UlTrans (ウルトランス Urutoransu) are partially UltraLived monsters, using the Victory Lancer. However, only one of the monster's arms replaces the user's, and is known as a lance.


Ultraman Ginga S

It first appeared in Ultraman Ginga S episode 2, when Victory stole the EX Red King Spark Doll and used UlTrans to fight Ginga with it.

This ability was used many times throughout the series, with many other Spark Dolls.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Victory continues to use the UlTrans ability in the movie. When Victory and Ginga combined together to become Ultraman Ginga Victory, Ginga Victory also inherited the UlTrans power.

Ultra Fight Victory

Victory uses them once again in this special against Aribunta in the fist battle, but Yapool analysed the ability and transferred it into Ace Killer's data, in order for it to become Victory Killer.

Victory Killer then copied Ultraman Victory's power and defeated Ultraman Ace, thankfully Ultraman Victory appeared and saved Ace from Victory Killer and defeated the robotic menace.

Known UlTrans

UlTrans used in Ultraman Ginga S

UlTrans from DX Victory Lancer

Kaiju Spark Dolls
Ultraman Spark Dolls
Varies, except for Ultraman Victory, who has no UlTrans
Non-Ultra Spark Dolls
  • Jean-Nine Missile
  • Ultra Egg Dr. E.G. Shield (Despite being a Spark Doll, the Victory Lancer will still announce Ultra Egg at the beginning)
Ultra Eggs
Same as Spark Dolls, but announces Ultra Egg at the beginning
Stage Show


  • Weapons: UlTrans allows Victory to be granted with a weapon with the said parts of the respective monsters.
    • Finishers: Some UlTrans have the ability to finish opponents in one hit.





  • The DX Victory Lancer toy can only read specific UlTrans for Spark Dolls used by Shou in-universe. Other than that, scanning any Spark Dolls would result in inconsistent armament announcements. The list of Ultras-type armaments in the toy are; Gun (ガン Gan), Lance (ランス Ransu), Knuckle (ナックル Nakkuru), Whip (ウィップ Uippu), Tail (テイル Teiru), Claw (クロー Kurō), Drill (ドリル Doriru), Saber (セイバー Seibā), Laser (レーザー Rēzā), Missile (ミサイル Misairu), Axe (アックス Akkusu), Puncher (パンチャー Panchā), Dynamite (ダイナマイト Dainamaito), Shield (シールド Shīrudo) Launcher (ランチャー Ranchā), Arrow (アロー Arō) and Scissors (シザース Shizāsu). Fireball and Senju Cannon, which goes to the stage show-exclusive UlTrans does not exist in the pre-recorded voice.
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