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UPG (Ultra Party Guardians) is a defense team under the International Defense Forces (国際防衛機構 Kokusai Bōei Kikō), whose main goal is to fight against monster threats and studying the Victorium crystals. They made their debut in Ultraman Ginga S.


UPG was formed two years after the defeat of Dark Lugiel. UPG was established due to a wide amount of rumors that were circulating about unnatural phenomenons in a place called Shimogaoka (雫が丘). UPG launched an investigation and discovered a stone called Victorium, unrealistic phenomenons and a giant monsters. Due to these recent discoveries, UPG decided to make massive preparations and to expand UPG to counter potential threats.


UPG Live Base.jpg

The UPG Live Base (UPGライブベース UPG Raibu Bēsu) is the UPG's main base of operations, which was modeled after SSSP's headquarters. The base play several roles in the story, used by UPG Captain Jinno to aid Ginga and Victory against Fire Golza and Gan-Q. Alien Chibull Exceller would later fused the base with Dark Lugiel's essence into Vict Lugiel.


Command Center

  • Command Center: The main base where most of the UPG members made their operations. When Kamiyama and other higher officers of UPG take over the base, he activated the secret weapon, Victorium Cannon.

Third radar tower

Magnetic Wave Cannon in action

  • Third radar tower (第3レーダー塔 Dai 3 rēdā-tō): Much like other radar towers, it functions to receive and transmit signals. However, in certain cases, the tower was converted into a giant magnetic cannon which controlled by a Charge Gun used to attack monsters and extracting several Victorium energies from Shepherdon.
  • Victorium Cannon (ビクトリウム・キャノン Bikutoriumu Kyanon): The ultimate weapon which secretly built as a failsafe that unknown to everyone except higher officers. The cannon was powered by absorbing Victorium energies and used it to assault monsters. 30% energy charged also suffix, able to effortlessly kill Alien Guts Vorst in a single blow. Despite being humanity's greatest weapon, but when Exceller fused it with Vict Lugiel, the cannon was quickly turned into a doomsday weapon after 150% charged. Hikaru doubted this as the forbidden weapon, due to it misusing Victorium that supposedly belonged to the Victorian.


Captain Yoshiaki Jinno.png
Main article: Yoshiaki Jinno

Yoshiaki Jinno (陣野 義昭 Jinno Yoshiaki) is the 43-year old Captain of Defense Team UPG. He likes house plants and Herbal Tea, and cares for everyone in an emergency.

He is played by Ryuichi Ohura who previously portray Alien Angel Tori in Ultraman Mebius.

Member Hikaru Raido.png
Main article: Hikaru Raido

Hikaru Raido (礼堂ヒカル Raidō Hikaru) is the current host of Ultraman Ginga and the newest UPG member. Sent on a mission by UPG to search for Alien Chibull who had landed on Earth. While finding Alien Chibull Exceller, Hikaru discovers the ancient city of Victorium.

Member Tomoya Ichijouji.png
Main article: Tomoya Ichijouji

Tomoya Ichijouji (一条寺 友也 Ichijōji Tomoya) still uses the Gunpad which he used to control Jean-Nine two years prior. He is in charge of researching the Mysterious Stone "Victorium" in his "Ichijouji Lab". His research is sponsored by UPG. Among the other UPG members, he is the only one to know of Hikaru's secret as Ultraman Ginga.

Member Arisa Sugita.png
Main article: Arisa Sugita

Arisa Sugita (杉田 アリサ Sugita Arisa) (19 years old) is the only female member in UPG, and is the leader in Combat. She has the strength of a strong man and is in-charge of the Mechas of UPG.

She is played by Yukari Taki.

Member Gouki Matsumoto.png
Main article: Gouki Matsumoto

Gouki Matsumoto (松本 ゴウキ Matsumoto Gōki) (24 years old) is also in-charge of combat like Arisa. He has Black Belt in Karate, has trained his body, likes to laugh heartily and is surprisingly delicate. He apparently has loose lips when drunk.

He is played by Takahiro Katou.

Main article: Mana

Android One Zero (アンドロイド・ワンゼロ Andoroido Wan Zero) is the latest addition to UPG. After being cast out by Exceller for her failures to defeat Ginga and Victory, she is left wandering without a purpose, until she met Misuzu who showed her compassion and kindness, causing One Zero to re-examine humans in another light. Her nickname, given by Misuzu, is "Mana".

She is played by Moga Mogami.

Member Shou.png
Main article: Sho

Sho (ショウ), along with Sakuya, joined the UPG after the defeat of Vict Lugiel. He aided the team on various missions and continued to fight as Ultraman Victory. Even after joining the team, he still visits his step-brother, Repi.

Member Sakuya.png
Main article: Sakuya

Sakuya (サクヤ) is Sho's step-sister and joined the team with Sho after Vict Lugiel's defeat. She is quite capable on the battlefield and cares for her teammates. She occasionally visits her brother, Repi, on her day offs.





  • Charge Gun (チャージガン Chāji Gan): A pistol that fires laser ammunition. If connected to UPG-EV1 Schnauzer's bonnet, it will give out a stronger blast called the Hyper Laser (ハイパーレーザー Haipā Rēzā), that is able to destroy giant-sized enemies such as the Inpelaizers. It can also be connected to the UPG Live Base's parabolic antenna to control it and fire a magnetic wave cannon if linked to the base's power source and the Victorium Cannon.
  • Smart Ceaver (スマートシーバー Sumāto Shībā): A communication device that carried by UPG crews. It can also used to remotely control any UPG Vehicle.
  • Energy Bazooka: A pair of giant bazooka which designed to fire gigantic energy blasts. Used to revive Ultraman Ginga and Victory.




  • The UPG team shares a lot of similarities with SSSP from Ultraman as seen on their logo, their headquarters, and their suits.
    • Their suits not only were designed after the SSSP's uniforms but also bear similarities to the uniforms of GUYS and to a lesser extent DASH.
  • This marks as the second Earth defense organization to include non-humans. The first was DASH, both of which featured androids. However, the ULTRAMAN manga had an SSSP member, Edo, who is an Alien Zetton.
  • This defense team was the third one whose higher officers portrayed an antagonistic role, abusing the team with the first is TLT and the second was DEUS.
  • This is also one of the Defense Teams that team up with another Defense Team from another Ultraman Series; that being Xio. Another one is Super GUTS, which team ups with GUTS although it was only upgraded from the old team and from the same universe but different series.
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