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"(Trigger/Decker) Mode!"

―Mode changing announcement

"Dual Standby! Ready?"

―Standby announcement after inserting Ultra Dual Key

"(Ultra's name and form)!"

―Dimension Card reading announcement

"Ultra Combo!"

―Compatible Dimension Card reading announcement

"Dual! (Finisher name)!!"

―Finisher announcement

The Ultra Dual Sword (ウルトラデュアルソード Urutora Dyuaru Sōdo) is a weapon used by Ultraman Trigger, before being passed to Ultraman Decker. It is able to harness the powers of Ultra Dimension Cards for special attacks.[1][2]


Ultraman Decker

Ten years after Kengo Manaka defended the Earth from the Giants of Darkness, the Spheres started to attack. Ultraman Trigger somehow obtained the Ultra Dual Sword, and passed it to Ultraman Decker in the form of the Ultra Dual Key.[1][2]


  • Ultraman Dimension Card Finishers:
    • Single Read:
      • Zeperion Break (ゼペリオンブレーク Zeperion Burēku): Used after scanning Ultraman Trigger Multi Type's Dimension Card.[3]
    • Ultra Combo (ウルトラコンボ Urutora Konbo): Two compatible Dimension Cards can be used to perform a more powerful finisher if they are compatible.[3]
      • Flash Multi Scram (フラッシュマルチスクラム Furasshu Maruchi Sukuramu): Used after scanning Ultraman Decker Flash Type and Ultraman Trigger Multi Type's Dimension Cards.[3]


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