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Ultra Access Cards (ウルトラアクセスカード Urutora Akusesu Kādo) are authentication cards used to activate the Z Riser in Ultraman Z.


Two pictures of the users are printed on the card; the bottom one is represented by the Human Hosts/Forms, while the top part is represented by their Ultramen counterparts. They usually allows Z and Geed to transform and access fusion forms. For Ultra Kaiju users, the same principle is also applied, with their images on top and their human forms/users on the bottom.

As they are creations from the Land of Light, the Access Cards bear the name of their users imprinted with Ultra Language.

Ultraman Fusion Fight! Z Heat

The 2020 installment of Ultraman Fusion Fight! Z Heat establishes the role of these cards to execute Ultra Fusion for game-exclusive forms. One of these cards is Leito's, allowing Zero to transform into Gransaberd Zero.[1]

List of Cards

M78 Ultra Access Cards

Katakana Ultra Access Cards

Miscellaneous Images


  • Assuming the fact that these items were used to authorize the Z Riser and their wielders, the Access Cards may be created in response to Kei Fukuide's theft of the Riser and Ultra Capsules in fear of their misuse.
  • In Ultraman Fusion Fight! Z Heat, the Access Cards can also act as a game card for players to use their respective characters. With Kaburagi's card, however, it summons Skull Gomora due to Celebro's original form not being a playable character.
  • As opposed to Ultras and their human host/forms, alien users of the Access Card have their human counterparts labelled in a last-name basis.


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