Leo and Astra tried to attack the reviving the Emperor but was forced to halt when they were attacked by Verokron, Vakishim and Doragory. Meanwhile at Satellite Golgotha, Ace fights Ace Killer in order to rescue Ultraman Ginga, whom was held captive.
5 4/28/15 (New Retsuden)
5/6/2015 (YouTube)
Ultraman Ace attacks Ace Killer, but soon discovers that Yapool had retrofitted the Terrible-Monster with Victory's power, now calling him Victory Killer. Victory Killer bludgeons Ace into submission, but before he is about to kill him, Ultraman Victory arrives and transforms into Victory Knight.
6 5/5/15 (New Retsuden)
5/13/15 (YouTube)
Victory Knight furiously attacked Victory Killer but Yapool demonstrated another dirty trick: he sent Lunaticks to attack the imprisoned Ginga. Shepherdon's Spark Doll shines and under Hikari's advice in mind, played the victorious melody that materializes the Spark Doll into an actual monster, bringing it back to life once more.
7 5/12/15 (New Retsuden)
5/20/15 (YouTube)
After Shepherdon was revived, it joins forces with Victory and attacked the Terrible-Monster pair. Defeating them with their finishers, Victory Knight frees Ginga and Shepherdon heals Ace and Ginga before reverting to its Spark Doll form, knowing that his job here has done. Yapool reveals that the awaited time has come and he throws the charged Victorium Necklace to the space distortion that the Space Emperor lies within, as the emperor is about to fully awaken.
8 5/19/15 (New Retsuden)
5/27/15 (YouTube)
Victory, Ginga and Ace join the Leo Brothers against Giant Yapool and his Terrible-Monster Battalion. While Ginga and Victory fight Yapool, Ace advises them to combine and as they did so, once again forming Ginga Victory.
9 5/26/15 (New Retsuden)
6/3/15 (YouTube)
Ginga Victory charges against Yapool and manages to kill him with the Ultra Fusion Shoot. While the Terrible-Monster Battalions were killed by the Leo Brothers and Ace, Yapool's remains empower the Space Emperor's distortion, reviving as Juda Spectre. Juda created Super Grand King Spectre and ordered the monster to attack the Ultras.
10 6/2/15 (New Retsuden)
6/10/15 (YouTube)
Super Grand King Spectre attacks the Ultras, even with Ginga Victory left defeated and regressed back to the two previous Ultras. Victory decides to solve his battle with Juda, using the Knight Timbre and transforms into Victory Knight as he flies into Juda's space distortion.
11 6/9/15 (New Retsuden)
6/17/15 (YouTube)
Victory Knight and the other Ultras struggle as they fight against their enemies. Juda gives him a chance to give up but Victory refuses, since the fate of the universe and his friends' faiths on him lies on his shoulders. In order to turn the tide of the battle, Victory Knight summons the Shepherdon Saber.
12 6/16/15 (New Retsuden)
6/24/15 (YouTube)
Victory Knight's bravery against Juda had awakened the Victorium Core's energy that previously empowered the space distortion, backing the Ultra against him. The Ultra initiates Knight Victorium Break and kills Juda once again. Excess energy from the core leaks, where it weakens Super Grand King Spectre, allowing the other Ultras to finish him.
13 6/23/15 (New Retsuden)
7/1/15 (YouTube)
After Juda's defeat, Victory returns the Victorium Core's energy back to Earth. Hikari congratulates the two for saving the universe, but Sho instead thanks the former, since it was his deed that bring forth the creation of Knight Timbre. He tries to return it but Hikari decides to leave it in Sho's possession. Before leaving, Hikari entrusts the Earth's future to them. Sho also gives Sakuya her stolen Victorium Necklace, which he managed to reclaim back in Juda's realm.







Voice Actors

Suit Actors

  • Sakaekei Iwata (岩田栄慶 Iwata Eikei)
  • Yoshiki Kuwahara (桑原義樹 Kuwahara Yoshiki)
  • Gen Shimoda (霜田 元 Shimoda Gen)
  • Mashitsu Shimokawa (下川真失 Shimokawa Mashitsu)
  • Shinya Soma (相馬絢也 Soma Shinya)
  • Daisuke Terai (寺井大介 Terai Daisuke)
  • Okoshinya Kaneko (金子起也 Kaneko Okoshinya)

English Dub Cast


  • Director: Koichi Sakamoto


Theme Song

Ultraman Victory no Uta 2015

Insert Themes

Ultraman Ace
  • Artist: Honey Knights & Misuzu Children's Chorus
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Ginga no Uta 2015
  • Artist: Voyager


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