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"Lend me the power of father and son!"

―Mini-series title catchphrase

Ultra Fight Orb (ウルトラファイトオーブ Urutora Faito Ōbu) is a Tokusatsu Ultraman Series that succeeds Ultra Zero Fight and Ultra Fight Victory. It is also the second spin-off of Ultraman Orb after Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA taking place after Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! and airs during the timeslot of Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle. The series has its own promotional catchphrase being "Lend me the power of father and son!" (親子の力、おかりします! Oyako no chikara, okarishimasu!), a reference to the new Emerium Slugger Fusion Up form. It is Chapter 9 of the Ultraman Orb Chronicle.


A ghost mage that can manipulate the soul of any monster appears, with the intent of ruling the universe. With a new enemy that can manipulate a monster's soul, Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Zero emerge to stand in his way. Orb will fight a ghostly villain with ghost monster army corps through various fusion ups including Lightning Attacker with the power of Ginga and X! Orb will fulfill new fusion ups while the mighty warriors of the lights appear to assist Ultraman Orb. Even with Ultraman Orb's new forms, will he be able to overcome the threat of Reibatos?


Ep. Date Plot
1 4/15/2017 The episode started with Reibatos, who uses the powers of Alien Reiblood to revive Juda Spectre. On Earth, Orb Origin fought against a Demaaga and decided to fuse the powers of Ultraman Ginga and X into Lightning Attacker but upon his victory, the monster evaporated into a mass of dark energy that fled from Earth. He soon receives a vision of using the powers of Ultraseven and Zero into a new form and took his leave from Earth. On Planet Yomi, Zero was sent to discover the source of the evil energies, leading to his encounter with Juda Spectre.
2 4/22/2017 Meeting Juda, Zero recognized him from his fight with his master (Leo) and his students (Hikaru and Shou). Sensing something off with the former's lack of speech and life signs, Zero quickly fights him but as he is about to be attacked by Mecha Gomora, Orb arrived in time to save him. Meanwhile in the Space Garrison Headquarters, Jack, Zoffy and Seven realized that Zero should have returned sooner but sensing the widespread of the evil energy being similar to Reiblood, the three decided to take off and search for the young warrior. Seeing how their attacks were ineffective, Zero and Orb decided to assume their strongest forms, Ultimate Zero and Orb Trinity respectively.
3 4/29/2017 After defeating Juda and Mecha Gomora with their stronger forms, Orb told of his situation on Earth before his head immersed with the same vision. Before they can investigate, Reibatos approaches and summoned an army of revived monsters. Zero sensed him as Reionics, to which Reibatos confirms and plots to continue the legacy of Alien Reiblood by invading the universe and eliminate the Ultra Warriors (his resistance). He revives six monsters for his opponents to deal with.
4 5/6/2017 As Reibatos left his army to Zero and Orb, the two Ultras managed to use their other forms and incapacitate Vict Lugiel and Hyper Zetton. Zero orders Orb to pursue Reibatos and is about to be weakened by the remaining monsters until Jack, Zoffy and Seven arrives. Transforming into Spacium Zeperion, Orb catches Reibatos on his trail.
5 5/13/2017 Facing against the monsters who previously gave them a hard time, the Ultra Brothers' improved strength allows them to efficiently destroy their foes in an instant. Orb tries to destroy Reibatos but the villain appears unscatched, pummeling the Ultra Warrior before he escaped. Leaving a hint about 100 monsters, Jack and Zoffy believes that he tries to retrieve the Giga Battle Nizer. Orb tries to follow in suit but was ordered to stay behind by Zero and Seven, who wanted to give Orb special training in a self-created pocket dimension called the Shining Field.
6 5/20/2017 Reibatos successfully obtains the Giga Battle Nizer from the Monster Graveyard and had Tyrant deal with Zoffy and Jack before he tried to revive an army of monsters. After training for 10 years in the Shining Field, Seven and Zero acknowledge Orb's success, giving him the Ultraseven card. Finally knowing the meaning behind his visions, Orb utilized both Seven and Zero's powers into Emerium Slugger.
7 5/27/2017 Orb, Seven and Zero arrived just in time to defeat Tyrant as the former understands how both father and son relationship works. After defeating the monster, Zero used his power to bring Orb to Reibatos and both of them duel for the sake of the universe. Despite Reibatos' confidence in regeneration, Orb prepares to fight him to the point when the fiend can no longer regenerate.
8 6/3/2017 Orb begins an all-out attack on Reibatos by continuously attacking him before he can regenerate. After the fiend is destroyed, his Giga Battle Nizer vanished in thin air as Zero watches in confusion. The five Ultras return to the Land of Light where Orb is given the offer of a Star Mark and a place in the Space Garrison, which he declines as he states that he prefers to be a vagabond, and leaves for another adventure. Zero is still in confusion as to what happened but preferred to keep it to himself. Meanwhile, Reibatos survived, albeit battered and tries to enact his revenge by reviving Ultraman Belial, but quickly realized that his predecessor is still alive. An unknown Ultraman walks in as Reibatos sensed something familiar with his aura before getting killed in cold blood.






Cast and Staff


6 Ultra Brothers
  • Artist: Taro Takemura & Misuzu Children's Chorus
Orb no Inori

Home Media

Mill Creek Entertainment is set to release Ultra Fight Orb as a bonus special in the release of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


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  • The mini-series' title was originally trademarked to be Ghost Sorcerer Requiem (亡霊魔導士レクイエム Bōrei Madō-shi Rekuiemu)[1][2], but was later changed to Ultra Fight Orb.


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