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The Ultimate Blade (ウルティメイトブレード Urutimeito Burēdo) is a legendary weapon and artefact of the Land of Light, passed down for generations through the family of Mother of Ultra. It played a crucial role in the final battle of the Ultimate Wars.


A legendary relic in the Land of Light, the Ultimate Blade's stewardship was passed a particular family's generations until coming to the possession of the Ultra known as Marie.

During the Ultimate Wars, she bestowed it to Ultraman Ken, to use as a means to battle the powerful invader Alien Empera, who wielded a powerful blade of his own. The two dueled, and the battle ended with both warriors simultaneously wounding each others' hip with their weapons. While Ken would survive with a scar that he would carry for the rest of his life, Empera for unclear reasons began bleeding vast quantities of light from his body. The alien then vanished, and remained unseen for tens of thousands of years.


  • Materializing Potential: The blade has the power to bring out its wielder's hidden potential, as visualized when it made the younger Ken's Ultra Horns grow to the size of his modern counterpart's.
  • Durability: Like other blades of legend it is shown to have great tensile strength, being able to counter the Empera Blade. The Empera Blade, either as another version or the same blade, was able to cut through the armor plating of Armored Darkness.
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