Ultra Converter
Zoffy with Converter
User(s): Zoffy
Ultraman Ace
Ultraman Zero
Nature: Bracelet
Battery-like device
Powers: Color Timer replenisher
First Appearance: Ultraman Ace episode 5 "Giant Ant Chouju vs. Ultra Brothers"
Status: Still in use

Ultra Converter (ウルトラコンバーター Urutora Konbātā) is a gear-shaped bracelet used by Zoffy which first appeared in Ultraman Ace.


Ultraman Ace

After Ace was trapped underground and nearly killed, he sent an S.O.S. signal which called Zoffy for help. After saving Ace, Zoffy lent him the Ultra Converter to replenish his Color Timer and the two went to surface to defeat both Giron Man and Aribunta. With the battle ended, Ace returned the Ultra Converter and Zoffy flew back to space.

Ultraman Saga

In a promotional video, 40 years after the Ultraman Ace TV series, Zoffy used the bracelet again to replenish Ultraman Zero's energy as the two finish Birdon with ease.


  • Color Timer Replenishing: The Ultra Converter's original and only purpose is to replenish the user's Color Timer upon by wearing it. This function only works once as it would not worked again should the wearer's energy deprived again until the bracelet was charged.




  • It is possible that the weapon's reappearance was due to younger fans had no awareness of this, having played a crucial part in saving Ultraman Ace.
  • Predating its reappearance in Saga Televi-Kun Special, the Ultra Converter made its appearance in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 where a weakened Zoffy would provide it to any of the rescuing Showa Ultras that the player choose after the former's energy was depleted by Yapool to empower his own Choju.
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