Ultra Capsule Holder
User(s): Riku Asakura
Nature: Capsule container
Powers: Contains Ultra Capsules
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed Episode 1: "Welcome to the Secret Base"
Status: In use

Ultra Capsule Holder (ウルトラカプセルホルダー Urutora Kapuseru Horudā) is a container used by Riku Asakura to keep the Ultra Capsules.


The opening mechanism goes by pulling the cover downwards and vice versa in the closing sequence. The Ultra Capsules can be stored by sliding them downwards into the slot provided.



  • Despite being able to hold only 4 Capsules, Riku/Geed is still able to change to either of his forms, which would require at least 9 slots and still have enough space to store empty Capsules, and the other Capsules he has collected.
  • How Kei Fukuide stores his Kaiju Capsules is unknown as he is shown deploying them quickly, and lacks this storage device. A logical explanation could be that he stores them in his pockets while he is in formalwear.
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