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Pronounced "Yuma" (or sometimes just "Uma", as in actress Uma Thurman), the Universal Multipurpose Agency is a high-tech defense force with a huge base situated on an island off the coast of Australia.


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An international organization established to deal with supernatural phenomena and climate variability. The military forces are independent and ready to perform missions in accordance with the rules of the organization.

UMA is organized with branches spread across the world, with major centers in the United States. In addition to the fighters are Hammerstein, is important. This organization well equipped in many other advanced weaponry.

UMA branch of the South Pacific Ocean region is close to the base on the island continent of Australia and has 50 staff stationed around the UMA organization.

They originally were set up to make peace with scientific techniques. However, after the monsters turns out the influence of the Golden West. The organization's mission is to explore the creatures that appear in each mission area and suppress the opposition.


  • Colonel Arthur Grant (Ralph Cotterill, voiced by Akiji Kobayashi) - The temperamental head of UMA. When General Brewer arrives at UMA headquarters, Grant contests command and triumphs.
  • Jean Echo (Gia Carides, voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara) - One of the two female members of UMA and a love interest for Jack Shindo.
  • Lloyd Wilder (Rick Adams, voiced by Kōichi Yamadera) - The toughest member of UMA. Also the most skeptical member of the team, especially when it comes to Shindo's behavior.
  • Charles Morgan (Lloyd Morris, voiced by Shingo Yanagisawa) - UMA's scientific/technical expert and the team's comedy relief. He has a thing for Jean.
  • Kim Shaomin (Grace Parr, voiced by Fumi Hirano) - An Asian girl, one of the two female members of UMA. An excellent pilot.
  • Jack Shindo (Dore Kraus) and Ultraman (Great) (Robert Simper and Steve Apps, voiced by Matthew O'Sullivan; both are voiced by Masaki Kyōmoto in the Japanese dub) - An astronaut who, on his expedition to Mars, lost his partner Stanley Haggard in a fight between Gudis and Ultraman Great, who, after defeating the monster (who escapes to Earth), combines with Shindo to save him from being stranded on Mars. After mysteriously returning to Earth, Shindo joins UMA as a member, although his astronaut work was somehow related to UMA, to help the team with the Gudis threat, among other monster/alien-related calamities, since he shares Great's psyche. Although somewhat reluctant to be combined with Great, as he does not like being constantly under his teammates's suspicion, he nonetheless takes this responsibility. Shindo transforms into Ultraman Great by activating the Delta-Plasma pendant, which is shaped like Great's Color Timer.



There are two main vehicles, which are mass-produced.

  • Hummer: The red-colored jet vehicle. Fires laser beams.
  • Saltop: The tech-equipped jeep. Has an energy cannon.
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