Ultra Fight
Ultra Fight
Format: Mini-series
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Jiro Yamada (Announcer)
Opening Theme: Composed by: Kiro Miyauchi
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 196
Running Time 5 to 35 minutes
Original Channel TBS
Original Air Date September 28, 1970 to September 24, 1971
Preceded by Ultra Seven
Succeeded by The Return of Ultraman

Ultra Fight (ウルトラファイト) is a television series which ran from September 1970 to September 1971 on Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Following the end of Mighty Jack's and Kaiki Daisakusen's run on television, Tsuburaya Productions suffered low viewership for its two follow-up series, so in a last-ditch effort, conceived a "zero production cost" program consisting simply of battle scenes from the first Ultraman and Ultra Seven series. The episodes were 5 minutes long, with no true plot. They involved Ultraseven fighting (and mostly being beaten by) various kaiju including ones he did not face in his series, such as Baltan. The initial plan was to use nothing but recycled footage. However, it became apparent that there was insufficient material for the planned 130 episodes, so Tsuburaya decided to shoot new scenes using existing costumes, on a minimal budget in various outdoor locations, with no special effects at all. 195 episodes were eventually produced (the 45th episode was stock footage of Alien Spell which was banned and they episode is now missing).

In keeping with the "fight" theme, the battles were accompanied by a boxing-style play-by-play, provided by TBS professional sports announcer Jiro Yamada.

Among notable episodes include one where Ultraseven tears the wings off a kaiju and then beats it to death with them. Another has Seven on a hilltop and accidentally causing a rockslide, that awakens a sleeping Eleking who is less than pleased to have rocks falling on him. What follows is an one-sided battle where Eleking takes his anger out on Seven while he, accepting his mistake, tries to apologize.

While far from epic, the Ultra Fight series rekindled interest in the Ultra Series, enough that shortly after, The Return of Ultraman was aired.


Ultra Fight has 196 epiosdes. With Episode 1-71 and Episode 130 being stock footage.

Those epiosdes are then divided by Ultraman stock footage (Episodes 1-41) and Ultraseven stock footage (Episodes 42-71 and 130). Episodes 72-129 and Episodes 131-196 are new footage.

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