Burnmite horn rub This article lacks an official name. "Ultra's Inner Light" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

An Ultra's Inner Light is, as its name implies, refers to the energy within their bodies. The 'location' where an Ultra's human host or form stands in while transformed is known as the Inner Space (インナースペース In'nā Supēsu). As hinted by Ultraman X, it seems that the relative physical location of the host is inside the Ultra's Color Timer.


It goes without saying that the Inner Light of an Ultra is important, every single Ultra has an Inner Light, otherwise they could not be known as 'beings of light'. Regardless of which continuity an Ultra hails from, the Inner Light is something that can be expected from all Ultras. Although not all Ultras are the same, the Inner Light is a trait synonymous with the idea of being an Ultra.

Many Ultra measure their internal Light energy with a Color Timer, Beam Lamp or something similar. This implies that an Ultra's Inner Light is the energy which their bodies run on and without it, they would be immobile and waiting to die unless someone can come and revive them. This usually comes from their human allies or another Ultra.

Ultras gain their energy from converting sunlight, however, their energy requirements and rate of energy consumption means that they operate better and are stronger in space than when they are on Earth. Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field reflects the majority of sunlight that hits it and what little makes it down the the planets surface has been filtered down, meaning there is relatively little energy for them to absorb unless they actively absorb the ambient energy like Ultraseven. Given that Ultras generally only appear to fight invaders or monsters, it is an unlikely possibility that they will have a chance in battle to perform such an act. 

Due to the inconsistent nature in portrayal of what is known as the 'Three Minute Rule' by fans, it brings into question whether Ultras could indeed survive on Earth for extended periods of time, so long as they are not in battle, or any other extraneous activity. 


  • In the TNT English Dub the formula for the Magnesium energy needed to revive him was identified as Emelium Energy. The formula was as such "fuse helium and four hydrogen atoms, heat for thirty seconds and two thousand degrees, add essence of Diatone'. Diatone is not a real element, oddly enough it is the name of an Electronics company.
  • Starting with Ultraman Saga and continuing to present, every main Ultra shows their host inside the Ultra's light during battle.

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